Bitcoin is a digital currency that was designed to be a form of payment outside the control of anyone, person, group, or entity and thus removing the need for third-party involvement in financial transactions. In 2009, this revolutionary Cryptocurrency debuted. On the other hand, In that year, its worth was $0.09. Can you believe it? It's quite hard to digest. But the people who have invested in this cryptocurrency have the tremendous profit of millions and billions.

Federal Reserve Notes are issued by a monetary authority while they are printed by a government entity such as The Treasury Department or Bureau of Engraving & Printing as well as distributed through depository institutions. Conversely, Bitcoin relies on neither of those means for its value and is instead exchanged via peer user-to-user networks; ultimately making it a decentralized currency - which speaks to its appeal to users who may distrust government-sponsored institutions.

“Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement, and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.”   - Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Bitcoin is the official currency of the Internet, the world's first decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin is not backed by the central bank and is not a claim on physical money or property like other currencies. It is a peer-to-peer virtual currency with very low transaction fees.

In this blog, we will discuss bitcoin's popularity and why it is so demanding. So let's peek into its insights:- 

Insights of Bitcoin’s History

  • In addition, On the same day, it was released, Finny has taken or downloaded the Bitcoin software. Result of that, he earned almost 10 coins for the creator of Bitcoin who has named Nakamoto who is stated as the world’s very first transaction that was made on the 12th of January 2009.
  • It is the most important and impressive cryptocurrency that has acquired a lot of people as investors. Moreover, it has become the prime choice of each investor.
  • Now let's have a glimpse of its reason for getting too expensive. The wavey fluctuation of Bitcoin has something that cannot be ignored in any case. It started its raising journey in the year 2010 and like any other cryptocurrency, it had also faced ups and downs.
  • Bitcoin has changed the value of the investment which traveled from $110 to $6billion in the gap of a few years. This journey of Bitcoin has been traveled in-between  (2009- 2017). Later it made a stand of almost $3000 in the year December 2017.
  • Bitcoin is following all the essential factors that help to influence its prices. Being a part of the cryptocurrency and in the same manner, it shows its power to the whole world. Within the crypto market, it has the power to mold the market with many core strategies that help the investors to gain more profits.

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Why is it the Most Trending Coin of the Century?

In most cases, currencies derive their value in being a physical representation of an actual commodity. However, this wasn't always the case for currency. Currency used to be backed by gold that was stored with banks or the government.

The story of money has changed drastically over the last 4,000 years. From metal coins to paper notes, each was dubbed a legal tender because it was used for paying taxes or repaying debts in the past. Today, we're still using money, but it’s a lot different from what it used to be. Money can now even be digital and doesn't have to physically exist as in the case with currency such as Bitcoins. 

They are based on mathematical algorithms and challenge some centuries-old theories; most notably regarding their permanent value as well as how they should be issued again as they become too large. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will go through all the related points. Through that information, we will go through all the core knowledge of the reason for Bitcoin’s price hike. 

It is true that now there are plenty of cryptocurrencies in the market and each crypto has a specific place in the matter of output. Let's study this in brief:--

Decentralized Blockchain technology

Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency are all popular. Not only is it a decentralized system that requires no third-party authorities to process the transactions, but it's also a transparent platform where users can do what they want without being judged (except by the rest of their community). 

Personally, I like this about it because I'm not a fan of US-based platforms where sometimes you have to contend with their rules in exchange for using them.

Also, since it's thoroughly encrypted and anonymous as well, there's little chance of your information getting stolen or sold in a way that makes you look bad. However, I must admit that one thing I dislike about using BTC is having to pay higher fees than usual on many exchanges which tend to be very sluggish and bloated sometimes.

Bitcoin’s Online Appearance 

Another reason why Bitcoin is so popular on online exchange sites is the fact that it has been around the longest, having launched nearly nine years ago in 2009. No other cryptocurrency comes close to its longevity - and this means they have had plenty of time to prove their worth in the market!

  • In comparison, any given new cryptocurrency will probably have fewer choices of trading sites where they are accepted than Bitcoin or Ethereum because they need some time to be tested before they can earn enough merit to have confidence placed in them by exchanges.
  • A majority of Bitcoin's popularity can be attributed to its acceptance on many different trading sites. However, there are only so many marketplaces in the world that accept BTC as a form of payment. 
  • It is important that you understand which of these sites follow strict know-your-customer and anti-money laundering regulations, as well as how much transaction fees they're charging you!
  • The same goes for new cryptocurrencies or altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) - think carefully twice before signing up at any random exchange site to purchase coins because not all of them may require you to pass certain thresholds before depositing or withdrawing funds.

Protocol of Bitcoin

“I describe Bitcoin as a digital version of gold, eGold.”   - Arif Naseem

Bitcoin was designed to operate without any outside influence. The Bitcoin supply is halved when a set number of coins are mined leaving them inaccessible, which makes it harder for the currency to be manipulated by traditional sellers. This also means that over time, as more Bitcoin is mined, the difficulty level will increase making it increasingly harder and slower to mine more.

