The 6 Best Free Tools For Digital Marketing (Part-2)

Make sure to check each of the tools out because they are worth all the hype that’s been created in the marketing world. But do remember, tools are only a medium to make your life as a digital marketer easy but not a good enough excuse if things sometimes don’t fall in place. Tools can tell you where you are going wrong but won’t possibly give you the solution, as a creative and analytical professional, you need to dig deeper.


We hope you enjoyed the previous version of the same blog where we talked about the best free digital marketing tools to make your life a bliss! If you haven't already checked that blog out, head on to the previous link and you can come back later to read this one out. 

In this blog, we are going to take it a notch higher as promised with a blend of free as well as paid digital marketing tools one should look out for. 

Now if you have already made up your mind to not spend a single penny on any digital marketing tools that are paid no matter how good they are, hear us out okay? All of the paid tools we are about to mention come with a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 30 days trial period! 

After using the tools on a trial basis, if you feel they are worth spending bucks for, go ahead and invest in those! However, if not, you will still get the opportunity to use the best digital marketing tools that some of the prominent companies use daily for streamlining their digital operations. So either way, it's going to be a win-win situation! 

But having said that, we do not want to leave you hanging in case you do not wish to pay the subscription whatsoever. And so, we will also discuss the best alternatives of the tools that you can find online for free! 

Now that you have got the gist, let’s get straight into exploring the remaining tools. 

1. Hemingway

Are you a copywriter or a content writer who fleshes out words a day in and out? Well, then you must resonate with the idea of how the readability of your content is the prime factor in keeping your reader's attention intact. The simpler and the clearer the language you use, the better it gets for you as well as the reader. All the copywriters and content writers who curate social media ad copies, marketing campaigns, or even blogs use this tool to edit their writing. 

And to make your writing error-free, more punchy, and straightforward, the Hemingway site is one of the most popular sites in the writer's world. It gets the job done beautifully to make your writing more polished, refined, and simple to read and understand. 

This tool’s algorithm is inspired by the way Ernest Hemingway- an American short story writer who was also awarded a Nobel Prize for literature used the techniques in his writings. He believed in the simplicity of conveying the story and nothing more. Go ahead and give a shot at this great digital marketing tool to ace your writing skills and be more relatable to the people around you. 

Key highlights to look out for:-

> Spelling, grammar, and syntax checks

> Sections of writing that can be polished and refined 

> Different colour codes to highlight different concerns on your text

> Makes your text read less clunky and more to the point

2. Hootsuite

An all-in-one social media management tool to make your scheduling utterly chaos-free. Unlike other platforms, Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Mailchimp, Evernote, Tumblr, and even Pinterest all in one station. You save time by not having to run behind the gazillion scheduling tools to check if you have posted on one channel you always miss! 

Even though some of the platforms have their own scheduling platforms, in the end, it all becomes messy. But with Hootsuite, everything is placed on a common destination and is within your reach. 

Hootsuite is an impactful digital marketing tool that big as well as small companies use to give each social media platform equal attention. 

It also shows you a quick "at a glance view" of how your posts are performing throughout the channels without you having to log in to the social media handles individually over and over again.

Key highlights to look out for:-

> It is a paid tool that comes with a one-month free trial for you to use

> You can choose more than one account to manage in case you are responsible to look after several channels for multiple companies. 

> In-built collaboration features to keep all your marketing experts looped in

> Easy view of the analytics, engagements as well as response to your social media activities

> An inclusive dashboard to view every social media movement 

> Exclusive social media reports based on your progress curated by Hootsuite

Free alternatives of Hootsuite are as follows:-

> Creator Studio - Facebook and Instagram

> Buffer 

> ViralPrep

3. Buzzsumo

If you are on a hunt for a tool that generates and helps you with what content ideas to cover next or what are your competitors creating content about, Buzzsumo is the tool for you. 

This gives you precise insights on what content on your competitor's websites are attracting the maximum traction so that you can start creating content on similar lines. 

