NFT was fuming since the beginning of the Ethereum network, and last year, it spread like a wildfire, giving birth to a whole new concept of digital goods ownership.

Some people jumped into the NFT ship, some fell, and many reached heaven. Early investors made banks and gained life-changing returns.

With a total trade volume of $20 billion, during the its peak time, NFTs expereinced a daily trade volume over $100 million.

Every day, we witness a new NFT collection being launched, however not all would make it big. Collections only with a vibrant community, utility and perks will survive times’ fate.

And in this article, we have discussed NFTs that have the best utility, art, and passion for Web 3 space.

What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)?

It stands for Non-Fungible Token—a form of digital media like a photo, music, video, GIF, meme, or other digital files that have a unique value. 

Anyone can right-click and save the digital file, but they won’t be able to trade it off for its monetary value or enjoy the community or perks. Similar to many people owning a copy/photo of ‘Mona Lisa’ but the authentic copy painted by Leonardo da Vinci is only present in the safe hands of the Louvre.

The ownership is proved on Blockchain which is an immutable database shared over multiple nodes in a computer network. The idea is traced back to late 2016 when Ethereum came up with smart contracts. Now it’s leading the NFTs marketplace that has about $18 billion in NFTs trading volume. 

Various brands are working to build Metaverse, including Meta (previously known as Facebook). NFTs will manifest even more in Metaverse, as everything in it would be traded as NFTs.

1) Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

If you haven’t already heard of BAYC yet, what kind of rock are you living under? This crazy collection of 10000 Apes went from $300 to 300K within a year giving birth to the NFTs craze.

Officially launched in early May 2021, the collection was sold out within a week. Since then, BAYC and its community have exhilarated their evolutionary side of apes— wild, crazy, bored, happy, and horny. And why not?

Founded by four colleagues from New York, numerous celebrates like Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Steve Aoki, Post Malone, Lil Baby, Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, Rich the Kid, Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, Kevin Hart, Mark Cuban, Logan Paul, Gary Vee, Neymar Jr., Stephen Curry, and Shaquille O’Neal aped in since then.

With celebrities joining the party, the BAYC community gained even more exclusivity, and the members' only benefits & perks such as yacht parties, meet-ups, dedicated merch, and numerous airdrops made the BAYC not only a random JPEG collection but a pass to a vibrant community.

The community strengthened with the introduction of a serum that could be injected into existing apes, resulting in a transformation of around, 20000 more mutant apes.    

Dedicated to having a Metaverse of its own, Yuga Labs, took a step further by releasing an $APE coin. During the initial offering, half a billion dollars were raised, the exact number Yuga labs sought to expand into Metaverse. The ape coin currently trades at 10 dollar mark and around 200k worth $APE was airdropped to MAYC & BAYC holders. 

The community is highly pulsating and so is the minimum price, to become its member, a staggering amount of 130 Ether ($400k) will assure your place in the club.

2) Azuki NFT

Azuki bestows a garden to its holders— a corner space on the internet for artists, builders, and web 3 aficionados. Similar to other projects, it’s a collection of, 10000 aesthetic pleasing anime-styled avatars where its member can collaborate and contribute to a better-decentralized future.   

Created in January by four colleagues from Los Angeles, Azuki, the anime-style art is now one of the top NFT projects. It was sold out within 4 minutes, making it the fastest $29 million transactions in NFT history.

Built by many and owned by all, Azuki keeps its manifesto simple and highlights the glory of a decentralized future. 

Numerous airdrops, members’ only benefits& perks, and its contemporary aesthetics keep the community vibe in check. Azuki has gained traction, with its modish vibrant culture, skateboarders of the internet as they like to be known, have attracted the kind they once sought for.

Bobu the bean farmer (Azuki# 40) the governance token of Azuki decentralized corner, is heading to space! Thanks to NASA and SpaceX, the Azuki team is sending 2000 Bobu to explore the intergalactic farm. 

Locked tight in a Ledger with the private keys, the journey with a crew member of four will begin on April 24. Wish Bobu a safe journey in the twitter comment section and get a chance to win Bobu the bean farmer and BEANZ itself.  

Already traded over half a billion or 187.0k in ETH, to get your hands on this elegant Azuki, or to join its vibrant community, you would require a minimum of 25 Eth.

3) Doodles NFT

Each hand-drawn & designed by the Canadian-based illustrator Burn Toast, Doodles is a colorful collection of, 10000 joyful & rainbow puking art.

Diversified with various traits such as skellys, cats, aliens, apes, and mascots with some exclusive artists’ color pallets including rare heads, costumes, and colorways, the holders get the governance rights, are allowed to vote on community-driven features, products, and the events.

