The 6 Best Free Tools For Digital Marketing 2021

Marketing digitally can be effective as long as you are alert at all times and time-sensitive with your presence. That’s when using digital marketing tools feels like a blessing! In this blog, we will be covering a range of marketing tools that will serve every aspect of digital marketing. Starting from designing creatives for social media, planning and scheduling content for your social and other platforms in advance, measuring the analytics, or getting a fabulous job done from the SEO perspective.


As a digital marketer, you might or already have a lot going on throughout the day. Preparing content, editing the content, designing the creatives, sending out tweets spontaneously, taking care of the engagements, overseeing analytics, launching campaigns and the list goes on. 

Marketing digitally can be effective as long as you are alert at all times and time-sensitive with your presence. That’s when using digital marketing tools feels like a blessing! And trust us when we say this, it becomes necessary to take help from these online tools to keep yourself on track as a digital marketer. Relying on online digital tools to take your marketing game up a notch comes as a breather when you have too much on your plate to take care of. 

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Tools?

Do you really think all your digital marketing day-to-day operations can be done manually across all the platforms with top-notch precision and efficiency at all times? Possibly not! Unless you are a superhuman. 

You need to take the assistance of digital marketing tools as it will help you in:- 

> Streamlining all your digital marketing projects

> Managing multiple digital channels efficiently 

> Make sure you always make it through your digital marketing deadlines  

> Help you keep track of the progress of all your online marketing efforts

> Will save you time and help you focus on the more critical tasks

In this blog, we will be covering a range of marketing tools that will serve every aspect of digital marketing. Starting from designing creatives for social media, planning and scheduling content for your social and other platforms in advance, measuring the analytics, or getting a fabulous job done from the SEO perspective. We have got you all sorted if you continue reading this article.  

Having said that, let’s get into the list of awesome tools to make your digital marketing journey a smooth ride. 

1. Canva 

Canva is a free designing tool that comes with tons of beautiful templates to choose from. All your ideas and copies come to life when you start designing with Cavna. You can create impactful graphics for all your social media platforms, logos for your personal brand as well as your clients, infographics, blog banners, cover pictures, and even stories for your social media handles. Also, if you wish to prepare a presentation for your marketing collateral and proposals, canva has that option for you too! 

It’s an adequate and powerful designing tool that creates an impactful graphic in minutes even if you do not hold a background in design. This way you save yourself from spending a bomb on hiring a professional graphic designer and get the work done all by yourself. 

The prominent highlights of Canva to look out for:-

> Suitable for beginners with even no prior knowledge of design

> Less complicated as compared to Adobe XD and Photoshop

> Drag and drop feature for easy functionality

> Watermark free downloadable templates 

> Collaborative flexibilities to keep your team in the loop

> All complex traits like cropping, masking, editing, and designing can be done from scratch

> Endless interactive fonts and elements to use from the Canva library

> A paid subscription is available for unlocking the hidden benefits as well

2. Uber Suggest

A free SEO tool for all the digital marketers who wish to perform adequate keyword research does exist! Yes, Uber Suggest is one of them. It is acquired by Neil Patel, who everyone knows as a digital marketing guru. 

This tool will tell you the exact count of organic keywords, domain score, organic monthly traffic, and backlinks associated with the search query you want to conduct a keyword research on. 

In addition to this, you also get the liberty to download all the data in the form of pdf or CSV files for your future reference. Not only does it help you with the relevant keywords but also reveals the search intent of users concerning specific suggestions, questions, and comparisons. You can also use filters based on your country preference to niche down your competition.  

The prominent highlights of Uber Suggest to look out for:-

> One stop shop for generating keyword ideas 

> An edge over Google’s Keyword Planner

> Easy to decode SEO metrics

> Insightful analytics for effective SEO practice

> Helps in brainstorming a pool of content ideas 

> A great tool for doing a competitor analysis for SEO

> A paid version is available for an in-depth SEO analysis

3. Google Analytics

Straight from Google's house, we have a fabulous tool for you and that is Google Analytics. It is a free analytics tool that will make it a smooth process for you to predict the good, bad, and ugly of what’s going on in your online business. You get a handful of reports and metrics to track how your website is performing in the eyes of your target audience and potential customers. 

You can be certain of Google’s credibility when they show you the weekly, monthly, and yearly performance of your online efforts in the form of interactive dashboards that have every quality and quantitative data to help you with. 

