To date, developing your business in Amazon is not such a complicated process. This, because of the lots of information on the subject

Whether it's "educated" users or novice users, it doesn't matter. Both types of targets will equally receive the same amount of information. A similar topic, which has recently become popular, needs a few technicalities and many practical examples to be treated in the best possible way.

This does not appear to be properly understood. Therefore, it is good to measure it in the best possible way. 

Below, for this very reason, will come the reported definition of business in Amazon, provided by the website of the same company. Quoting the following:

If you're wondering what it is Amazon Business, it is the Amazon service for companies and professionals that allows you to access a catalog of thousands of products, simplify the billing of your purchases and take advantage of functionalities exclusively suited to your needs.

Business in Amazon for companies: what is it?

Amazon Business, as mentioned in the first introductory paragraph, is a service specially conceived for companies and freelancers. Basically, it is a series of concessions used for those who are in possession of any activity.

Within this marketplace there are indeed very specific products. Some sites, according to figures proven in a safe and verifiable manner, estimate that the products available correspond to a number of about 25 million units. Many of these, are specific and useful for certain purposes.

Anyone who is an entrepreneur, therefore, can take great advantage from subscribing to this service. It obviously has a cost, at the subscription level, but the relative advantages make that the amount spent is more an investment than a real "purchase".

A clear example of a specific benefit for companies is simplified invoice management. In fact, bureaucratic practices can be very insidious. Therefore, an adequate simplification can solve numerous headaches independently.

Headaches that, on the side of the entrepreneur involved, can be particularly annoying to manage. Especially if we consider that in these areas, the most important resource precious available to man is often lacking: time.

How does it work?

Amazon Business, designed for companies and professionals, works in a similar way to the standard version of Amazon. Of course, the first step you will need is accomplish will be to create a corporate account. Or, as an alternative action, you can easily convert your standard account into a "Business".

This will be in fact an essential step if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of using this service. Considering that you are registering on behalf of your company, you must also provide your tax information, including VAT number and relative address of the company.

From a commercial point of view, the main advantages at a general level are certainly much more specific. Considering that a user with ordinary ambitions has some needs, compared to an entrepreneur, it is clear that the interface will be adapted accordingly .

Within Amazon Business, you can therefore find products ordered according to specific parameters. For example, VAT and the related catalog of items ordered according to the data they present. Furthermore, in case of hypothetical company with more shareholders at its top, it can add more users to the same account.

And what's even more sensational, is that the advantages described are only some of the numerous points in favor that derive from subscribing to this service. Another thing that many users are not aware of, is that the service in question can also be an excellent source of income.

Business in Amazon, earn thanks to affiliations!

Numerous business models, offer their users an affiliate program. Of course, requirements usually know to be very specific. But in principle, you can say how in this case too the advantages are numerous. And consequently, very difficult to overshadow.

Through the official site of Amazon, you learn how it is actually possible to subscribe to an affiliate program with particularly advantageous implications. The specific page clearly and immediately specifies the exact method with which to proceed.

In addition to explicitly emphasizing the definition of Amazon Business, substantially the activity of promotion of the service consists of the following modus operandi. In fact, the interested user, as a company, will have to add one of the Amazon banners on your website.

You can choose from the vast options made available to users in the appropriate catalog, which is released by the company you are talking about. The next step, will be writing a first-hand article on a topic that is obviously relevant to the selected product.

Then, you need to precisely include a link to Amazon Business. Of course, you will have to also subscribe to an affiliate list. This, so that Amazon can charge the commissions deriving from the affiliate program to which you are subscriber directly in the account created. How you can see, the process described turns out to be extremely easy and intuitive.

Of course, this is verifiable on a theoretical level. Practically, it can depend on numerous factors. Overall the method of earning from affiliations, is a great way to round up your income balance. But obviously, to make it sustainable over time, you need to have a structure that works and obviously a certain following.

Do you need a VAT number?

One question that everyone asks is whether or not to have a VAT number. 

Obviously, if you consider the fact that the service in question is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers of any kind, it is assumed that they have a VAT number. Otherwise, the entrepreneurial activity mentioned could not be carried out at all, for legal and especially fiscal reasons. 

However, this tax requirement is by no means a limit. Indeed, for many reasons it appears to be even more convenient. Furthermore, this requirement is also indispensable for Amazon itself. During the registration, in fact, you will have to submit the company registration certificate.

As expected, the bureaucratic commitment is certainly huge. However, it is also true that for reasons of safety Amazon is entitled to act in this way. 

And these are obviously documents that can also demonstrate many other characteristics typical of any self-respecting company.

Business at Amazon, how is e-invoicing handled?

Another of the many benefits of joining business at Amazon, is to receive simplifications as regards the management of electronic invoicing. So it is like any other invoice, of course. 

Orders placed through the aforementioned service issue to the entrepreneur in question the electronic invoice, whose format is obviously verified by the specific control carried out by the Revenue Agency. In order to download the invoices relating to your orders, you must go to the appropriate section of the site and act accordingly.

However, it is good to keep in mind that some orders do not necessarily require electronic invoicing, therefore in these cases it will take over the ordinary invoice, which will be issued through a specific document.

Overall, you can therefore say how this service represents a real godsend, for those who have a business. The fact that such a catalog is available vast of products of any kind, just one of the many points that argue in favor of Amazon.

The well-known proprietary giant by Jeff Bezos, also in this case demonstrates how the user is always at the center of every initiative. Whether it is an ordinary user or an entrepreneur in possession of assets, you can always sleep relatively peaceful dreams.

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