Due to the increasing economic crisis, especially after Covid'19, many people are looking for different ways to earn easy and quick money. Today, it is necessary to learn skills to earn passive income, as it gives you a return in the long term. Are you also looking to earn passive income? If you do not know how to start, this guide will help you earn passive income quickly. One of the most effective methods to make money is through crypto affiliate marketing.

Today, more and more people are opting for this route. Please read further to understand crypto affiliate program marketing, trusted and secured affiliate programs, and some important marketing strategies. If you are a beginner then you can learn how to invest in cryptocurrency from this article.

What Is Crypto Affiliate Program Marketing?

If we talk about affiliate marketing, it is a strategy to make money using a commission. You are required to promote the products or services of another firm. You earn a commission percentage of the sale as soon as visitors land on their website and purchase the products or services you have marketed via your link.

How is this connected with Crypto?

Do you know? If done properly, crypto affiliate program marketing can result in huge profits. The main reason behind this is that up till now, this market is not as saturated as other affiliate marketing platforms, for example, Amazon affiliate marketing. So, you should take advantage of this opportunity as early as you can and be a master of your services. Only then will you be able to earn a premium commission percentage for yourself.

Another benefit of getting into this way of earning passive income is that almost all the programs pay in Bitcoins, so indirectly, you are getting Bitcoin investments. 

Besides, you do not need to do rigorous marketing to gain followers because people who know about cryptocurrency are already passionate about taking risks and trying new things.

Also, you might have heard about crypto-architects, crypto-traders, crypto-miners, crypto-evangelists, etc. There is a lot of potential in the cryptocurrency industry; that's why we see many professionals entering this field. The point is you do not have to make efforts to build an audience, as there are already people having high enthusiasm to learn about Crypto by any means.

Your audience would be keen to know the crypto market and need a little guidance. Here your duty starts to provide people with the right direction, and it will be a win-win situation for both of you.

What do You need To Start Crypto Affiliate Program Marketing?

Now that you have decided to start crypto affiliate marketing, you would need three main things:

  • Marketing ideas
  • A traffic source
  • A crypto affiliate or referral program

Let's learn about each, one by one.

Top Crypto Affiliate Programs For 2022

It is a daunting task to choose a trusted crypto affiliate marketing program. Although several programs are available, it is difficult to tell which ones are reliable. You have to try these programs to know whether they can be trusted or not. This requires a lot of time and unnecessary effort to try each one out. Also, it won't be wise to take additional risks for your upcoming new and nice business.

Here is how we can help you. This part of the article provides all the authentic and profitable crypto affiliate programs through which you can earn a lot of passive income. Let's check out each one by one.

1. CoinBase

One of the top-performing crypto affiliate marketing programs available is Coinbase. It also offers a referral program if that's what interests you more. You can easily earn up to $ 10 worth of Bitcoin through the referral program whenever a user deposits $ 100 that has been referred through your link.

However, if you use its affiliate program, you can gain more profits. With the Coinbase affiliate program, you can get up to 50% commission from the referred users' trading fees for 90 days. Unlike the referral program, you get compensated either in your local currency or via PayPal with the affiliate program, no matter where you live.

The process to Be A Coinbase Affiliate:  If you want to become a Coinbase affiliate, you must open their website and sign up for this process. After trading your first $ 100, you'll get $ 10 with that link. The team behind Coinbase's affiliate network is Impact. Therefore, you have to follow their application process as a next step.

After this, Coinbase will review your application. As soon as it gets approved, you will have access to the Impact tracking software to follow your conversions and can also enjoy their promotional assets.

2. Celsius:

Using the Celsius affiliate marketing program, you will get paid every quarter. Once you successfully bring a new user, you get $ 50 for this referred user.

A qualifying user submits $ 200 worth of any cryptocurrency into their Celsius account, then holds it for at least a month, that too consecutively. If the user withdraws the money in these three days, you will not get $ 50.

The process to Be A Celsius Affiliate: If this program attracts you, you can become their affiliate by signing up on their website. After this, fill out the affiliate marketing program form, and you'll instantly get an official email along with your custom affiliate links. This way, you can share these links with your community or on your website.

