How to Improve Your Google Ads Conversion Rates!

The google ads or advertisements appear on relevant search pages through Google’s AdSense program. In this article you will learn everything that you need to know about google ads and how they work.


Google is undoubtedly the best place to generate your conversion rates. Improving your Google Ads conversion rates can help in the growth of your brand. But most people in the marketing or sales sector fail to understand how they can improve their conversion rates through Google ads. 

Did you know that almost every second approximately 63,000 searches are performed on Google? This shows how much people these days are dependent on Google searches for everything. Furthermore, it also shows that this is the platform that most of the population visits every second and thus, a great place to conduct marketing strategies. 

Most of these Google result pages include Google ads. When various marketing companies pay Google for their ads, Google shows the brand name on the result page to drive a significant amount of traffic to the brand page. This is a great way of driving relevant traffic so that the people who are looking for a certain product or service that your brand provides can get a direct link to your page. 

In this article, I will be discussing everything that you need to know about Google ads and how they work. I will also be giving you some tips so that your brand can increase the conversion rates and reasons why you must use google ads. So, if you want to know everything about Google ads, keep reading this article. 

What Are Google Ads?

To make sure how you can make the best use of Google ads, you must have complete knowledge about them. Google provides its users with the feature of Google ads on the result pages. This helps the brands to increase their visibility on the Google platform. This in turn helps them grow. 

The Google ads or advertisements appear on relevant search pages through Google’s AdSense program and Display Network. You must have also seen these ad sections whenever you search for something on the Google search engine. These sponsored labels are the first links that you get on the search page. You can also identify it with the “Ad” label that appears beside the link.

Google Ads also offers the feature of Display Ads that lets your brand gain visibility on the Google Display Network. But this is a bit different from how Google ads work. These display ads usually appear on third-party websites that have collaborated with Google. These display ads could be anything -  texts, video, images, etc. The choice of display ads completely depends on the customer.

The Display Ads on Google also include banners and remarketing. 

Google Ads And AdSense: Understand the Difference

If you are a beginner at marketing, you must have heard about two marketing platforms that Google has to offer. Both these features provided by Google will increase your brand visibility and increase your sales in the long run. But how will you understand which one – Google Ads or Google AdSense, will be better for you? Which strategy should you choose?

Google AdSense is for the publishers whereas Google Ads is for the advertisers. Google Ads helps your website get visibility through the Google search network. You can use Google Ads to drive relevant and potential consumers to your website which will surely increase your sales. 

For that, you would also have to pay Google a certain amount of money for every person that clicks on your website from the search page. 

On the other hand, Google AdSense is for publishers. And what does that mean? The publishers of the various websites on Google have the option to monetize their websites and earn money from the relevant Google ads that will be displayed on their website. This advertisement can appear next to the content of the publisher. 

Through this monetization feature, the publisher earns a certain amount of money every time a viewer clicks on the ads on the website. If you have a site with a decent amount of traffic, this could be a great way to earn from your website. 

How Does Google Ads Work?

So, how do Google ads work? Google ads are displayed in front of your potential consumers. When a person searches for anything on the Google search engine, Google identifies the keywords and lands them on a result page that is relevant to whatever they are looking for. If their keyword matches what your brand does, Google shows your website to them on the result page to increase your sales. 

But there are a lot of brands out there in the market offering the same products and services that you are offering. Such brands will also reach out to Google ads to increase their brand visibility. In such a situation, how will you make sure that the link to your website on the Google ads reaches rank one?

There are a few factors that play an important role in Google ads. They are – 

AdRank and Quality Score Your website must have some important elements that will increase the quality score of your website. If your website has a higher quality score, then your AdRank will also be higher. 

Keywords Just like organic search, keywords even play a huge role when you use the Google ads feature. These keywords help in matching your website keywords to the viewer's searched keywords.

Headline and Description Along with a perfect headline, your website must have a good meta description that will attract a huge amount of traffic to your website. The description must identify the problem of the viewer and promise clear solutions to their problems. 

