Facebook is not working? 8 errors and how to fix them now

Are you having problems with Facebook? When this happens, some mistakes could cost you dearly. Find out all of them and above all how to solve them immediately.


It doesn't always work as it should, but the popular social media Facebook is more powerful than ever. In the years we have seen several cases of blackouts which also caused serious consequences

The most common cases when Facebook is not working are related to loading, access and various and system bug.

Why isn't Facebook working? 

Problems are not always the same as everyone else, however, most of the time they are very common. The first thing to always do is to check if the problem is the application or your own device.

Specifically, you could try to empty the memory of the mobile phone, the cache of the entire device, starting from that of the platform up to that of the smartphone. Furthermore, it is important to check if the update is not suitable or does not work.

One important thing is to try to enter with other versions: a great alternative. It could be a network connection problem or the profile blocked, banned or even disabled. In the latter cases it could be a hacker or simply you have violated the guidelines of Facebook. 

Why Facebook doesn't work is not always known. What is known for certain is that there are ways to solve and that there are thousands of communities around the world that have the same problem. 

Facebook problems in 2022: the details

In 2022, we have seen Facebook not working quite a few times over time to date. In particular, on the downdetector site there are user reports of the day indicating problems when Facebook is down.

Do you have a problem with Facebook today? On this site you can select the type of criticism you are experiencing and as a result you will receive feedback of the service directly from the community. Meanwhile, the portal collects all the indications of Facebook not working.

The outages reported in the last 24 hours are reported by a graph showing the volume by hour of the day. Incidents are shown when a certain number of reports about a particular problem arrive. 

Facebook down? Here are 8 mistakes that cost dearly!

Problems related to internet connection are a classic, let alone those related to access, to the application and the online portal. Instead, in other similar events, Facebook down on the profile could only and exclusively occur. 

These errors are common and sometimes platform-dependent and sometimes themselves. Specifically, we will see the errors of Facebook not working and later how to fix them.

The first error we will address concerns the application problems. The second is referred to Facebook not working on browsers and search engines, therefore, we will treat the online part, as well as that of the software as an application.

The third error of Facebook down sees the problem of the account disabled. We will not forget the errors that come from our side (cache, memory, update and violation of the rules), ending with the Facebook server offline.

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How to fix it now with 8 solutions to errors when Facebook is not working!

The 8 errors mentioned above, we will describe them in every part and we will arrive at all the solutions. When Facebook isn't working everyone panics, so breathe and don't worry because you will resolve immediately with the methods described below.

1. Problems with the Facebook application: in this case there are various solutions. The first very useful is to temporarily uninstall the platform and reinstall it after a few minutes. Before re-downloading it delete the cache and all the data related to it in order to give space to the same platform started from scratch.

2. Facebook error on browsers: browsing online is still widespread and internet traffic sometimes freezes, as does the connection. You have to try another search engine and if it persists you need to clear the cache of all the browsers you use most frequently and disable the extensions of each one.

3. Account error: the account disabled notification is the terror of all. The only solution in this case is to contact support.

4. Criticity created by us, like the full cache: you just have to empty it everywhere and the game is done.

5. Memory problems of our device: it is absolutely necessary to delete files and make the right space for Facebook which needs enough memory to work.

6. Update: in this case there is an update that gives problems because not supported by the device. Better delete and format everything and re-download everything from scratch.

7. Violation of the rules: it is only and exclusively our error, therefore, the only solution is to contact the Facebook team.

8. The server is offline: not your fault, the Facebook server is down and you just have to wait.