Bitcoin is now closer to becoming a legal tender in several countries.

In the world there has already been much talk about this, for example in El Salvador, with the legalization of cryptocurrencies and the advanced Bitcoin City project.

Not only El Salvador, even the Central African Republic has adopted Bitcoin as legal currency!

Today, in fact, cryptocurrencies becomes part of the African continent, contributing to the development of the blockchain sector in Africa like never before.

The news has left everyone stunned, but official and the newspaper Freedom testifies:

"The Central African Republic has adopted bitcoin as legal currency: the President's office announced it, making the African country the second in the world to take this measure after El Salvador."

Today, also Switzerland takes over and once again asserts itself in Europe.

During a conference held on March 2022 in Lugano, Switzerland and the company Tether have entered into an extraordinary partnership that aims to become the greater European hub of cryptocurrencies.

All the details have been clarified during these months, with some improvements and advances that have made all the great fans of blockchain and crypto universe excited.

Here's what the announcement of the event and guests was on Lugano Living Lab:

"The presentation event of Lugano Plan B was on Thursday 3 March at 5.00 pm at the Palazzo dei Congressi. An unprecedented event with Michele Foletti, Mayor of Lugano, and Paolo A ., CTO, Tether. "

We absolutely cannot ignore the details of this great event that leads Switzerland to be the forerunner of an era.

Switzerland always ahead: at Plan B the protagonist is Bitcoin!

Switzerland has always been a particularly skilled state in juggling itself in the economic / financial sphere, remaining neutral and always aiming at the most advanced markets. 

That of Bitcoin is a trend most interesting, despite the risk. One of those that fascinates everyone, experts and beginners.

The Plan B of Lugano was presented with Tether and the city administration who have exposed a decentralization program that plans to make the city the major European blockchain center.

Switzerland intends to bring the improvements of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin into reality without focusing (as has happened so far) on too many theories, but aiming for practicality.

The city has already presented various hubs devoted to the experimentation and acceleration of innovative projects such as this, which facilitate not just the initiative of the Swiss municipality.

Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA become fiat currencies in Lugano

Once Plan B is finished, it will be obtained the legitimacy of digital currencies within the municipal area.

Obviously for not all cryptocurrencies have been legalized, but it is for now the undisputed king of the market, Bitcoin, the stablecoin Tether (USDT) and, brace yourselves, LVGA.

Not Ethereum, not Dogecoin, but a token made by the city of Lugano and legitimized by the company that controls over the Swiss financial markets FINMA, which makes it virtually equal to cash.

In fact, many merchants are already partner, with at least 200 activities that will accept the three cryptocurrencies and that, among the first fears and doubts, will step forward in the Web3 universe.

Nothing will be able to stop this revolution and Lugano has every intention of being the European hub of decentralized finance.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains supported by a multimillion-dollar fund

The extraordinary thing about this partnership is given by the great enthusiasm of the Swiss municipality and the commitment of the crypto partner.

At the moment there is a fund of 3 million dollars that aims to simplify the adoption of digital currencies within the city, working to more levels to help different activities.

Furthermore, Tether creates a fund of 100 million Swiss francs to attract all those young minds and talents necessary to grow the project presented at Plan B, guaranteeing excellent prospects for those who move to Lugano. 

All this has ensured merchants and citizens a good base of support to continue with the Plan to make Bitcoin the new hub of the Swiss economy.

Lugano presents a blockchain to pay taxes and services with Bitcoin

Within the city of Lugano, innovation is indomitable.

To demonstrate the serious intentions regarding blockchain technology and Bitcoin adoption, the city of Lugano is already working to put into operation a hub of hundreds of experts.

Acting as a global reference point in Lugano, it is designed to attract talent, encourage networking and knowledge sharing. The hub will host a recreational space for meetings and workshops to further promote education and development.

Moreover also taking advantage of payment systems such as Lightning Network and Lugano Plan B by Luxochain it will be possible to pay taxes and services of the municipality with Bitcoin and the other two digital currencies mentioned!

All this can seem far-fetched, but not for long. Also because scholarships and schools have been set up to ensure adequate knowledge for citizens.

"Plan B Summer School", Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the classroom in Lugano!

Does it really seem strange to take cryptocurrency courses in 2022? 

Ticinonline spread the novelty of the creation of a kind of school for cryptocurrencies:

"The Plan ₿ Summer School"- which will be held from 3 to 16 July - is intended for a wide audience, including non-specialized ones, who will be able to acquire skills in the sector, strengthening a new generation of entrepreneurs, students, researchers and interested in the topic."

This is certainly one of those opportunities that those who care about their professional future cannot miss.

In fact, many professionals will work for two weeks in close contact with students who will be able to touch the most important issues firsthand.

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Great expectations for the World Bitcoin Forum in October 2022

One of the most important events expected this year with regard to the sector awaits us from 26 to 28 October in Lugano.

We talk about the World Bitcoin Forum, an event, or rather a conference of experts that will treat the most important themes that concern the world of the Web3.

Some of the topics will probably also cover the "green mining" anticipated by the Plan B, which aims to create mining centers within Switzerland that are sustainable for the environment.

Stay tuned in order to be constantly updated on upcoming opportunities that will see Lugano, Bitcoin and the blockchain protagonists of the future.