Today, we live in a world that demands our presence to be marked in it. And, when you own a business or profession, then you are ought to make your target audience aware of what products or services you have to offer them. 

Now the question arises that how are you supposed to build your business and make yourself visible to the probable customers?

The answer to this question is Online Display Advertising . This article contains all you need to know about Online Display Advertising and comprehensive information about it ranging from online display advertising's definition to tips for how to advertise for your business.

Online Display Advertising: Definition

Online Display advertising refers to a mode of online advertising in which marketers use visuals and banner ads to advertise their business on different websites, apps, social media platforms, etc.  

Display advertising is one of the most popular and effective ways of digital advertising online. Visuals are the soul of Display advertising that plays a major role in attracting the attention of the target audience making people aware of the brand across the Internet.

It is a lucrative method for those marketers who are searching for ways to reach out and acquire customers. With the help of creative visual media be it in the form of texts, images, or videos in a display advertisement, marketers make people aware of what they have to offer thereby marking their online presence and grabbing people's attention.

Most of the web pages and social media platforms have designated corners for display ads. One can easily spot them as they are showcased in the form of a banner accompanied with graphics or text. Be it simple text or something with attractive videos, both can easily be incorporated under display advertising. 

Display Advertising: Appearance

It is a known fact that people are more attracted to something that is eye-catchy and presentable enough to grab their attention. 

Hence, often successful online display advertisements have a clever and balanced combination of graphics like images, gifs, and videos along with proper text to make that particular advertisement stand out on the internet. 

They also make sure to send the desired message of the marketer across to the targeted audience.

Different types of Online Display Advertising:

For attaining the desired results, effective display advertising management is very important. The delivery of the core message of your advertisement to the audience relies mostly on its visuals. Ensuring that users notice your advertisement while visiting a website or a social media platform is a must. So, here is a list of different options you should go through before outlining your display advertising management strategy.

Banner ads

In Display advertising format, Banner ads are certainly one of the most common strategies as they stand out differently on any webpage. As the name suggests, their appearance is banner-like. In all,

They are just hyperlinked ads based on images and graphics. You might find them mostly on the top of a webpage so that as a user opens the webpage, automatically his attention is drawn by the ad.

Rich Media

According to statistics, approximately 30% of Internet users find traditional banner advertising disturbing hence advertisers have been exploring customer-friendly and innovative ways to display their ads recently.

Rich media is one of the tactics that came out of it involving interactive graphic elements like audio, video, and actionable elements that can make their display advertisement relatively more engaging.

Interstitial ads

They are pretty effective in grabbing the user's attention as they occupy the entire screen.

Interstitial ads are the ones that appear in the form of a separate webpage right before the user is directed to the original webpage that he initially browsed the internet for.

Video ads

As far as Display advertising costs are concerned, Video ads are comparatively more expensive but their results are worth the expense.

Platforms containing video content like YouTube and Instagram have made it quite convenient for digital marketers to advertise using video ads. They attract a lot of customers and increase engagement significantly.

How to advertise your business through Online Display Advertising?

Well, up till now you have understood what Online Display Advertising is and what are the types of Display Advertising. But, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind otherwise you might not get the desired results.

Targeting the right audience

Grabbing the audience's attention is obviously one of the core objectives of online display advertising. But there are heavy chances of you not achieving that objective if your target audience is not right. Determining the right audience plays a significant role in your business's growth, expenses incurred on advertising, SEO performance, and the long-run profitability of your business.

It is very important to invest some time and undergoing proper audience research before you decide upon whom to target.

The benefits of targeting the right audience will save your overall cost of advertising, will increase your advertisement score quality, bring you higher engagement, and boosts your search engine rankings.

Use of Re-Targeting technique for bringing your audience back

You will find a number of people who will interact with your advertisements, will visit your website's landing pages, go through your products and services to see what all things you have to offer but end up leaving right before taking that last and most important action. Even if some of them are genuinely interested in your business but because of price or any of the other reasons they were not able to take the required action leading to purchase.

Yet, there is no need to worry. You still have a chance in which you can show them your ads again and again for bringing them back to your landing pages to take the actions that they left.

Now, for doing so one is required to create attractive and eye-catchy banner ads, Text Ads, or Video Ads with maybe discounted price tags for motivating them to click your ad. 

Optimizing Advertisement campaign for a high-quality score

Once your ad campaigns go live, this doesn't mean that your job is done here. There are certain crucial things required to be done after your online display advertisement campaigns are live, like monitoring and optimizing ad campaigns them regularly.

Your Ad campaigns must be reviewed daily and a keen eye should be kept on the areas with good performance and the areas that are needed to be improved.

You might find that a certain age group is engaging really well with your ads as compared to other age groups. You might also find certain locations are doing far better while others are not. This Split testing and thorough analysis of statistics help you in determining the number of things you must amend before starting the next formal Ad campaign.

Thorough optimization of your display ads will result in reduced ad cost, increased engagements, increased visibility, and chances of more sales and profit. Ad optimization helps a lot in growing your business cheaper and faster.

Optimize your landing pages

It is necessary to understand how crucial is the landing page of your ad when it comes to increasing your sales using online display advertising.

You surely don't want people to close your landing page even before seeing what it has to offer them. You want them to stay on your page and take actions like signing up, subscribing to the mailing list, making purchases, and following your various handles or channels.

To achieve this, your landing pages must be well-optimized and capable of loading fast, attractive looking, and not containing unnecessary text, and have a clear path for call-to-action buttons without any confusion. Constituency matters here.

Your landing pages should also be optimized for both setups, be it either desktop or mobile devices. The importance of prompt speed and display is implicit here. 


Indeed, there are a number of ways in which you can advertise your business. But when we look at the current scenario- it is obvious that a person's day starts and ends either with his mobile phone or laptop. 

Especially after the pandemic, when everyone is working from home. So opting for Online Display Advertising is definitely a wise choice. And, I'm certain about the few, but very important tips given by me throughout the article will go a long way in helping you with making your business reach heights. 

Happy Advertising!