It's a great tool for doing in-depth content analysis that can show you a direction and help tap into the minds of your potential customers. 

Key highlights to look out for:-

> Helps you overcome and beat the creator's block when you get all drained as to what to post on your social media accounts next. 

> Saves you a lot of time when you are short on when it comes to brainstorming new content ideas 

> Helps you create high quality and valuable content that resonates with your target audience

> You can also evaluate your previously published content and see how it’s been doing across multiple social platforms 

> Limited free option time-frame available for you to get your hands on this amazing digital marketing tool

Free alternatives of Buzzsumo are as follows:-

> Feedly

> Google Trends


4. Keywords Everywhere

Any SEO specialists out here? Well, if yes! Here’s the most promising tool for SEO professionals whose major work responsibility is to find the right set of keywords for various content generated. 

It’s a free tool that you can integrate with your chrome or firefox extension and start using it right away. It lays out an extensive list of keywords ranging from short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords as well as medium tail keywords to use in any of your blog posts or website content for that matter. 

So next time you do any organic search on Google, keywords everywhere will give you a detailed list for every search that you do unless you turn off the integration and only switch it on when necessary. 

Key highlights to look out for:-

> Easy to find quality keywords with accurate data like Cost per click (CPC), competition of the particular keyword or keyword phrase, and even the search volume. 

> It also reflects the search volume of the query that you type on Google to determine what’s the most popular headline you want to use for your content.

> You can also simply download the pdf and CSV reports to refer to in the future without having to keep track of the keywords manually.

5. Yoast SEO

You can be a personal blogger or managing a website for any of your digital marketing sites, Yoast is the best plugin that you can use to write killer meta descriptions, impactful headlines, and a brilliant piece of content. Not only this but you also get a free report on the reliability of your content, SEO score, headline score as well as meta description score which are all that you need to make your content rank on the first pages of Google. 

This is a tool offered by WordPress and it's absolutely free to use. As most of the companies these days use WordPress as their Content Management System, it makes sense to learn and equip a bit about the ins and outs as a digital marketer. 

Key highlights to look out for:-

> Best suited for content writers, content creators, and SEO professionals to never lose sight of how optimized and SEO friendly your website and overall content are. 

> Relevant feedback on your content that talks about sentence structure, keywords, internal and external links, alt tags in the images to use, etc. 

> Flexibility to review how your content would look on Google once it goes live- a preview option to reiterate the content. 

> Life-long free version available with limited features and premium version if you want to go ahead invest in your SEO game.

6. Google My Business (GMB)

Google my Business is an uplifting platform for every small to massive business owner who wants to list their physical locations on Google to induce more engagements, footfalls, inquiries, or make people land on their websites. 

For businesses to reap the benefits of GMB, first you need to make sure you log in on its official site and set your profile up with every important detail Google asks you to fill in. This can be setting up your company profile, location, ways to reach your business via the Google maps option, and so on. 

Once your profile is up to date, people can easily find you if they are related to the services or products that you have to offer. It's an instant way of customers connecting with you without the involvement of any in-person communication. 

Key highlights to look out for:-

> It's credible and highly draws the attention of your potential customers if your profile is optimized well.

> Any viewer who stumbles upon your GMB profile can easily view the services you offer, reviews, and the kind of postings you do on the platform. 

> You get a high chance of showing in anybody’s search results if they are searching your business locally. This enhances the local SEO attribute for your business. 

> Instant call-to-actions that lead to conversions for your business.

Wrapping It Up

There you go, you have all the top digital marketing tools that every expert digital marketing specialist uses almost every day. Make sure to check each of the tools out because they are worth all the hype that’s been created in the marketing world. 

But do remember, tools are only a medium to make your life as a digital marketer easy but not a good enough excuse if things sometimes don’t fall in place. Tools can tell you where you are going wrong but won’t possibly give you the solution, as a creative and analytical professional, you need to dig deeper. 

On that note, have fun experimenting!