Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have recently become incredibly popular for various reasons. The bitcoin market is quite volatile. As a result, prices might fluctuate dramatically every day.

Furthermore, breaking news articles can significantly impact the price of cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin reached an all-time high last year after Tesla revealed that it would accept it as payment for its vehicles.

Many are interested in the business, from investors who see cryptocurrency as the future currency to those who value the idea of ​​decentralized control and processing to those who admire the technology that underpins cryptocurrency.

Following crypto influencers can help you better grasp what's happening in the market and make more informed investment decisions.

Who is a Cryptocurrency Influencer?

Cryptocurrency Influencers are experts or celebrities who have gathered a social media following of devoted followers who regularly tune in to what they say about relevant topics.

Crypto influencers can earn money in various ways, including paid sponsorships and the promotion of their educational products. The audience size and their track record frequently measure their overall success.

Popular Cryptocurrency Influencers on Twitter & Youtube

A list of the top 20 Crypto Influencers with followers count is as follows:

Elon Musk

Elon Musk , a strong supporter of dogecoin and bitcoin, has amassed so much on Twitter that his tweet makes actions. If you want to know the newest crypto news , he's the right crypto influencer to follow.

Twitter Followers - 97.3M 

Changpeng Zhao

This entrepreneur is going via the moniker "CZ" and is the founding father of Binance, the most important cryptocurrency change in the world. CZ has been buying, selling, and generating software programs for Bloomberg for an extended time. He becomes a large fulfillment at Blockchain .

The information earlier than beginning his company. By sharing his abundance of understanding of him on Twitter, he's made his manner of him onto our listing of crypto influencers.

Twitter Followers - 6.3M 

Vitalik Buterin

The co-founding father of Ethereum has a huge online following because of his outspoken and passionate opinions. He is understood to be the world's youngest crypto millionaire.

The Canadian-Russian programmer isn't always hesitant to fire up debate on several of the crypto industry's maximum contentious problems. He has been praised for taking up tough troubles head-on. He can prioritize practicalities and thoughts above crypto politics.

Buterin has mounted himself as an awesome crypto philanthropist , donating huge sums to vital causes. On Twitter, he has nearly three million fans. You can observe him on Twitter, wherein he often makes primary announcements. He offers guidelines on problems associated with Cryptocurrency.

Twitter Followers - 3.9M 

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee , the creator of Litecoin and former Director of Engineering at Coinbase, has a Twitter following of one million people. Lee keeps his Twitter account up to speed with the newest news on Litecoin and the Litecoin Foundation.

He occasionally shares memes and comic cartoons to make bitcoin news and issues more approachable and entertaining. Lee just joined the Board of Directors of BTCS Inc., making him one of the most trusted sources of crypto-related information.

Twitter Followers - 1M

Nick Szabo

Since the introduction of the Bitcoin white paper in 2008, the name Satoshi Nakamoto has been shrouded in mystery. Speculators have been trying to figure out who the genuine originator is for years. Szabo has a Twitter following of almost 300,000 people.

Twitter Followers - 348.5K

Natalie Brunell

Natalie Brunell is a Bitcoin instructor and content creator. She's been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2017 and hosts Coin Stories, the world's first female-run Bitcoin podcast on youtube, where she conducts interviews with industry specialists. Brunell has over 193,000 Twitter followers.

Twitter Followers - 227.4K

Josh Olszewicz

If you're interested in technical analysis trading , you should follow Josh Olszewicz on social media. After discovering cryptocurrencies on Reddit in 2013, this self-taught dealer purchased his first digital currency of him. His fans di lui di lui love him since he's known as the 33k Guy. Josh uses Twitter to share useful information such as trading tips, current events, memes, and news.

Twitter Followers -150.6K

Altcoin Sara

Sara is an outspoken supporter of the crypto community and a rare female presence in the space. For example, she's in charge of the Altcoin Buzz Ladies YouTube channel . She provides cryptocurrency news, a blockchain platform for various perspectives, and market analysis. 

Twitter Followers - 156K 

Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andresen took over after Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin unexpectedly left the task in 2010. He is notable for his contributions to the early stages of Bitcoin development. As Bitcoin gained popularity, Andersen rose to prominence as the facade of Cryptocurrency.

He has subsequently gone into semi-retirement, but as Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, he continues to play an essential and prominent role.

