Have you ever written a blog? If you have, you will know that starting from writing a blog to getting it published, is a very tough and time-consuming process. And after putting so much time and effort into a blog, you will end up getting really sad if that particular post does not attract a lot of traffic. So, how do you make sure that the blog that you have written does not go unrecognized? 

That is exactly why SEO (search engine optimization)  plays an important role in driving traffic to your blog or article. When you use SEO in your blogs, you will see your content rank on top of the result page of Google or various other search engines.

And how can you make sure that your content has been properly optimized? Well, the process of SEO involves using proper keywords , along with writing quality content . These keywords must be relevant to your blog so that every time a user wants to know about something similar to your blog, they will always find your blog on their search page. Along with the title, and keywords, even proper use of SEO in the header of your blog can help push your blog up. 

So, if you are interested in knowing how you can incorporate SEO in your blogs and drive a huge amount of traffic to your website, this article is for you. Here I will be discussing everything that you need to know about SEO - the basics, importance, and even the tips and tricks.

What is the Meaning of SEO Optimized Content?

Before understanding how you can make your blog posts SEO-optimized , you must know about the basics of SEO. As mentioned earlier, the proper use of SEO in your articles can help you make your content relevant and pull a good amount of traffic to your website. The keywords play a huge role in making your blogs SEO-optimized. 

And why are the keywords so important? It is the specific relevant keywords that the users are searching on Google or other such search engines to find similar content. Let us now discuss some of the fundamental features of SEO-optimized content - 

  • First, the keywords you used in the blogs always help the audience to find your post on the result page. These keywords help the search engines  like google to understand the link between what the users want and what you are providing them with. 
  • Second, SEO-optimized content always successfully answers the target audience's doubts and questions in a comprehensive way. That is what makes such blogs stand out in the sea of ​​similar content.
  • Third, such blogs are framed or designed in a way that always holds the attention of the readers. These blogs are very engaging as well. 
  • Fourth, such blogs will always align with the needs of the users.  

These are the four main features that your blog must contain if you want it to stand out and drive almost all the traffic to your website. For example, if you use the keyword “pizza recipe” on Google, what results will you find? You will obviously end up seeing a lot of pizza recipes on your search page. 

That is exactly what you will have to do. Use the most common and basic keywords . Do your research accordingly and find out what is the most commonly used keyword for content similar to yours. 

Why is SEO Optimization Important?

Google search has become very smart in these years. It can easily analyze the contents and judge its quality through various factors. Google uses almost 200 factors to decide the rank of each post being uploaded .

That is exactly why it becomes very important for you to create content that not only answers all the questions of the audience but also, is perfectly SEO-optimized. 

If your blog is giving the audience what they want, if a lot of users click on your blog's link, google will automatically elevate the ranking of your blog on the search page. 

So, now that you know SEO-optimized blogs are the key to driving traffic to your blogs, how will you do it? Here are 10 tips that will help you understand how to make your Blogs stand out:

Tip 1: Titles and Headings in your Blogs Must Contain relevant Keywords

Along with the main title of your blog, even the headers play a great role in ranking your blog. Every heading or section that you make helps your page to crawl up in the user's search page. 

While writing a blog, make sure you have H1, H2s, H3s, and also H4s , so that the reader has an idea of ​​what your blog will provide them with. And thus, these subheads that reflect the content of your article must have the right keywords. 

Tip 2: Remember, your Blogs are for humans and not robots!  

An SEO-optimized blog is a key to getting ranked at the top of the result page on Google, but do you really think that your blog will drive a huge audience if it has no quality? The blogs that you are writing are for human beings and thus, until and unless you provide them with the answers, your blogs won't get popular. 

While writing your blog, keep in mind the interests, challenges, and motivations of your customers . You must also be very careful with the topics that you choose. Your blog must be able to bring out the points that will help your consumers connect with you on a personal level. 

Tip 3: Keywords in the Meta description are also important 

Uploading your posts without writing a meta description is not the right approach. To make sure that your blog gets a good amount of traffic, writing a meta description about your blog is a must. 

You must know that google focuses on the titles, subheads, and keywords to rank your blogs, but meta description is also an important factor for Google to determine what rank your blog will be in. meta descriptions are not that difficult, you will just have to write the whole description of your blog in two or three sentences. So make sure it is compelling and also includes some keywords. 

