What do you do the moment you do not know the answer to something like, how to change your car’s tire? Or, what skincare is best for you? You simply Google it and what decides which result will appear first on your screen? Well, it is through SEO

82% of the B2B buyers also believe that content is undoubtedly very important to achieve success in this field. But along with it, a complete knowledge about SEO and how it works is also very important. Whenever people face any kind of challenge, they try to find the answers on google, and that is exactly what you will have to make use of. 

The fact is, no matter how great your brand is, without a significant presence on Google, you will never be able to grow your brand and your brand will be far behind in the digital race. Did that scare you? Do not worry, in this article, I will be discussing everything that you need to know about SEO and how you can build your brand’s online presence. 

You might think that the topic of SEO is very complex. You might feel that it includes a lot of technical elements that you might not understand. Well, a lot of websites have explained SEO in a very complex manner. But in this guide, I will be discussing the most basic things about SEO and SEO strategies so that you can understand everything with no difficulty. 

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Before understanding how you can use SEO strategy to develop your brand marketing, you must have a clear idea about SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO helps in expanding your brand’s visibility in a very organic way. It is through SEO strategies that brands get their rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

When you make good use of SEO, whenever people search anything similar to what your brand does or represents on Google, the link to your page will be the first result on their result page. This means a huge number of visitors will be directed to your company’s website. This will promote better chances of conversations with potential customers and help your brand gain better visibility. 

So, SEO simply means the strategy that brands use to make sure that whenever anybody searches for anything similar to your products or services on Google, they automatically find your website on their result page. So, is that all SEO does? Is it only responsible for bringing your website to the top of the result pages of various users? 

Why is SEO Important for Your Website?

Saying that SEO only improves your visibility and rankings on search pages would be wrong. These two are the primary work that SEO does, but there's certainly more to it.

You can improve your site by understanding how SEO works. For example, you can use search engine optimization to improve your title tags, internal link structure, image tags, keywords, and backlinks as well. 

The SEO also takes into account other off-site factors such as site design and structure, visitor behavior, etc, to determine what rank your website link will be on the result page. This determines in what rank your website will be in their SERPs. 

The amount of exposure or visibility that your brand gets from SEO strategies is completely organic, free, natural, or editorial search results. The primary aim of SEO is to improve your website’s position on the search page. The bottom line is, the better you work with your SEO, the higher your website will be on the result page, and consequently, the more people will see it. 

How Does SEO Work?

So how does SEO work? Well, as mentioned earlier, SEO helps in optimizing your brand’s website content. When you use the relevant keywords, SEO will help in conducting keyword research and also help in increasing the visibility of your website. 

But something that you must remember is that your SEO strategies might take a few months to bring in positive development to your website.

Once your start strategizing using SEO, you will see your website crawling up on the search result page in SERPs. So, let's discuss both these factors of SEO in detail for your better understanding. 

Rankings – It is through the process of ranking that helps in deciding where a particular website would be in the SERP. Depending on what the user is searching, the websites are ranked from number one to the last position on the search page. 

But remember, your website can be in the top position for one a small amount of time even if you use effective SEO strategies. With every passing day, newer content will be uploaded, changes in algorithm will take place by the search engine itself, and also there might be more competition in the SERP. 

Visibility – This factor determines the visibility of your website. You are not the only one or the only brand that offers a particular good or service. There are other brands and businesses that are doing the same thing. So, in such a situation, how will you make sure that your website appears on the top of the web search results every time people search for it? 

SEO helps in bringing your website to the top of the result page. With high visibility, more customers will be directed towards your brand and thus, will help you gain huge profits. An SEO strategy will help you with getting more traffic and domain authority as well. 

Other than ranking and visibility, SEO also helps in bringing discipline to your brand. With the help of this, you can make sure that your brand is adopting newer marketing strategies to gain potential consumers. With time, the buying techniques of people have also changed, and thus, this would help your brand stay on par with the market.

Customers are now Researching online before making a Purchase

Research conducted in June 2019 showed that people almost 97% of people use google searches to find things: be it goods or services, on the internet. In fact, research also showed that most people like to know about the brand before taking any services from them. 

Even DemadGen’s 2017 B2B Buyer’s Survey showed that almost 67% of B2B buyers always start their buying process with Google search.

Potential customers first search about their problems on Google and try to find out information. Some also try to find out the potential solutions. That is when your brand information comes up on their page if you have strategies SEO properly. 

So, SEO is the only way you have a chance to make your brand visible to the customers and earn profits.  

How Does Google Rank Your Page? 

What is the one and only goal of any search engine? It is to provide the users with the most relevant and useful results. So, when you use these search engines, their primary aim is to provide you with the results, answers, or information that are most relevant and matches your needs best. 

So, each time that you use these search engines, their algorithms choose the links that are most relevant for you and your queries. After this, the search engines also rank the links according to the ones that are most popular and authoritative as well. 

The google search engine uses two factors to make sure that the users are always delivered the right results based on – firstly the relevancy of the website, and secondly, according to the authority as well. If your content is relevant then your website will automatically be ranked at the top of the list. These search engines focus on the keywords and provide the users with the most relevant web pages. 

Other than the keywords, the authority also plays an important role in determining whether your website will be ranked on the top of the search list or will be pushed down. If your webpage is popular on the internet, if a lot of people visit your website then google automatically assumes that your page is popular and pushes its rank up on the webpage. 

Google assumes the more people visit your website, the more valuable content you are providing, and thus, its algorithm is designed in a way that your website gets automatically pushed up. The algorithms are designed in a way that easily analyses these complex equations and ranks your website accordingly. 

Something that you must know is that every search engine keeps its algorithm a secret. But, with time, the SEOs have figured out a few techniques and factors that play a key role in the ranking of a search page. So, your SEO strategy must be shaped in a way so that these ranking factors are taken into account. 

Why SEO is Important for Business? 

Are you still wondering why you really need SEO for your business and why is it so important to grow your brand? Well here are 5 reasons that will help you understand why – 

  • First, this is undoubtedly one of the best and most organic ways to increase the amount of traffic on your website. When you make a great SEO strategy, your website will be visible to the people and thus, you will surely find a lot of potential customers visiting your website. 
  • Second, SEO helps in building a clean and beautiful website that can not just be trusted but also has a lot of credibilities. Of course, building credibility is not an overnight trick, but with the right approach, you will reach that level in just a few months. 
  • Third, it is through the correct use of SEO that you will be able to understand what your consumers want. SEO gives you a clear signal of what the consumer’s intent is. It is through analyzing their behavior that you will be able to bring in all the positive changes in your brand. 
  • Fourth, good SEO will provide your users with a better experience the moment they visit your website. Remember, it is the user experience that plays a great role in every market and SEO helps in improving that. Google can easily identify a website that is user-friendly and thus it is undoubtedly the pivotal element to ake your website a bit. 
  • Fifth, local SEO can also play a great role in increasing your traffic, engagement, and conversions. If your brand is still very new, local SEO can help you reach success very easily. This will help you reach people in a specific vicinity so that a group of people can find you easily and purchase your goods or services. 

SEO was not this important part of digital marketing even a few years back. But, with time, SEO has been providing the users with what they exactly need. Sure SEO has its own challenges, but it also helps small and medium businesses improve their marketing skills and make their brand visible.