The history of marketing saw extraordinary ideas and campaigns. Many of them worked excellently. They created a long-lasting impact on the customers. An effect so significant that it's still on everyone's knowledge even after years.

For a start, let us walk through the idea of ​​digital marketing. What does it mean? And its significance on global business. We know marketing is a deep and holistic concept. And digital marketing is a vital component.

The idea of ​​digital marketing took off after the advent of technology. Earlier, traditional methods were the only framework of marketing as a subject. They included print advertisements, post mails, and billboards. That was pretty much marketing back then. Today, digital marketing is the heart of marketing.

Digital marketing is a concept that uses electronic devices for functioning. Marketing specialists operate on phones, tabs, computers, audio devices.

Digital marketing engulfs the virtues of technology. It is based on the use of the internet and telecommunications. It reaches out to target consumers using every known platform.

It is more than just something that a customer sees. Digital marketing does everything. From tracking what a customer is looking for to presenting products to them. Everything is an inherent element of digital marketing.

Let us understand more about a marketing campaign.

What Are Digital Marketing Campaigns?

A digital marketing campaign is a defined structure for a specific task. There are many aspects to a marketing campaign. The technical element revolves around the WH questions that curate a campaign.

This task is executed in consideration of the question of Why? Why is a brand initiating a campaign? The answer to this question is usually the brand's mission.

Marketing campaigns can be run for various reasons. Some reasons can be brand awareness, product launch, positioning, re-branding, market test, feedback, etc.

The next question is What? What is the campaign? The answer to this question holds the entire content. It contains the whole design of the campaign. The looks and feel of the campaign. And the most important is the message.

What is the brand trying to say? How will it say it? What will be the brand's tone? How does it want the customer to perceive and receive it? All these questions define and produce the final campaign.


The next part is the question of Where? There are several mediums to run a digital marketing campaign. With robust modules of technology, the options are immense.

However, the medium of the campaign also needs to be defined. It highly depends on the target audience of the brand.

A famous quote goes, "Why haven't you ever seen a Lamborghini commercial before? Because the people who can afford them aren't sitting around watching TV."

The quote above is a classic example of a brand being specific about going with or discarding a particular medium.

Digital marketing offers routes in and out of the internet. Offline mediums include SMS, television, print, radio, outdoor ads, etc. The internet is a goldmine for communication. The reason is simple. Everyone is on the internet. Social media, website ads, pop-ups, banners, and email are some of the internet routes.

Another significant aspect is the question of When? We all have heard the quote, "Timing is everything." Accurate timing is necessary for digital marketing as well. Depending on the pattern of visitors on the ad destination, the timing is decided.

Social media posts are made accurately based on the same logic. Similarly, marketing on various platforms is timed according to the footfall. An accurate timing will catch the maximum attention.

This video on YouTube explains digital marketing in laymen's terms. It highlights digital marketing with examples backed by academic and proven models. You can go through the video. And if you like the content, please like and share the video and subscribe to the channel for more informative videos like this.

A digital marketing campaign is a home to creativity, apart from the technical aspect. The marketing specialists need to resonate with the audience. Understand what they want and what they may wish in the future.

Emotional and psychological appeals play a significant role in any digital marketing campaign. The connection of these dots produces an outcome. The same result determines the success of a digital marketing campaign.

This entire process takes a humongous amount of effort. Let us understand why it is necessary.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?

There are many reasons to leverage digital marketing. It helps you mold your brand. Additionally, it enables you to mold customer perception towards your brand. Not harnessing digital marketing today is similar to taking a horse cart to a Formula 1 race. You simply can't survive.

Digital marketing places you online. It provides visibility and growth opportunities to your business and opens a global market in front of you. Here, anyone can access information about you from the smallest smartphone device. It offers you numerous platforms to meet your audience.

Digital marketing is more affordable than peer methods. Here you know where you need to put your money. And more importantly, you know where not to place your money. Such insights save massive costs and direct you to more imaginative tactics.

Interaction, feedback, communication are other boons of digital marketing. Communication plays a pivotal role in resonating with your customer. It allows you to fix mistakes. Receive feedback, and understand requirements.