  • Although this ensures that no one single entity can control the entire network, merchants may find they have a hard time maintaining their profits if they rely solely upon fiat transactions.
  • Additionally, the transaction fees will increase accordingly due to an ever-increasing rate of transactions being processed on the blockchain platform.
  • The blockchain is a very structured and meticulous system, hence its primary developer’s initiative to ensure it could run on its own without his own involvement. 
  • The halving event was a crucial yet planned step in the development of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as it signified where they were going and also how things were going to play out in the future.
  • That being said, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the code for halving which triggered a 50% reduction in mining rewards after every 210,000 blocks if you guessed correctly at the start of this passage. In other words, a halving influences the amount of BTC released into circulation on an annual basis meaning less will be mined each year until no more are mined ever!

How Does the Blockchain Support Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is meant as an independent decentralized digital currency. It worked secretly with the help of Blockchain which helps to maintain secure transactions from all over the world with peer-to-peer bitcoin networks without the interference of third parties. All these processes called Blockchain worked as a distributed ledger. To know why Blockchain is supporting Bitcoin, Let open up to the topic:-

Bitcoin is one of the most trending cryptocurrencies that is still leading high with short diving shorts, which is not at all bothered by the sight loss. It is surprising to know that It is not possible for Bitcoin to work alone and be an apple of everyone’s eyes. What would be the reason that investors have a deep trust in Bitcoin? To explore this quarry, let's dive deep into this topic to know more about the support that blockchain gives to Bitcoin.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain’s most well-known use is that it is widely associated with the digital currency, or the money you find online. You probably have heard of Bitcoin which happens to be one of these digital currencies, in fact, it's still one of the most famous ones and a widely used type of cryptocurrency. What you might not know is that blockchain can be used outside of this digital currency exchange sphere, as it can act as a public ledger too! 

“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error”.   - Tyler Winklevoss

Great Relation of Blockchain with Bitcoin

It is a great pair that works great together. Because according to the blockchains nature, the process of transaction is quite easy and secure.

Some companies have highly advanced factories and they can amass large amounts of metal ingots to create a few products. Products like weapons. With these metal ingots, they are capable of producing swords, shields, helmets, and so on. The only problem is that this is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Instead, the newest innovation in smelting is the ability to reuse metal from previous products (after all it's still pretty darn strong). It doesn't work for everything but hey... saving some time and money is never a bad thing!

Security of Bitcoin by Blockchain

In the very beginning, with the start of blockchain, it is an essential part of safe transactions. 

New kinds of cryptocurrencies that are based on blockchain technology are one of the latest trends in the business world. 

The actual definition of a cryptocurrency is an electronic unit that is created in the form of a small exchange.

These currencies are designed in such a way that they cannot be manipulated by any bank or centralized authority and can easily be used for fast and secure payment methods on the internet.

All these digital currencies use complex mathematical algorithms to regulate the generation of currency units and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently without relying on banks or governments. Just like paper money, these virtual coins can also be used to purchase items or services online, with some restrictions.

When all the Bitcoins are confirmed by all the neworks that later updated on the other networks and shifted into blocks, which is later called Blockchain.

Unlike physical money though, there is no hard copy of each individual cryptocurrency available today which makes these coins extremely vulnerable!

Blockchain technology is a powerful new approach to data sharing. It's very secure, safe, and efficient. Each block produced in the blockchain contains an encrypted transaction or bundle of transactions.

The work pattern of Blockchain is monitored through a digital ledger that is totally independent.

Computers use it to interact with each other as they complete transactions, and new records are added to the end of the file. This provides a growing list of records that can be used by anyone.

Purpose of Public and Private Blockchains

The purpose of Private & Public Blockchain is to identify the networks to work securely ahead. Let's elaborate on this topic:- 

  • Public Blockchain (Key)

Public Key Cryptography or asymmetric cryptography is the most common type of cryptography that uses two pairs of keys, namely public and private. In this section, it is stated that this key has a great value in blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

The public key is distributed worldwide and available to anyone because its name suggests. The private key is meant to be strictly held on to as it's associated with a user (typically the owner or creator) and one mustn't ever lose it!

A public blockchain uses a commitment scheme (such as proof-of-work or consensus) to achieve distributed consensus of transaction validity according to rules agreed upon by most participants of the blockchain network.

  • Private Blockchain (Key) 

Private blockchains typically require an added layer of verification to join and access privileges for members. In contrast, public blockchains permit a larger number of participants to join without requiring additional verification mechanisms.

These private keys have authority that let the users keep their personal information private. 

Your crypto can be seen anywhere because it's open source so everyone who uses cryptocurrencies can see where all of the key and transaction information is at all times - this is essential to ensure that everything is safe and there aren’t any offline threats to worry about.

Hence, the future of Bitcoin is quite bright and investors have been connected for years. The hike bitcoin has done is tremendous which almost reaches its top result.


It is estimated that in cryptocurrency Blockchain and Bitcoin have a core relation as they both worked for the very first time. As blockchain has been introduced to the world right after the creation of Bitcoin. The internal criteria of Bitcoin have a great depth which should be followed by the strict and protected rules.