Ethereum Classic: A Bright Future Ahead?

Ethereum classic originated after the split of Ethereum and has seen many lows and highs. Its future is promising and we tell you why?

Ethereum Classic stood in the headlines for the year 2021. It made waves with a substantial high in May and then plummeted drastically in December. The cryptocurrency that made everyone stumble and floored with the huge spike and sudden fall left only one question.

Is Ethereum classic dead?

The crowning glory in the crypto landscape is Ethereum Classic (ETC). Even if decentralized finance is talked wide, blockchain cryptocurrencies and timely algorithm updates will rule the world.

Before we go ahead with the predictions of the Ethereum classic for 2022? Let’s walk down memory lane and dive into some quick history lessons.

What Is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency launched in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and went to live in July 2015. It came into action to have a global platform for setting up decentralized contracts. 

Ethereum Classic is an open-source, decentralized, distributed cryptocurrency responsible for running smart contracts.

The original Ethereum blockchain split into two versions – the old one called Ethereum (ETC) classic and the widely known Ethereum (ETH) is the newest one. The ETC blockchain, like the ETH, leverages smart contracts and decentralized apps by maintaining its own Ethereum classic tokens.

The entirely recent occurrence of ETC handles a hacking incident, forking ETC from Ethereum, resulting in the loss of 2.6 million Ethereum tokens. Later, the main Ethereum blockchain took care of these incorrect transactions by updating the blockchain.

That is today’s Ethereum as we know it. Although, it turned the hacked money back to the investors.

Ethereum classic is the extended version of the authenticated, original Ethereum blockchain with Decentralized Autonomous organization (DAO) projects.

The Ethereum Classic blockchain marks a substantial difference from other cryptos by allowing the blockchain developers to maintain smart contracts and launch open source apps.

Blockchain is complex, even with its impeccable security. To make the usage of blockchain seamless and flexible, Ethereum opened a significant chapter.

In the stride, Bitcoin paved the way, but the volatile nature of Bitcoin and its deflation generated more qualms.

Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency because it can generate contractual agreements and smart contracts. It brought the smooth path between the financial and digital landscape.

As per DeFi, over $71 billion of crypto assets are locked into several projects, and these DeFi protocols are running on Ethereum.

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Ethereum classic is a second-generation blockchain project. Its bigger sibling is Ethereum that harbors quite a popularity as was garnered by heavy funding and big brand names like Citigroup, JP Morgan, and other big-shot venture capitalists. ETC was very much overlooked but not forgotten as it tags along with the brand name Ethereum. 

How Does Ethereum Classic Work?

ETC is like ETH and designed on a highly secured blockchain to replace payments but create smart contracts and apps for users. It tracks a complete transaction history like any other blockchain technology in a shared database. It holds the record of the current state of the smart contracts leveraged by blockchain that can be transferred to another user’s wallets.

The process is supported by ERC-20 tokens extracted with the Proof of Work process.

What’s Ethereum Classic’s Potential?

ETC started at $2.06 with the blockchain split in 2016 and rose to touch the highest prices of $176.16 on 6 May 2021. Rallying in prices of the cryptocurrency determines their volatile nature. The renewed developments in this cryptocurrency and implementation in features account for the movement in its prices. 

Ever since its inception in 2016, after forking out from Ethereum, ETC has been on a mission to allow investors to feel safe and transact at lightning speed. The years-long thinking and strategizing over technology, science only makes human life more manageable and access currency to everyone, unlike fiat.

The blockchain ecosystem works on the principle of gains and builds hope. It ensures that the community benefits from blockchain-enabled functional advantages. 

ETC is set to surpass the expectations. By 2025, Ethereum Classic price will breach the mark of $1811.

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Being listed on elite platforms like Coinbase and Binance, Ethereum Classic’s corporate mission governs the growth path. The future seems bright with eminent collaborations and partnerships ahead. No wonder it offers a safe platform for traders. It has seen tremendous upgrades and the tie-ups have blossomed, determining the complete ecosphere of smart contracts extending far and wide.

Ethereum Classic has magnanimously revived itself after the split. Its community can make it stand on the top of the charts, and even after a severe crisis, they stuck together to make it one worthy investment option. ETC came out as slow pace crypto that has established a place for itself.

How To Buy Ethereum Classic?