With their ever-expanding community, Doodles airdropped a new collection of Space Doodles— where each Doodle takes a joyful ride into the galaxy enjoying and exploring the rainbow pukes and the wonders of the universe. The competence is high in the joyriders that are calculated via, stats like, bladder management, piloting ability, mechanical knowledge, stamina, and vibe captaining.

Developed by a team of Web 3 aficionados, either of these colorful collections can be claimed with a minimum of 15 Eth.

4) Clone X NFT

A collection of 3D Digital avatars developed by a sneaker manufacturer RTFKT (pronounced artifact) and designed by famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

Clone X is not just a collection of 20000 random cool arts rather it gathers a culture including the hairstyle, clothing, aesthetics, wearable accessories, and dives into subtle features such as race, undefined gender, skin color, and rare skin disease.

These 3D Avatars have unique traits that can be traced to 8 unique DNA: Humans (50%), Robots (30%), Angels (8.75%), Demons (8.75%), Reptiles (1.25%), Undeads (0.6%), Murakami's (0.5%) and rarest of all Aliens (0.15%).

RTFKT further expands its brand image to let users have an immersive experience in Metaverse, with cool collectibles, sneakers, clothing, and fashion accessories.

Released in November 2021 at an initial price of 0.05 eth, to get your hands on Clone X you need a minimum of 20 ETH.

5) Crypto Punks NFT

OGs of NFT collection, Crypto Punks started back in 2017 by Larva labs, a 10k collection of avatars representing misfits from the 70s London punk era.   

Comes with a combination of rare attributes and traits, the rarest of all, Punk#3100 was sold for a whopping $7.5 million. 

Only 9k was listed in the minting phase which was free except for gas, the rest was saved for the team members. Now acquired by the Yuga Labs, the founder of BAYC, along with Larva lab’s other collection Meebits. As of now, Crypto Punks is one of the biggest NFTs out there, with a floor price of 65 Ethereum. 

6) World of Women NFT

World of Women is one of its Kind, NFT collections that ushered in the crypto space to embrace equality and diversity.  

Yam Karkai started the project, with a vision versed to emphasize empowerment and strength these women possess. Now led by a full female-driven team, WoW is more than a collection it’s a community with diversified ideas of multi-cultural identity.

The world soon sought the vision that WoW ushered in this space, It has now partnered with Reese Witherspoon and the Sandbox—a Metaverse gaming world.

Like many popular NFT projects, WoW is a collection of 10000 graphics of women with various traits like Skin tone, Lips color, Hairstyle, facial features, and more.  

Owning World of Women comes with various members’ only benefits and perks:

  • After getting a WoW NFT, you own artwork and all of its intellectual property rights.
  • For every 1000 sales, the WoW team picks 10 random holders and ships them their NFT print.
  • The real owners unlock the feature to download WoW NFT in 4000x4000 high-quality resolution, while anyone can right-click and save but only in 800x800 dimensions.

One of the rarest women with a black tuxedo (WoW#5672) was auctioned at the Christie's for a whopping 266 ETH or $750k equivalent.

These women went through a portal to a new galaxy, and came back with 22k new collections back on the earth, with the same dream— an equitable place for everyone. To get your hands on one of these diverse NFT collections, you would require a minimum of 10 ETH or 35k grand.

7) Gutter Cat Gang NFT

The year is 2050, Homo sapiens are an interplanetary species then and the Gutter Cats have emerged as the new rulers of left behind Earth.

The collection doesn’t stop here, Gutter Dogs, Gutter Rats, and Gutter pigeons each a collection of 3000 are poised to overthrow the ruling Gutter cats.

The competition is stiff, but the cats are the ruler. Get a Gutter cat to join the GCC social club, a place where art, fashion, music, sports, and web 3 innovative ideas meet.

Gutter rats, hanging in the sewer, disappointed with their miserable lives, thriving on the extravagant crumbs of the Cats, are poised to overthrow the ruling felines.

Gutter Dogs once happened to be the man’s best friend, are all alone, fighting, flexing, and hustling in the streets. Desperate to meet one's end, the dogs have their eyes kept tight to overthrow the gutter rulers. 

The pigeons, known as the rodents of the sky in the gutter, have their claws on the power dynamics below. Spreading rumors and mistrust, the gutter pigeons have formed a smuggling network, to do what they are best at— purveying contraband and misinformation.  

The project & community strengthened with its new addition to the collection of, 12000 graphic arts. A cloning machine was developed, and each, 12000 gutter members can inject a gutter juice and get their clone.