More and more downloaded, read, shared, ebooks are one of the most powerful marketing tools.

In short, if we manage to make that a visitor to our site manages to press the "Download" button, it means he is already interested in the subject we are talking about. 

In any case, the e-book is a land that is still relatively little frequented by companies. We say "relatively" because ebooks are still little used as marketing tool.

In truth, for those who deal with the content creation, they are a tool of exceptional use.

Why should a company decide to write an ebook

Writing an ebook can for many be wasteful. In terms of research and organization of information, layout, but also promotion.

Why should a brand or company consider writing an ebook to implement their marketing strategy?

Actually, a preliminary consideration needs to be made. An ebook should not be seen as a cost, but as a opportunity. It is a resource which, once brought to light, will convey a series of advantages quantifiable in terms of:

  • website traffic;
  • shares;
  • increased comments and shares;
  • increased appreciation;
  • building a dense network of relationships.

Now let's talk about the advantages for which writing an ebook leads to the promotion of our brand.

5 benefits of ebooks for your marketing strategy

In reality, ebooks give their creators much more than 5 advantages. Let's try to see them one by one.

  • increase in lead generation

One of the main reasons companies advertise is that of acquiring new customers. In short, the simple fact that to download your ebook they are required to enter your personal data and email, will be an essential factor for the acquisition of new customers.

Not to mention that those customers are not generically interested: they are specifically looking for the product or service we are talking about, so much so that they seek further information. In short, a opportunity to acquire customers definitely in target.

  • the possibility to make known your brand and your services

Especially for those who are not still widely known on the web, creating an ebook is a interesting marketing opportunity. While you entertain your reader by explaining and deepening the theme of your writing, in fact, you will bring out your skills.

In a final analysis, depending on the device from which our reader will read us, an ebook can become an interactive experience. You can then insert links to articles or products directly supplied by us.

  • the increase in direct contacts

On the one hand, we will have the contacts generated by the download of the article. On the other hand, if our ebook is really a product of value that responds to a specific need, you will also receive direct mail.

  • the growth in the number of shares and word of mouth.

This advantage follows the previous one. An ebook is in fact a product that can be easily shared on any social network or simply sent to your acquaintances who we believe are interested in the topic.

In short, our ebook will be published only once (or maybe a few more in case of an update), but most of the benefits will continue to come to us over time.

  • advantages in terms of SEO: increase in visits to the site and increase in backlinks.

We've talked about backlinks and their value many times. For those who have a website, they know what it means to receive a backlink.

As we have often told about offsite SEO and link building, in fact, receiving a link from a well positioned website and which deals with our same theme will be fundamental for our site itself. It will be a huge advantage in terms of site authority and positioning.

Better positioning will be certainly an important advantage for the visibility of your website and, consequently, for the increase in visits.

The elements of an effective ebook to your marketing strategy

We can say what are the elements that in general help ebooks to position themselves better and, consequently, to be more found (and downloaded). Here they are below:

  • infotainment, or "inform while entertaining"

The tone of voice assumed in the ebook must therefore not be academic. The language to be adopted must be rather informal and conversational. Above all, we must avoid being too self-referential. In short, the fact that we are competent should show through the value of the content.

  • the title and the cover

"The dress does not make the monk" but very often it will be the first thing that will come in view of our content and will be essential that it is engaging and encourages the user to download the text.

If we've written more of an ebook, we try to make sure that the covers are similar to each other and distinguish themselves from the rest on the same subject.

  • pagination

Texts that are too long are not pleasant to read. Let's consider splitting the content into chapters and that we also use subtitles.

A good idea is that of supporting the text with images and graphics that facilitate the reading and make it more smooth and pleasant.

Another useful tip can be to intersperse the text with boxes that deepen a theme, a keyword or that highlight a concept.

  • the link to other ebooks or useful content

Since this is a resource that the user will use with a digital medium, it is essential to take full advantage of its functionalities. Therefore, where it is useful and it enriches the content, it can be useful to insert links that refer to contents produced by us, or to books and external resources (of course not to contents of competitors!).

  • enter the final CTA

At the end of the reading, or in the course of the text, you need to enter a Call to Action.

In short, let's not forget that one of the advantages deriving from writing the ebook is just that of doing lead generation. Let's not miss this opportunity.

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How to best promote your ebook

The moment you built the perfect product, or at least considered as such, it is necessary to promote it, so that your strategy is successful. In this regard, we talked about it in depth in this article.

Let us remember that we can use exploit 5 ways:

  • promotion through social channels;
  • email marketing, if we already have a database;
  • take advantage of offsite and let other sites talk about our ebook;
  • the creation of landing pages dedicated to the ebook;
  • the organization of digital events and promotions.

Of course, these techniques will not work for all types of ebooks and for all sectors. We have to study our target to understand which platform and which type of message will succeed to achieve its goal in the best possible way.