Twitter Followers -175.5K 

Roger Ver

Roger Ver is well-known for his pro-Bitcoin initiatives. In 2011, his company,, became the first mainstream business to accept bitcoin as payment. He then created, the first website in the world to accept bitcoin as payment. He was the first-ever person in the world to invest in Bitcoin businesses.

Twitter Followers - 750.8K 

Lea Thompson 

Thompson has a reputation for producing fun and educational bitcoin material. Thompson creates valuable YouTube videos, such as one in which she discusses crypto concepts in two minutes (hardware wallets, Ethereum 2.0 , and DeFi ).

Her Twitter account has over 1 lakh followers and 15,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. With a weekly crypto minute video , she also keeps her audience up to date on the current news in the cryptocurrency world.

Twitter Followers - 206.1K

Layah Heilpern

Layah is a journalist who works for a news organization and covers bitcoin and blockchain technologies. She's the host of The Layah Heilpern Show, where she speaks openly and honestly about politics, bitcoin, and inspiration. Layah has a broad perspective on bitcoin as a holder and desires to receive her full pay in bitcoin.

Twitter Followers - 232.5K 

Michael Saylor 

Michael Saylor created MicroStrategy (MSTR) , a publicly-traded business analytics corporation, in 1989 and served as its Chairman and CEO. He is also the founder of (ALRM), the inventor of more than 40 patents, and the author of "The Mobile Wave." 

He is an outspoken supporter of the Bitcoin Standard ( ). He graduated from MIT with a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering and a master's degree in History of Science.

Twitter Followers - 2.5M 

Anthony Pompliano

Morgan Creek Digital, a hedge fund specializing in blockchain technology and digital assets and funded by Morgan Creek Capital, has Anthony Pompliano as a founder and partner. 

He also publishes daily newsletters and a podcast in which he shares his interpretation of the crypto industry's daily happenings. When it comes to Bitcoin, Pomp's fund focuses on the asset's infrastructure, with only a small fraction dedicated to the asset itself.

Twitter Followers - 1.6M 

Crypto Jebb

The Crypto Jebb's YouTube channel has 224,000 subscribers, and he discusses what's happening in the Bitcoin world. You'll discover the tools and methods Crypto Jebb employs in his trading and YouTube videos by lui.

Their course is designed to simplify your introduction to bitcoin and lead you through the technical aspects of what it takes to be an informed analyst.

Twitter Followers - 68.3K 

Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency influencers on the list, with 494,000 YouTube subscribers. Ivan's YouTube channel has crypto tutorials and analysis , as well as a video on how to make your Cryptocurrency in a short time.

Twitter Followers - 383.6K 

Ben Armstrong

Ben Armstrong is a well-known cryptocurrency trader on social media, with over 1.33 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He is commonly known as BitBoy Crypto, a crypto expert and social media influencer who is one of the world's top crypto traders and YouTubers. BitBoy Crypto has a net worth of roughly $ 33 million, according to Wealthy Rich Celeb.

Twitter Followers - 848.3K 


With many best-selling books under his belt, the IT entrepreneur and blockchain specialist have long been recognized as a reliable and neutral tutor in the crypto world. Antonopolous began talking about bitcoin at conferences, consulting for startups, and publishing articles for free.

He released the book Mastering Bitcoin. He's also a Bitcoin podcast co-host. You can follow him on Twitter to stay updated on all of his latest advice and You can follow him on Twitter to stay updated on all of his latest advice and ideas by him.

Twitter Followers - 734.6K 

Adam Back

Adam Back is a cypherpunk and cryptographer who is prominent. The back was an early frontier of the digital currency movement before his involvement in the Bitcoin field. He is the founder and CEO of Blockstream, a firm dedicated to advancing bitcoin and blockchain technology.

In 1997, he created Hashcash, a proof-of-work mechanism. Hashcash is also utilized in other protocols, including eliminating blog spam and preventing user namespace pollution. Satoshi Nakamoto's first Bitcoin white paper mentions his work. Back has established himself as a top crypto expert as a cryptography advisor.

Twitter Followers - 477.6K


Anthony Pompliano and Adam Backare are among the top crypto analysts. Many bitcoin influencers make predictions and express their thoughts on the market. To evaluate whether or not they are real, you must study their track record and past.

It's also worth mentioning that the bitcoin market is incredibly volatile , making forecasting what will happen next practically impossible. Following these crypto influencers, you may learn everything about cryptos and the huge potential of Blockchain.