How To Study Crypto Charts?

Crypto price charts have a very specific meaning. As cryptocurrency has become the most famous part of the investment. These charts show the best picture of a market in a brief way.


“I have made 1cr profit from last one year” This sentence is true. It is hard to believe but this figure has been marked by many investors. Here all that matters is “The Technique” Yes, here we are going to talk about the techniques of reading crypto price charts. It is very obvious that cryptocurrency is a platform that has extreme chances of facing loss and profit. It is hard to believe that 10cr people are investing in cryptocurrency. Here, Cryptocurrency has some interesting strategies. 

These crypto charts are graphical representations of volumes, time intervals, and historical prices.   A specific pattern shows the vibration of the price from its past to the current price digitally. In between these charts, investors spot the right opportunity to invest. In this blog, we will discuss all the ways to read the crypto chart. So, let's get started.

All it started 100 years ago right before the west part has built the bar charts and other methods. Throughout history, the inventor of Japanese candle sticks has detected a deep connection between demand and supply along with rice.

The market was also influenced by the reactions of the traders. The chart of the candlesticks shows its fluctuation in a very clear way.

Here is the most important part that needs to consider is knowledge about its form. 

The great rectangular part is there that is called “Real Body” which has a core connection between closing and opening prices.

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Different Ways of Reading Crypto Charts

In the world of Cryptocurrency. Most of the things have changed and the trading style has also changed. Here we will discuss the real methods of crypto trading. It will be an interesting journey of information.

Japanese Candlestick 

Japanese Candlestick is one of the best and different from other methods. There are two kinds of candlesticks which refer Red, green, and alone. All the trading activity is happening in between these candles. To read each of its moves all you have to do is just understand the different kinds of patterns briefly.

So, let's jump into it and enjoy the learning. Candlestick patterns are of 2 types:

  • Bullish Reversal Candlestick Patterns
  • Bearish Reversal Candlestick Patterns

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Bullish Reversal Candlestick Patterns:

Bullish Reversal candle designs demonstrate that the progressing downtrend will be the opposite of an upturn.

From the dealer's perspective who shows the right short positions at the same time when designs are being framed on a candle graph.

Here are the different types of candle sticks designs: -

1) Hammer

Hammer is a single candle design that is shaped toward the finish of a downtrend and signals a bullish inversion.

The actual body of it is light and placed right at the top along with the shadow that has to be 2 times more than the actual body. Whereas this candle design did not have a minor upper shadow.

The main part behind its structure is the open cost and the actions of the merchants that affects the costs.

T he sudden arrival of the purchasers has affected the costs and led them to the heights, with its results at the closing time of the exchange, it closes with double price with the previous cost.

2) Bullish Harami

This is meant for the very different candlestick chart style that shows after the downtrend and provides a glimpse of a bullish reversal.

If we talk about its creation, these two candlestick charts. Number one candle has a tall candle whereas the second one is a little one that is meant to be parallel to the first one.

The very first bearish candle shows in the bearish trend has kept up. While the second bearish candle has shown shows what bulls have returned to the marketplace.

3) The Morning Star

It has a different candle outline design that has been made just after a low pattern demonstrating an inversion.

It contains 3 candles that have been named negative candles called Doji and the other third one could be a bullish flame.

  • Absolute First flame demonstrates a downtrend and continuation.
  • The second flame Doji has shown the hesitation on the lookout.

Here bullish light shows where bulls have back on the inversion and lookout that will later occur. 

4) Three White Soldier's candles

This candle has a design that is made right after the downtrend which is displayed a bullish inversion.

Here candle graphs are created with 3 great bullish bodies that do not have great shadows and later open in the genuine body of the previous candle.

5) Piercing Pattern

A piercing design is a different candle graph pattern that is shaped after a downtrend to illustrate a bullish inversion.

Here two candles have formed it, it is the actual light that has a negative candle that shows the continuation of the downtrend.