Digital marketing helps to educate your customers. It enhances sales. It provides performance insights. And at the end of the day, it enables you to share your story.

Now marketing needs to work in a systematic framework. This framework is defined as a marketing campaign. It is a tailored pathway to send out a message. The message is eventually anticipated to lead to various targets. These targets are generating revenue, creating a brand image, etc.


Let us walk through some of the best digital marketing campaigns so far.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of All Time: Gillette

Gillette is an American brand with self-care products. It mainly includes safety razors and similar items. The brand is also known for its famous tagline, "The Best a Man Can Get." Gillette is widely recognized for this slogan that lasted from 1989 to 2019.

In 2019, they launched a campaign that stimulated emotions and took on a big buzz. Gillette addressed sensitive issues concerning toxic masculinity and patriarchy in one campaign. Gillette took on this campaign to build and nourish its brand depiction.

A 01:45 mins long video revolved around calling out phrases like "boys will be boys." The sanction of patriarchy has been imposed on society for ages. Gillette explicitly confronts men's toxic behavior and directs it on how men are better than that.

The brand produced a slogan, "We Believe: The Best Men Can Be." This line hints at their 30-year-old slogan. They addressed the fact about a problem that prevailed. And a part of the problem was their slogan, "The Best a Man Can Get." The video earned 36 million views. Also, Twitter witnessed a flood of likes and comments.

The campaign also talks about molding the boys today who will become men tomorrow. The intent was to promote the behavior and morality these young boys could look up to. It was preaching the right way to treat each other and stand up for the right thing.

This was a multichannel campaign. They started a hashtag #TheBestMenCanBe. It provoked conversations on social media about unlearning toxic and inappropriate behavior. A settling impact was created with this campaign. The discussions had a long-lasting effect till months after the release.

The result in the audience was a sense of being heard and understood. These efforts to address social issues and create a sense of integrity helped the brand create an identity and lift its sales.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of All Time: Nike

Nike is a fitness brand easily recognized by a simple swoosh mark. A brand so strong, the roots go way back in time. It was 1998 when Nike came up with their iconic tagline, "Just Do It." They did not anticipate the success of this tagline. It's 23 years later, and the same tagline is still relevant, says Davide Grasso, VP of global brand marketing at Nike.

This campaign created a massive impact on the brand positioning of Nike. A sporty brand was promoting motivation and a spirit to achieve. The message was to outdo yourself and compete with the best.

Nike touched the personal accomplishments of amateurs and encouraged them to level up. The message fascinated the audience, and "Just Do It" has become the Nike anthem. Today, Instagram has approximately 20,624,945 posts on #JustDoIt.

The brand included people from all walks of life in this campaign. They said their products are of great utility for everyone. Not only professional athletes but also ordinary individuals.

Their video shows regular people being inspired to live energetic and live big. As good as the best in the game. Some of the words in the video go like, "If you can run a mile, run a race."

The campaign was so influential that the sales skyrocketed to 2 billion dollars in a decade. Initially, the numbers were 800 million dollars in 1988.

Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of All Time: Cadbury Dairy Milk

Dairy milk is one of the most prominent FMCG leaders in the United Kingdom. The product is milk chocolate, leading the market for decades. The brand launched an alien-featured video campaign in October 2016.

The idea behind the campaign was to promote that the Cadbury Dairy Milk products are loved by everyone, even the aliens. The brand was looking to promote the unique taste of its chocolate products, and it was able to do so effectively.

The ad featured many aliens enjoying Cadbury Dairy Milk and dancing because of the pure pleasure of taste and sweetness the chocolates provide.

The 40 seconds long ad was able to garner over 116 million views on YouTube. The ad was also linked with the movie Interstellar.

The campaign was successful because it stimulated a sense of fun and joy across generations. The result of the campaign was outstanding. The brand was successfully able to promote its back then slogan "tastes more chocolaty."


These campaigns are the few that will never leave our minds. They are not only great strategies but also empowering. Social concerns are one of the most aspiring aspects of marketing. When a business balances capitalism with social responsibility, it motivates empathy. A vehicle to empower and unite society as one while simultaneously generating business prosperity is the best example of a win-win situation.