How to choose a Crypto wallet that keeps your coin safe?

Cryptocurrency has a very sensitive existence where crypto wallets play an important role. All the core ethics of different wallets are important before making a choice to choose the crypto wallet for your coins. Always pay attention to the security of your coins by picking up a secure crypto wallet.


Cryptocurrency has to boom in the whole world day by day. It has many parts that play an important role in every aspect. Cryptocurrency is a kind of thing that has reached every corner of the world. What is it actually? This is the very first question of everyone who is just new to crypto. Let's have a quick spin to understand the concept of Cryptocurrency. Moreover, a crypto wallet topic has become the most attractive topic in the crypto world.

This cryptocurrency is a combination of 2 words which is like Crypto+currency. Mostly, currency refers to paper money but here is a different sense which has turned and structured according to the 21st century which has also been called the start of the digital era. It is mainly active online, that is why it is a digital currency. 

Cryptocurrency is not dependent on any kind of central authority. It is a totally decentralised system. Moreover, cryptocurrency has a wallet system where you can store your digital currency and have easy access. Here in this topic, we will discuss all the wallets that cryptocurrency has. Securing is the first and last thing that every investor wants.

Here choosing the right wallet will definitely lead the user's trust to heights. So, let's get started and explore different kinds of wallets along with all the features of that.

Explain Crypto Wallet?

Crypto wallet has been designed very systematically. Private keys are issued individually. New users must be thinking that private keys look like keys, but actually it is a kind of code with different digits. These keys are referred to for keeping crypto accessible and safe. Furthermore, the purpose of these keys is used to receive, send and spend cryptocurrencies just like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Now back to the topic, these crypto wallets remain your private keys aka passwords that help you to access your cryptocurrencies accessible and safe. It also allows users to receive and send cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Mostly, there are two kinds of crypto wallets. On the basis of security, private keys are designed to secure the crypto wallets and they work like a password. The main purpose of using it is the transaction of cryptocurrency. Private keys performed the best actions in the blockchain address.

It comes in many forms, for instance,hardware crypto wallets are similar to Ledger. For instance, mobile apps and USB sticks are equal to Coinbase wallets. These crypto wallets offer shopping opportunities with credit. 

How to Use a Crypto Wallet?

It starts from low to high security, Crypto wallets start from the very simple process to the complex security solutions. Here are the 3 kinds of crypto wallets.

  • Paper wallets:  In this wallet keys (codes) are written just like in a physical form on paper which is stored in a place. In this matter. This way of wallet is harder to use in comparison to using digital money on the internet.
  • Hardware wallets:  These keys are deposited in a thumb-drive device which is stored in a very secure place and is only connected to the computer. It lets you use your crypto whenever you want. This wallet is designed to balance convenience and security.
  • Online wallets: These keys are deposited in an app or maybe in other software which is protected by two-step encryption.Online Crypto wallets have the threat of getting occupied by hackers. Because they are always working online.

Every wallet has its own way. It is also said that hardware and paper wallets are rigid for malicious users to try. The reason for it is that they are stored offline and they are not in many functions and always there is a high risk of being destroyed. Online wallets have become the major exchange just like Coinbase. Coinbase will definitely help to start in crypto which also provides the best security with easy access. Because your information is online and should protect against hackers will provide the best wallet provider's security. So, it is advised to look for two-factor verification.

Advantage of Coinbase wallet

Coinbase wallet is the best way to use crypto. There are the benefits are written below:-

  • This will secure your digital assets in one place.
  • You can have control over your private keys.
  • Worldwide access to sharing and sending the cryptocurrency.
  • It works by providing usernames rather than hexadecimal or "public key" addresses.
  • Decentralized finance apps( Browse apps).
  • There are alsoshops that are accepting cryptocurrency.

Types of the Crypto Wallet

Basically, a crypto wallet works under a network of blockchains. Programming, equipment, and paper wallets are the important parts of the network. By shuffling both of the wallets it is indicated that programming like wallets is much in use and also beneficial whereas others are secure ones. It is surprising to know that the purpose of paper wallets is not to get popular. Crypto wallets work in a very different manner, each crypto wallet has its own way to react.  Private and public keys are all that matter in the crypto wallet strategy. Security is all that matters like private keys in the wallets. It is advised to have the core knowledge

It is advised not to reveal the private keys to anyone as it is a matter of security.

Crypto wallets have a great significance over the traders as they have unique private keys. Let's discuss different kinds 0f wallets:-

1)Hot and Cold Wallets

These wallets are quite strange. Both are good but at the same moment need some kind of access. Hot wallets basically worked with internet access. Whereas it is easily accessible but not secure. On the other hand, there is also a need for the internet for Cold wallets that are stored offline.That's why, cold wallets are the safest wallet ever.

Hot and cold wallets work oppositely as hot wallets are known for regular transactions and cold are kept for long-term coins. Both the wallets are used for different purposes and both are important.