Tip 4: Images in your Blog posts must have alt text 

Another way to make sure that Google pushes your blog up on the result page of the users, make sure your add alt text to the images on your post. This particular feature helps the readers understand why the photo or image is on your post. 

Let's say you are writing a blog about the best places to visit in New York City, then you must add images of the places you are going to talk about. Once you upload the images, make sure the alt text reads something like "Best Place in NYC # 1 Times Square". Make sure your text contains keywords like "best places" or "New York City".

Tip 5: Keyword research is a must for all your Blog posts

As I have already mentioned earlier, your blog must contain keywords in good numbers . But how are you going to understand which keyword suits your blog the best? How will you identify the most relevant keyword for your blog so that it gets ranked up on the Google result page?

That is exactly why doing research about keywords before adding them is very important. To make your blog stand out in the sea of ​​similar blogs, you will have to mention some specific keywords or phrases that users all across the world are using to find similar content . You can also check your competitor's blog and see what keywords they are using. 

Tip 6: Do not stuff your blog with unnecessary keywords

Of course, you should make sure that your blog has keywords. The proper use of keywords is an important factor in determining what the rank of your blog will be. But does that mean you will stuff your blog with unnecessary keywords?

Keywords that you use must fit your content. Remember, your blog should be optimized but not stuffed with absolutely meaningless keywords. Do not overuse the keywords or oversaturate your post with them. You must aim at providing solutions to your audience and that will not be fulfilled if you keep focusing on stuffing keywords into your blog only. 

Tip 7: Use External links to enhance SEO writing

Not just the proper use of keywords, but using external links in your blogs is also very important. And why is it so important to link your write-ups? Why do you need to provide external links? Well, when you link your blog to other external links, it gives your audience a chance to read more about a similar topic. 

It also helps the search engines understand that you have done proper research before writing the article. Remember, when you include statistical data on your blog from popular websites, that helps in strengthening your blog. This also helps you gain the trust and credibility of your audience. This step is a must while writing a blog as it increases the trust of your readers.  

Tip 8: Longer blog posts attract more audience

Do you think that in this fast-paced world people do not have a lot of time to read long blogs? Do you prefer writing smaller blogs? If you think that smaller blogs can help in retaining the interests of your audience for a long time, then you are wrong. Statistical data shows that the Google algorithm prefers blogs that are a bit longer, something between 2000 to 2500. 

And why is it so? Well, the more content you provide on your blog the more keywords you will be using , and consequently, Google will show your blog on the result page. It is true that very long posts might not be able to retain the interest of your readers, and in that case, you can break down your blog into various parts and topics. 

Tip 9: Provide links to your other blogs on your site 

As I have mentioned earlier, using links on your blog can help the search engine push your blog to the top of the result page. And in that case, you can link the other blogs that you have written to your present blog. That is undoubtedly a great way to let your audience know about the series of work that you have done in the past. 

By linking your blogs with internal links, you make sure that your readers stay on your site for a long period of time.

By doing this, you will be making use of your own blog to make your other blogs visible. Other than that, make sure you are not force-feeding the links on your blog, rather, make sure that the links you provide are somewhat similar to the topic you have discussed in your blog. 

Tip 10: Link building strategy also works

Lastly, you must also consider designing a link-building strategy . And what does that really mean? When users search for blogs on google, they find a lot of links to similar topics. And if these links or other websites provide a link to your blog on their blogs for external links, Google will consider your blog as important, popular and credible. That will also push your rank up on the list. 

So, design your blog in a way so that not just the audience, but also other websites find it interesting enough to leave a link to it on their blogs. And to make sure they hyperlink your blog, make sure you are providing valuable assets on your blogs, information that they will not find anywhere else, and also original data. 


You must have always tried to make sure that your blogs are of high quality so that your audiences love them. But, along with it, you must also focus on writing a blog that even Google will love .

Remember, until and unless you consider the factors that google deems as important for ranking your blog, you will not be able to drive a lot of traffic. You might think that SEO optimization is tough, but with the right approach, even your blog will make it to rank # 1 on the result page.