3. Binance

Do you know that Binance was offering around 40% -50% commission on the trading fees of each user? But that has lessened up to 20% now. However, you can still make 40% if you meet their condition of having 500 BNB in ​​your account.

Though 500 BNB is worth over $ 10,000 right now, thus it is a lot amount, and not everyone can afford to have it. Therefore, earning 20% ​​as a beginner in this field is safe. You can get a commission for every trade your referral does on Binance, and this is a lifetime pay.

Sometimes, Binance increases its referral fees during specific promotions or because of major crypto events. Not only this, but you can also earn a bonus from your referral's activities for each month.

The process to Be A Binance Affiliate: Unlike Coinbase and Celsius, Binance has more robust rules regarding its acceptance process. You have to meet a specific criterion to get accepted.

You should have 5000+ subscribers or social media followers, and there should be more than 500 members in your crypto communities. If you are running a business, you should have a user base of 2000+.

You must first make a Binance account to sign up as an affiliate. After this, fill out the Google form. If you find the process hectic, you can also become a referral; however, this comes with a lower commission.

How to Get Traffic Source for Crypto Affiliate Marketing Program?

Most people think about making a website when they want to start affiliate marketing. Since creating and managing a website requires time and effort, people get discouraged and do not want to become affiliate marketers.

However, there are several other options as well. For example, as a beginner, you can get traffic through social media pages like Udemy, Medium blogs, and Reddit. 

But ensure which platforms allow affiliate programs to save your time because some may have restrictions.

Even though it is great to use these sites for posting and generating traffic, at the end of the day, you will require a website if you want to take an affiliate marketing option as a full-time career.

If you are on a low budget, you can get help from third-party websites, which will save money and build a website for your affiliate marketing program business. Here are some of the perks of having a website.

A Website Is A Profitable Investment:  In the long run, your website can prove to be a great investment for you. If you avoid making your website and using third-party websites, remember your hands will always be tied. You would be given only limited freedom.

For instance, recently, the Us banned Tiktok. So all those people who were earning from this app and had spent months establishing their business on Tiktok had to face its consequences. Besides, the app can shut down anytime due to any mishap.

Therefore, have a website and direct all your traffic from third-party websites and apps to your website. This will help you have a large following, and you never have to worry about losing them.

Your Trustworthiness increases with a website: Your affiliate network and all the potential customers automatically start to trust you when you have a legit website. This is because most affiliate networks look for a URL to sign up. The absence of a website will make them doubt your credibility. Thus, you need that trust if you want to succeed.

Crypto Affiliate Program Marketing Tips

Besides having social media accounts and a website, you also need many other things to be a successful affiliate marketer. Following are a few useful tips that can help you get referrals and plan an effective marketing strategy.

1. Use Discounts as an Incentive

Even though this strategy does not work with every affiliate network, because a few of them are in this favor, most of them allow it.

Thus, check the terms and services of the platform before you plan to give incentives. For example, you can get discount offers from Binance for your referrals.

Use this tip in promoting your links. This attracts potential customers when they can get a discount on trading fees. This lures them to sign up immediately.

2. Do Content Marketing

If you can produce good content, it will act as an engine of crypto affiliate marketing. Having great content will help you a lot in reaching your goals. It does not matter whether it is a social media post or a blog post; it is important to plan every post effectively so it will convert into an affiliate marketing success.

Use your knowledge to show your expertise in crypto news and cryptocurrency. It becomes easier to gather traffic once you become an industry knowledge leader in cryptocurrency.

3. Consider Ads

To boost conversion, you can also take help from Google or social media ads for your affiliate links. First, check the affiliate programs' terms and services to ensure they do not have any problems with them. If you think of using Ads in your marketing strategy, then remember to optimize your landing page properly. With this route, you should keep one thing in mind acquisition cost might be higher than your ROI.

4. Consider SEO

If you are keen to use affiliate marketing to earn passive income, then getting a good amount of traffic is the basic rule. Test different things, like ads, but for long-term traffic and benefits, SEO helps a lot . Write blog posts in detail, answer people's queries and optimize your content according to SEO.