Amazon Business is currently available in 9 countries: United States (where the official launch took place in 2015), Canada, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and India.

Wherever this platform has been opened, has found great success, offering new purchasing solutions to all registered companies and their employees.

You can create a company account in two ways: either by opening a new user from scratch, or by modifying an already existing profile.

If you intend to join Amazon Business, I remind you that registration is completely free and can be done regardless of the type or size of your organization.

Once inside the Amazon Business community, you can take advantage of several benefits, including the creation of a multi-user account, discounts only for companies, simplified electronic invoicing and much more. 

What we want to talk about in this article, however, has nothing to do with the benefits of Amazon Business. 

Today we are here to understand how to optimize a business account in the best possible way.

This objective has a double value: both to make the most of all the services offered by the platform and enjoy an excellent experience with Amazon, and to appear more convincing in the eyes of customers.

In the world of online commerce, aesthetics are very important, indeed, perhaps the first forethought to take care of!

This is because, when we interface ourselves with an online store, the initial visual impact is the only thing that matters and is essential that it is positive. Otherwise we cannot hope to sell any product.

So let's see what steps to take to bring your Business account to its full potential!

Configure notifications to stay up to date

When we download any application to our phone or tablet, the very first thing that is asked of us is if we want to activate notifications.

Amazon Business also offers this possibility. 

Many people tend to ignore this step, but they get it wrong! To always be up to date on what's happening on our profile is very important, especially because we speak of a commercial activity.

Enabling notifications on Amazon Business allows us to receive automated text messages related to account security, any problems with orders and purchases, customer service responses and more.

How to set up notifications on Amazon Business? 

To activate the automated messaging system, 6 simple steps are sufficient:

1. Log into your Amazon Business account

2. Move the cursor over the company name at the top on the right and click My Account

3. Scroll down the page until you reach the section Explore other services and click on the button E-mail alerts, messages, advertisements and cookies

4. Select the category Communication preferences

5. Check all the notification fields we are interested in receiving, for example SMS, e-mail, post, etc

6. Don't forget to press Save once you have selected your preferences

From this moment the platform will memorize as set up and will constantly update us using the chosen method. 

If you haven't registered a phone number yet, you can always do so by clicking on the My Account button. 

Manage your business account better by expanding access

As we have said, one of the advantages offered by Amazon Business is the possibility to create a multi-user account that more people can share.

On the other hand, we are still talking about a company and it is normal that the organization does not fall on a single individual but on several figures.

Extending your Business account therefore allows a better division of tasks and above all of orders placed on behalf of the company, just like in a real company team.

How to add people to a Business account? Let's find out in these steps:

1. Log into your Amazon Business account

2. Move the cursor over the company name at the top on the right and, under the category Manage your business account click on the button Members

3. At this point three boxes will appear on the screen: people, invitations and groups. Here we need to go to the section People and click on the Manage button

4. Now you can see the list of people who already have access to the account and at the top right will appear the button to click: Add people

5. Enter the email of the person you want to add and his role within the account

And there you have it! The system will send automatically the invitation to participate in the email entered, which, once accepted, will give permission for the new member to access the account. 

Now that you know how to expand your Business account, let us give you some tips so you don't go wrong!

First of all, remember to always use corporate and non-personal email addresses when registering members and most importantly, make sure that they are not already in use for other Amazon Business accounts.

Why is this important? 

The use of company data (telephone numbers, e-mails, etc ...) ensures that the company's order history remains well separated from that of individual orders. In this way, the business of the company will be isolated.

Let's see now some rules imposed by Amazon regarding the expansion of the account:

  • An e-mail address can be associated with only one corporate account at a time
  • Administrators can add up to 1,000 people to an account
  • Administrators can remove people from the account or change their role

How to make secure orders thanks to the validation

Now let's see one of the more useful and functional ways to optimize your Business account and make the most of it. 

As we have seen, a Business account can be managed by more users at the same time. As a result, corporate purchases can be made by many people.

So Amazon has come up with a fantastic solution, solving the problem and speeding up the process. 

The platform offers an automated order validation service through the insertion of purchase policies, which guarantee supervision and control of all business expenses.

Simply put, Amazon gives the possibility to administrators to create custom validation policies for each applicant.

How to create automatic validation policies? Here are the steps to take:

1. Log into your Amazon Business account

2. Move the cursor over the company name at the top on the right and, under the category Manage your business account, click on the button Purchase Policy

3. At this point you can choose between seller policies, order policies or product policies

4. Once you have chosen the category you can choose the type of policy to activate, for example spending limits, preferences on brands, limits on certain product categories, etc (note: the policy can also be activated only for some groups of people)

5. Later in Validation process there will come requirements to enter the names and email addresses of approvers. You can enter up to 10 users 

6. Once everything is done, click on Save policy 

Manage payment methods for shopping

The last tip we give you today to optimize your Amazon Business account is to register your preferred payment methods and all data for electronic invoicing. 

Amazon Business offers 3 alternative payment methods:

  • Deferred payment on invoice: this type allows customers to purchase items on credit
  • Direct debit: can be used with both individual and shared settings

Amazon allows us to register the chosen method at any time, moreover, specifying which users or groups can use it for purchases. 

But how? Let's see below the steps to manage the payment methods:

1. Log into your Amazon Business account

2. Move the cursor over the company name at the top on the right and, under the category Manage your business account, click on the button Billing and shipping

3. In the section Payment methods click on the Manage button

4. Click Add payment method 

5. Enter the required data according to the chosen method

6. Click on Add & save the changes 

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