The upcoming candle is a bullish part that opens the hole down that closes at almost half of the actual body of the past flame that shows which the bulls are later back on the lookout.

Merchants have to enter a long position right on the off chance which is the following day a bullish candle has shaped.

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Bearish Designs of Reversal Candlestick 

Bearish reversal candlestick designs signal that an uptrend has about to turn down. Right at the moment bearish reversal, candlestick appears. Whereas traders have taken care of the long bets.

Let's discuss its vital parts: -

1) The Hanging man

The Hanging Man candle pattern is a single candle pattern that appears up to the last of growth and demonstrated an opposite inversion. The higher shadow on the candle design is missing.

It consists small body that is positioned at the very top along with a lower shadow that should be double its original body.

The exact motive right behind this candle development has opened the market and sellers that shoot the price.

In the final matte of a bearish design which means sellers are right back in the market.

Traders can easily enter a small position in the condition of the following day a bearish candle has formed. 

2) Dark Cloud

A dark cloud is a kind of different candlestick design that show after an uptrend and shows a bearish reversal.  In such a process, those two candles act a crucial role where the one candle shows a bullish candle which indicated the exact movement of the trend.

The other candle has a bearish candle which has opened a difference but shut more than 50% of the actual body of the previous candle shows which bears has led in the market, at the same time bearish reversal has at the debut way.

3) Negative Engulfing

Negative Engulfing is a different candle design that is shaped after an upturn demonstrating a negative inversion.

All these are created by two candles. The following candle has considering the main parts of the candle. The exact candle has a bullish flame which indicates the maintenance of the upswing.

The following candle graph has a great negative flame which indicates that almost absorbs the first light and reveals the bears.

4) The Evening Star

This evening star a different candle pattern which has arranged after the upturn displays negative inversion.

There are 3 candles, where the first one is a bullish flame, the second one is Doji and another one is a negative candle.

The prior candle indicates that carrying on of the upturn, the following light to be a Doji illustrate unpredictability on the lookout. Another third negative flame that bears is right back on the lookout that reversal will occur.

5) Three Black Crows

It is a kind of many candle patterns that are designed after an upturn by displaying negative inversion.

All the candles are of long negative figures that did not have long shadows and are normally open in the actual body of the past light in the example.

The Support and Resistance of Cryptocurrency

These two terms are the best-discussed part of the technical analysis. To be a part of the chat figures, Terms that are always taken by traders to detect the price parts on the charts can work as limitations, saving the price of each asset from being pushed in a specific way.

Insights of Support and Resistance

  • As a technical analysts, all they do is take support and resistance tips to know the price ideas on the provided chart at the possibilities that support a reversal of the trend.
  • Here support has happened at that place where a downtrend is about because of a concentration of demand.
  • Additionally, resistance is related to an uptrend that is supposed to stop temporarily.
  • Following the market, activities have played a major role for investors and traders. Just monitor all the market activities for better future results.
  • Likewise, the support and resistance portions could be seen by following the trendlines.

Support has a specific price mark but on the other hand, a downtrend could be wished to stay because from the point of concentration on the demand while buying interest.

At the moment prices and assets drop. Calls for the shares have increased.  No matter how resistance zones hike because the price of selling has raises.

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What is Crypto Technical Analysis?

It is an investing way which has used to calculate the investments and know trading chances in rate trends and ways by using charts. Keeping an eye over the prices and on the volume of trading. At this point, investors can find out the patterns which support them by guiding their trading decisions.

Basic Technical Analysis kinds 

We have all seen such countless arrangements of exchanging decisions that we kind of become numb to them. Regardless of whether they contain a word of wisdom they are so extensive in the exchanging of writing and on Internet gatherings that we presumably don't give as much consideration to them as we ought to.

I need to show a totally unique sort of rundown here. 

This rundown is, in some sense, a rundown of what compels specialized examination work. We will experience these thoughts in later online journals and conversations, however today we will here discuss the 4 kinds of basic technical analysis. 