ETC is an open-source, mineable cryptocurrency leveraging a similar monetary policy to Bitcoin. Lately, it has flourished to collect a reputable name for itself, and therefore if buying Ethereum classic is in your mind, read below.

Earlier, purchasing any cryptocurrency for the first time could daunt, but now it is a smooth, hassle-free job with the onset of so many platforms. But like other cryptocurrencies, it requires some consideration for ensuring a safe and secured transaction.

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As a potential crypto buyer, you can purchase Ethereum classic on almost every crypto exchange platform from Binance and Bitpanda to Coinbase.

The four steps to follow before buying ETC

1. Choose your secure payment method

It also depends on where you are buying the cryptocurrency, along with the cost and speed of each payment method.

2. Setting up your wallet 

It is essential to implement your wallet system before buying Ethereum Classic. It secures funds once the transaction gets completed. Wallet-based exchanges are ideal, but consider that they are more vulnerable to theft. As a long-term solution, they are not recommended.

3. Compare cost

Cost comparison before buying any cryptocurrency is crucial; ETC is no exception. The small fees bore by cryptocurrency are tiny compared to fiat; therefore, crypto has become a hit for international exchanges.

Inform yourself of the fees associated with ETC.

4. Security 

Coming from the Ethereum family, ETC includes impeccable security and safety. Encryption and cryptography lie in the Proof of Work Mining algorithm.

Where to store your ETC?

There are dozens of wallets for safely storing your cryptocurrency and making potential use for future enhancements and investments. The Ethereum Classic is a fork of Ethereum with the ERC20 standard token. Meaning, wallets leveraging Ethereum should support Ethereum classic too.

Ledger Nano S – A hardware wallet most secure to store cryptocurrency and top choice among ETC users.

Trezor Model One – Another very popular hardware wallet supporting much more than ETC.

Exodus – A desktop wallet that can store ETC and more than 1000 other digital assets.

Atomic Wallet – It is more than a wallet, supporting both desktop and mobile, suitable for transparent, cross-chain, and immutable crypto trading.

Benefits of Ethereum Classic 

For Ethereum classic, the burgeoning development and evolution strategies only gave rise to its multi-faceted usability. It has stuck graciously with its plan to upgrade the protocol for improved usability, security, functionality, and decentralization. 

1. Endless ether storage

Your funds are stored securely in a public Ethereum blockchain with no intermediaries to take control. The wallet becomes more extensive with the more Ethereum classic stored.

2. No fraud risk

The feature that makes this cryptocurrency so widely popular and acceptable in the complete finance landscape is the no risk of fraud. It uses a separate process for mining each block, accounting for the spiking system security. 

3. It is cheaper than ETH

It is an ideal asset for beginners, considering it is cheaper than ETH. Although, that doesn’t make it any less in terms of its potential. It rests in the top 20 range of cryptocurrencies by market cap. Ethereum is costly, and making transactions can be an expensive business, too. Hence, ETC is an excellent alternative for technical users specially.

4. Supports smart contracts and dApps

The groundwork that is accountable for the popularity of the Ethereum classic is the way it leverages smart contracts and dApps. It has wide applications across industries, creating a demand for this feature.

5. It is decentralized 

Like other cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum classic is decentralized, with its nodes spreading across the globe. It does not rely on legal parties, government bodies, or costly third parties to execute payments and transactions.

Is Ethereum Classic A Good Investment?

Over the years, after forking out from Ethereum, Ethereum Classic has made some groundbreaking moves to set itself apart and rival its cryptocurrencies. Its unique feature has been its consistency that is fair enough to debate. The notable collaborations it had seen and technological advancements have only made its potential clear in the years to come.

2021 was a game-changer for Ethereum classic and several other cryptocurrencies, in fact, some fiat currencies too, courtesy Pandemic. But it brought more light and hope for ETC. Even after several somersaulting, it maintained its momentum upward.

Traders have tied their hopes with the complete Ethereum classic landscape and eyeing long-term investments. For the years to come, keeping up in tandem with the past year trend, there are hopes it will spike again to new heights, making investment in Ethereum classic a fine move. 

Although it’s too early to remark on the ETC price movement until 2025. The question is will it break from the peak or stand there gloriously?

Keeping the trend of flourishing peaks and devastating troughs in the long-term Ethereum classic only shows a positive trend shaping the whole dynamic of Ethereum investment.

The one remarkable feature that keeps the traders and market sentiments high is that ETC is here to stay and rise in the markets.


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