Like celebrities international companies have approached cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

Bitcoin in particular is considered by many to be the bargaining chip of the network and many stars, including Snoop DogG, Matt Damon, Jimmy Fallon, Serena Williams and Paris Hilton, know that a digital identity will be the next leap from social media.

Let's examine one of the latest initiatives that see two prominent characters engaged in the Bitcoin world. I'm talking about hip-hop singer Jay-Z, a man who gives enormous support to Defi and has not failed to prove it, and of the digital entrepreneur Jack Dorsey.

In 2021, the first invested $ 19 million in the first round of the company Bitski, a platform specialized in NFT, also participating in an investment equal to 500 Bitcoins with Jack Dorsey to create a fund for the development of the king of cryptocurrencies in Africa and India.

The purpose of the initative is that of re-evaluating countries and districts that are not exactly wealthy and providing everyone with the possibility to know the world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin: Jay-z aims to help members of his city

Not everyone is committed to helping their community and it often happens that the fortunes gained can move away from their origins.

Fortunately, Jay-Z did not forget to come from the Marcy House public housing complex in Brooklyn, New York.

The importance of knowing how a blockchain works and the opportunities from the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in the first place, should be within everyone's reach. This is the goal of the Bitcoin Academy.

Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z: Bitcoin passionate friends

Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z have often been seen in comfortable clothes walking or enjoying their days, as well as sharing a passion for the cryptocurrency sector or the digital industry. 

For the uninitiated, Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Block Inc. (formerly Square), and above all the co-founder of Twitter.

The Bitcoin Academy is only one of the latest collaborations between the two illustrious characters: the two stars have always been committed to beneficial actions.

The Bitcoin Academy is born: the citizens of Marcy Houses go to crypto school!

This isn't a proper academy yet, but more of a trial version of what could be greater.

The purpose is to give the possibility to to less affluent classes to be part of the digital revolution underway today. The two celebrities in fact intend to offer free lessons to the inhabitants of the Marcy Houses housing complex where Jay-Z lived in the past.

The lessons will be held from 22 June 2022 to 7 September 2022 and will be possible to participate in real classrooms, or online.

Furthermore, minors will have access to the lessons, but they will have to participate in Crypto Kids Camp which will be held for two Saturdays in the Marcy Houses complex.

Bitcoin school, here who the teachers will be

Of course the teachers will have to have some experience and we are not talking about characters that have never appeared in the sector, quite the contrary.

The first teacher to appear is Lamar Wilson, co-founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaire, a platform of both common and illustrious people who discuss related issues to cryptocurrencies and Defi. Lamar Wilson is an IT developer, with a degree in finance, who became a big supporter of Bitcoin.

Another exceptional guest and teacher will be Najah J. Roberts, cryptocurrency expert and first founder of a crypto exchange owned by and for African American women in the USA: Crypto Blockchain Plug.

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However, the first criticisms of the innovative Bitcoin Academy arrive

Obviously there is never any news that is not criticized and this is no exception.

Unfortunately the announcement has been labeled by some members of the network as a pyramid scheme and another way to incentivize a highly risky and harmful market for users.

It is even believed that most rich people are deliberately wanting to undermine the finances of the less affluent classes to their advantage, a thesis supported by the scams that emerge monthly from the sector.

How to be wrong, however? Many scams have been heard, even if honestly it is undeniable that Bitcoin and blockchain technology have brought improvements with their advantages.

We'll see what happens and how Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey's Bitcoin lectures will proceed, hoping that The Bitcoin Academy can only have the merit of making individuals better aware of the digital revolution we are experiencing.