Markets shift back and forth between range development and reaching a withdrawal.

The market has shown its presence through different stages and build-in ranges. Here the problem is those devices that are exchanged that will work according to the situation.

Applying suitable methodology and exchanging variety will destroy you in a pattern . For this reason, the initial phase in any genuine market examination is to evaluate the most probable arising unpredictability climate.

a) Pattern maintenance is more obvious than inversion

Brokers who center around countertrend exchanging frequently get a profound charge from "being correct" and from "getting the turn", yet this approach frequently makes us miss the true income sans work in patterns. Given a market in a pattern, your smartest choice is generally to wager on the continuation of the pattern.

b) Patterns end in Ups and Down

There are unsurprising examples of the manners in which patterns end. 

If the market finishes, at the same moment obstruction, start building to hold where the market overturns. Similarly, another easiest where drifts end is directly at the purchasing point.

The market goes allegorical as the last purchasers will address basically any cost to get in. 

Actually, take a look at the outlines on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about that little piece of market history.

Cryptocurrency Analysis Tools

Here we discuss 4 different cryptocurrency analysis tools for all trading coins and Bitcoin. Through this discussion, even beginners can understand the crypto market easily. Through these technical tools, you will be able to understand how different varieties work in the trading section. The main purpose of these tools is to take care of the loss and did great work in trading.

1) Trading View

The best cryptographic money investigation instrument we like to utilize is the FREE TradingView outlining programming. This outlining stage has numerous abilities and secret highlights that will make your exchange run as expected. This is only a device that it's ideal to have, however, it's not the end-all-be-all as there are different instruments that you can use at your watchfulness.

It's very simple to set up and utilize a trading view. It's wealthy in assets, instruments you can follow, and all the more significant.

2) Money Flow Indicator

Our second most loved digital currency investigation apparatus is the Chaikin Money Flow marker.

The Chaikin Money Flow marker was created by exchanging master Marc Chaikin, who was trained by the best institutional financial backers on the planet.

The motivation behind why Chaikin Money Flow is the best volume pointer and superior to the old-style volume marker is on the grounds that it estimates institutional gathering appropriation. So normally, it shows when the institutional merchants are trading.

Normally on a convention, the Chaikin volume pointer ought to be over the zero line. Alternately, on sell-offs the Chaikin volume pointer ought to be underneath the zero line.

3) Crypto Fear and Greed Index

The crypto dread and insatiability record is utilizing a lot of data, they assemble all that information to think of a score and a valuation that is plotted on a diagram for you.

At the point when the opinion is showing a perusing under 20, that is intense fear. Normally, the digital money cost is down and it flags a potential bullish inversion. Conversely, a market feeling perusing over 80 shows outrageous. On this occasion, the digital money is up, and the tension and file flag a potential negative inversion.

Essentially, we utilize the anxiety and eagerness file as an opponent's pointer. The market feels is something strong that drives the market, and when we have an outrageous perusing in the market opinion, that is the time we ought to search for an inversion. 

4. Fibonacci Extension

The Fibonacci is a very helpful apparatus that can be sued to detect counter-pattern open doors as well as inversion exchanges. We like to zero in on the 1.618 level or the brilliant proportion.

There is a wide range of rules, yet generally, there are just two things we're searching for while utilizing the Fibonacci expansion levels. The primary thing is a pattern, the second is a correction that has three swing perspectives. We utilize these swing focuses to draw the Fibonacci expansion levels and find conceivable inversion focuses on the lookout.

The brilliant proportion can be found all over, it's likewise a "wizardry number" that we can use in our exchange too. For sure, a ton of expert brokers integrate the brilliant proportion into their exchange in light of the fact that the market responds to this specific level with a serious level of precision. This is how this tool works.


Cryptocurrency has the greatest investment platform with lots of different ethics. It has numerous ways to trade . Reading crypto charts required deep analysis that shows the crypto price charts. Moreover, Technical analysis has great significance in the crypto market that regulates important information.