Its opening procedure is quite easy with quick transaction options. Hot wallets are the best choice for traders and cold wallets are for holders.

2)Hardware Wallets

In the matter of full-proof security, Hardware wallets are the best choice. Here you can store your money for the long term. It has the process of saving the keys on the hardware device. The most amazing part of it is, it does not get infected whenever attached to the other infected devices. To get this amazing wallet all you need is to buy it at a big price.

3)Paper Wallets

Here QR codes play an important role because according to their name they cannot only print on paper but also print on plastic and even on cards. Rather than other crypto wallets, it is one of the safest wallets of all. When you want to spend money from this paper wallet all you need to do first is transfer it to the software wallet. This transfer process would be called "Sweeping".

4)Desktop Wallet

This wallet is generally related to the software packs. As a matter of security, Anti-virus is needed. The reason for that is, it is connected directly to the internet, where the threat of hacking is more. people have started trusting desktop wallets instead of keeping their money in exchange. This is another secure method after a cold wallet because its system has a security policy. A thing that needs to be considered here is, there are big chances of getting hacked as the desktop system is always under the influence of the internet.

5)Versatile Wallets

These wallets are extremely best for cell phones. As they have QR codes for different exchanges. Because of its flexible work ethic, it is highly in demand. It is mostly used 0n a daily basis and also has the best security form. On the other hand, the security of such wallets is important and should be taken seriously. Mycelium and Coinomi are the two most versatile wallets.

6)Web Wallets

These wallets are generally related and operated by online process programs. As it has private keys that are kept in the web wallets along with the protection from DDOS assaults. These are of two kinds: facilitate or non-facilitate. Non- facilitating one category is always in a process that is considered to be un-secure wallets and even not equal to the hot wallets. They are mostly known for fast transactions and are most preferable.

Do you need a wallet?

Just like a normal wallet, which holds normal cash, It is surprising to know that those crypto wallets. Actually, your investments live on the blockchain. It can be acquired by using a private key. They allow you to make transactions. In case the user loses their private keys, then of course users may lose their money too. So, give priority to the hardware wallet because there are many changes that can be stolen, that's why always use a trusted wallet provider just like Coinbase.

Briefly, Instead of keeping coins in bulk, Many other programs let you download your currency in the wallet to trade. On the other hand, other people have no problem in keeping their money incapacity.

"Crypto idealists will say hellfire no," says Tyrone Ross, monetary consultant and CEO of Onramp Invest, a crypto speculation stage for monetary guides.

More insights about crypto Wallet

It is important to have knowledge regarding crypto and its other section points including security systems. For instance, Hot and cold wallets, private keys, and much more. After you have all the important information of all the required sections then you feel free and trusted to keep your assets in  Gemini or Coinbase.

There is always a possibility of hacking. For example, KuCoin is known for a hacking incident of more than the loss of  $200 million.

However clients' assets have recuperated, it features the gamble any trade can convey -very much like conventional monetary establishments. Trades ordinarily approach their security rehearses in a serious way, and regularly have protection to move up their security if there should arise an occurrence of an assault.

How to choose the right crypto wallet?

When you are about to choose your choice crypto wallet, all you need to do is search briefly what are your objectives about crypto. When keeping the coins in the wallet for the long term is required, for that, you need a secure wallet. In case, the user is new to it, then he needs core knowledge of it.

(i) Take care of Personal Security

Just like any other digital account, choosing the regular and advanced security system can give you the benefits of having safe crypto.

Things that need to remember:

  • When your wallet is always updating its software and not giving the proper amount of the expected performance, That's why you choose your wallet carefully.
  • Choosing Two-factor validation would be better and in any Hot wallet or trade take it as a choice.
  • Sharing is not always caring in any case. Like your private keys are advised to keep private Even sharing these with your near ones can be dangerous which also includes social security number and  PIN of charge card.
  • The constant change in the passwords would be better for your account security. Along with it, it is required to avoid the same phrases and digits in the password.
  • It is said that there are plenty of cryptocurrencies but not all of them are supporting crypto wallets.

(ii) For a new crypto wallet User

Trying in the crypto wallet for the very first time?? No need to worry, There are simple steps to follow

  • In this section, all you need to do is need a place to keep the coins safe.
  • We all knew that a cryptocurrency is totally decentralized code. Normally people keep their coins and crypto assets in the exchange, which can be a question of risk.
  • No one knows if the exchanges cannot make and collapse then everything will be finished with your coins.
  • Having security from such phases, crypto wallets would be the best choice to save your coins.
  • Hot and cold wallets are the joining but totally different parts of the wallet and both are best in their own way.

The Bottom line

Crypto wallets work significantly tremendously as they are directly attached to the Blockchain which has a highly decentralized system. Whereas, For using cryptocurrency, many investors and even youngsters draw their interest toward investing in the crypto market. There are plenty of crypto wallets that we have discussed above. Make sure you are using a secured crypto app or wallet. Users can easily move their money through easy transactions all over the world.