The prominent highlights of Google Analytics to look out for:-

> Track demographics, location, interests, and activity of users around the world when they come on your website with utmost preciseness. 

> Tap into the reasons why bounce rates are high or low for a particular web page

> See which web page is performing great and mediocre so that you can improve on what’s not working.

> Create more of what you see is bringing more traffic to a particular web page

> Get an idea of what social media platforms to target and use them to boost your brand presence, brand awareness and increase the inflow of sales 

4. Mail Chimp

If you are a digital marketer, you know how important email marketing is these days to speak and address directly to your customers. Mail chimp is an amazing and user-friendly digital marketing tool that eases out your email marketing processes via creating eye-catching personalized emails.  

You can find numerous templates, designs, and types of email drafts according to any kind or format of the email you wish to send to your recipients. Plus you can also schedule the time you want the emails to go out without having to do it manually at all. For huge marketing campaigns, you can already create an email list, feed that into Mail chimp, create a draft with a suitable template you wish to use, and schedule, it’s that simple! 

It can be used for free that fits in all sorts of occasions that need an email to address a large or a small audience. For example- you can draft an email for a client of yours, customers to announce the launch of your new product, and even party invitations to your guests for personal and professional celebrations. 

The prominent highlights of Mail Chimp to look out for:-

> Segmenting your email list for all your emails meant for different kinds of audiences.

> Swift scheduling so that you are never in charge of manually sharing an email

> Get access to all the email metrics like email open rates, spam rates, unfollowed rates, etc. 

> You can avail a list of up to 2,000 subscribe lists and you can send over 12,000 emails for a month, all for free. 

> Free and paid versions both are available for you to choose 

5. Facebook/Instagram Creator Studio

It is an in-built digital marketing tool within the Facebook app which is also well integrated with Instagram to make social media postings no more a nightmare for you. When you spend considerable time as a digital marketer you slowly start realizing how important it is to post on the right day and at the right time. But all of this needs to be automated otherwise you may lose the insightful data of what time so the day works the best to interact with your audience. 

And to save you from this time-consuming task, you can use a Facebook/Instagram creator studio that makes all your scheduling for every social media platform a cakewalk. All you need to do is schedule the posts in advance by specifying the desired time and date and it will get automatically posted when the day arrives. 

This way you can be certain that there are no delays in the post and you will be able to make calculated decisions on when your posts are getting maximum traction from audiences over multiple platforms. 

The prominent highlights of Creator Studio to look out for:-

> Easily post on two social media platforms simultaneously 

> View insights on Facebook and Instagrams’s respective dashboards

> Master sheet to view all the activities on a common window

> Quick view of what’s performing great and what’s not with modern post builder

6. Answer The Public

An all-in-one tool for competitor analysis, SEO as well as keyword research. If you are a content writer or a marketer who seems to be battling to find ideas or structure their next blog post or article, head on to this amazing platform called Answer the public. This will successfully help you to sneak into the minds of your audience and extract what they have been asking and wanting to find answers online. 

All you need to do is type the topic you want to create your next blog post or article and hit enter. After that, see the magic happen for real! How? After you hit search/enter and scroll down you will see tons and extensive suggestions of what people are more eager to know about the topic you are going to cover. And there you go! You have access to all the important questions that you want to address and make an SEO-friendly, and well informative blog. 

The prominent highlights of Answer The Public to look out for:-

> Helps you tap into the minds of your potential users, customers, and clients

> Makes you capable of making it through Google’s featured snippets section

> Helps you with short-tail, long-tail, and medium-tail keywords to use in your content

> Makes your content for blogs, articles, and even video scripts SEO friendly

> It's a free tool with a paid version as well 

Wrapping It Up

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, owner of a startup, or working as a digital marketing expert for any of the companies, don’t forget to get your hands on these amazing digital marketing tools discussed above. We are 100% sure you will benefit greatly from it and enjoy using them. 

Also, stay tuned for the 2nd part of the best digital marketing tools to use as a digital marketer. Unlike this part, we will also be covering a few paid tools while mentioning the freebies. 

We believe the paid tools have a potential that any digital marketer should not miss at all. The good news is, you can use them on a trial basis for a certain period of time and see if you like them enough to purchase! 

Having said that, can't wait to see you all on the other side!