Benefits of Using Google Ads

Google Ads was released by them back in 2000. But, the amount of scope that it provides your brand with, keeps increasing every day. Some of the benefits of using Google ads are – 

1. It is better than SEO – One of the best features of Google ads is that it is better and way faster than SEO. Both SEO and Google ads can help you gain more traffic to your website, but Google ads is well optimized. Thus it can focus on multiple keywords at a single time. 

2. It increases your brand awareness – If you think that Google ads will only increase your website traffic then you are wrong. Google ads will do much more than that. It will tell your potential consumers about your brand, what work you do, and much more. 

3. Helps you reach potential customers – Google ads can also work as Gmail ads. Usually, these ads often appear on the “Promotions'' section of your Gmail, but they could sometimes also be available on other social tabs. This will help your brand reach more consumers. 

4. Connect with the visitors on your website – Sometimes you might find a few visitors visiting all your website pages once or even multiple times, but not purchasing anything. They visit your website just as window shoppers only. But, with Google ads, you can reconnect with those visitors and make sure they do not forget about your brand and what work you do through RLSA and Digital Remarketing campaigns. 

5. Deal with your competition – If your competitors in the market are using Google ads and you are not, then your business will not flourish the way it should have. To make sure that you are giving your competitor in the market a tough time, your marketing strategies must also be as good as theirs. 

Google ads provide a transparent environment so that you understand what your competitors are up to and keep an eye on their strategies. 

Ways to Improve Google Ads Conversion Rates

Now that you know the benefits of using Google ads, let us discuss what things you must do to improve Google ads conversion rates. Investing a good amount of money in Google ads is not enough, here are some significant steps that you must follow to ensure better conversion rates – 

Track your success – The first thing that you must have complete knowledge about is where your brand is at and what changes must you bring in the present moment. With the help of the features available on Google ads, you will be able to understand how many people are clicking on your website. All you need to do is use Google conversion tracking to get useful insights. 

The importance of keywords – After setting up your Google conversion tracking app, make sure your website focuses on specific keywords. This will help in increasing your conversion rates. Using specific keywords will help consumers with specific needs view your website thus increasing traffic to your website. 

Make negative keywords work – You must also make use of negative keywords and make sure your website traffic reach does not get exaggerated. When you add certain negative keywords to your Google ads, it will make sure that your ad never pops up in the search pages of such viewers typing such keywords. This can be an extremely helpful feature. 

For example, if you make “free” a negative keyword for your website, Google will make sure that the customer who searches for anything “free” never lands on your website. 

Mention your prices to attract new customers – Another important thing that you must do to improve your conversion rates is to mention the process of your products and services so that it is visible to the potential customer. Even after viewing your price, if the customer proceeds to know more about it, you can expect them to be interested in purchasing something from your website. 

Remarketing also helps – Remarketing is also one of the best ways to improve your conversion rates. Once a customer views your website, Google can show them the same products or the same page again and again. This will help in gaining back your potential customers and converting them. 

How to Make Money with Google Ads?

If you have understood the difference between Google Ads and Google AdSense then you will know that you cannot make money from Google ads, but you can certainly make a good amount of money from Google AdSense. 

For Google ads, you will have to pay Google a certain amount of money so that they promote your website. The amount of money depends on the number of clicks you get due to Google ads' features. But, once your website gets a lot of traffic due to your marketing investment on Google ads, you will earn a good amount of money from every consumer who purchases your products or services. 

But if you are a publisher and use AdSense to let other brands use the traffic on your website to make their brand visible, Google will pay you some amount of money for every click the brand gets. The advertisement for the particular brand will be right next to your content. So if your content gets a lot of viewers, you can opt to earn money from the Ad Sense feature. 

If you think about the amount of visibility that this feature of Google will provide you with, you will understand that you must invest some amount of your marketing money in this. Along with it, the tips mentioned in the article will also help you add a little more value to your Google Ads marketing strategy.