5 tricks for smartphone-proof online advertising

Online advertising for mobile devices is the best form of selling in these days. Have you ever wondered why? Find out what it is, how it works, why is it important, how to do it and all the tricks.


Among the many methods to sell, we note how advertising online from mobile devices is one of the best. The smartphone is a tool used in everyday life, and we can call it our best technological friend.

Mobile advertising today is becoming very important and 87% of users now shop online with a smartphone. This is why it becomes important to know how to advertise online for smartphones. 

What is advertising online? 

Advertising online is a form of sale purely designed for online purposes. Unlike advertising offline it is measurable, it costs much less and it reaches a wide and specific audience. Advertising is the art of persuading through a communicative message.

Specifically, however, advertising online has the same and identical principle but is placed online on any digital device and channel.

The most important are those on social media, content marketing, e-mail marketing, SEM, advertising displays, banners and Google ads videos.

How advertising works for mobile? 

The functions of advertising online for mobile depend on the goals and different stages. In case the goal is design an advertisement multiplatform, therefore, for computers and smartphones, we will proceed one way. 

In this case you will have to create a mobile-only campaign. An advantage to realize it separately since it is possible to reach specific conversions only and exclusively from smartphones.

Examples are downloads in an application, listening to a podcast or in reference to a local advertisement online. After understanding all this, the operation is simple. Including the objectives, the best channels and ad formats will be studied.

Therefore, the function depends on the goal you want to achieve. With advertising online for mobile you will find the perfect customer in the right place and at the right time.

How important is advertising online for smartphones?  

Have you ever thought about how we use smartphones every day? Compared to advertising offline such as flyers, posters and advertisements in newspapers, advertisement online, such as banners, link building and sponsored content, reach more people and anywhere in the world.

It should be noted that it does not take place at specific times but at any time the target is connected. Then, it allows you to select specific customers, in the right place at the right time. 

Find out how to advertise smartphone-proof: criteria, formats and objectives

The criterion for advertising online for mobile tackles several important things. The first is the mode, then there are the channels, the formats follow, then the data, the objectives and the challenges of the market. By calculating these factors as fundamental, principles will be applied to develop the strategy. 

Advertising formats for phone and tablet, for any channel, are:

  • Display (Banner and Rich Media)
  • Video (In stream and out stream)
  • By keyword
  • By affiliation

The objectives are common and thanks to them advertising campaigns for smartphone devices can be measured. They refer to kpi related to branding and those related to performance. Google reports that most of the traffic it detects comes from users connected from a mobile device. 

These people search on the search engine but not only. In fact, online advertising campaigns for smartphones have the objective of generating calls, downloads, website visits and much more. Finding new customers wherever they are is the potential of such tools.

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5 tricks for mobile-proof advertising

1. Without a website optimized for smartphones, advertising doesn't work: create a performing and responsive blog or website for mobile devices. 

2. Better ads only for smartphones excluding the desktop side: in most cases it is great to differentiate formats for computer devices to get more results. You can do this by choosing between different types of campaigns, whatever platform you are using to do it.

3. Setting a target for smartphones is more relevant: make sure the advertisement it arrives directly where it needs to go and reaches people who use smartphone devices.

4. Set an increase in the offer for mobile devices to achieve optimal results: the best way to have more possibility to appear ahead of the competition.

5. Take advantage of the moments that matter: after any advertisement smartphone-proof online, you can learn how to increase its performance. The resources provided help optimize advertising; by goal.