Managing a blog requires a fair deal of commitment, passion, and at least some knowledge of the most famous SEO trends. For beginners, it takes time and requires patience before the fruits of success are reaped. Anyone can start and run a blog, but the blogger needs to know the techniques and trends he has never used before to produce and increase blog traffic.

The art of increasing blog traffic is a necessary skill, not just for expert bloggers but for all who want to pull in a massive stack of visitors. The following list shows effective and practical methods to increase and retain blog traffic in the world of blogging.

Why is there a need to increase traffic to the blog?

Traffic is one of the most significant parameters for your blog; the more visitors find your blog, the more the audience will read your ideas.

One of the most effective and simple tips to follow is to create good content to boost your blog's traffic. We all know why content is known to be the 'king' and how it serves as an essential tool to convert users. The simple theory is that it is actually 'better content' that successfully grabs users' attention. Now the question arises what better content is? It's something that has not been said or proved before to your audience and is supported by expert opinions and verifiable claims.

You need to research your audience and identify the problems they face every day. You can only devise a specific strategy for your content and pull in a new segment of visitors from your general audience.

Is your Content SEO-Friendly?

We can never miss out on search engines when we talk about traffic. Search engines play a significant role in driving high traffic to your site.

Some bloggers are let down by their inability to benefit from the power of SEO. Some shy away from it as they fear they may spam their content while trying to make it SEO- friendly. In reality, effective SEO tricks will compliment your content and eventually increase blog traffic.

Thus, to incorporate the best SEO practices into your blog, it is essential to make SEO and keywords a part of your blog strategy. When done in the right way, search engine optimization always pays off.

Increase traffic to blog by Evergreen Content

Make sure that your content is evergreen. This means that the subjects and themes addressed in your content never go stale. For example, if you are running a film blog and post about the recent year's Oscars, this would probably get you a lot of traffic, but only temporarily.

But, when your movie blog displays compilations and collections of classics of a particular genre, you have relevant material for worldwide readers.

In the same way, for promoting a business blog, content moving around the tricks and tips to operate a profitable business will naturally drive more traffic to your blog. This will make your brand more famous amongst internet users globally.

Increase traffic to the Blog by Inviting Influencers 

Every blogger wants to run the entire blog by himself; however, to get the trust of your audience, it is vital to have some expert voice on your blog coming from the professionals of your specific niche. Your blog will have a fair opportunity to create viral content by getting some professionals on board because these influencers will share their posts on their social networking profiles.

Pro tip: Use Followerwonk and BuzzSumo for finding influencers in your niche.

Ensure you already have good content on your blog before inviting gurus of a particular niche to write for you, as they will hardly shed out their precious time for an empty blog.

Increase traffic to Blog by Employing Links and Trackbacks

If you are already in the blogging business, you must be familiar with the fact that links have proven to be the most influential components of your blog. These links get easily spotted by search engines and work as a powerful chain to relate to your fellow bloggers that belong to the same industry, and they can quickly notice anyone who is linking to their sites.

Now you need to transport this traffic boosting tactic to the next level just by leaving a trackback on other blogs. This will help make you aware of other bloggers you've linked to them. The blogs allowing trackbacks will include a link to your blog post's feedback section that you previously connected to. The good thing is: Visitors do click on trackback links!

Increase traffic to Blog by Google+, Twitter, and Facebook

Twitter has around 271 million active users each month. Facebook (Meta) has more than 1 billion users, whereas Google+ has approximately 300 million.

Together, all these networks are drawing great interest and time from Internet users worldwide, and those who take part in these services are likely to help spread the word about your blogs. However, leveraging these networks to boost traffic requires attention, patience, and study to changes by the social sites and consideration of what and how to share the content. Here are a few tips to help you gather and maintain traffic to your blogs through social media platforms.

  • Register A Brand and Personal Account: If you haven't yet, registered a brand account and a personal account at each of the following Facebook, Google+, and Twitter sites, you immediately need to do this task. Fill out each of your profiles to the fullest possible extent. You can use images, write compelling descriptions and make each one credible and valuable. Studies show that profiles with more description have a significant association with more successful accounts.
  • Connect With Users: You need to connect with users on those social sites and with whom you already share a professional or personal relationship, and start following industry influencers, connectors, and luminaries.
  • Start Sharing Your Content: This includes your blog posts and blogs of your peers in the industry who've impressed you or anything that you feel has a probability of going "viral" and earning by sharing from others.
  • Connect With The Community: Use hashtags to find interesting content and conversations and jump in! The social network is a beautiful atmosphere for building a brand, publicizing yourself with a topic and the people around it, and winning the trust of others through authentic participation and high-quality sharing.

Suppose you consistently share great stuff, use a tactic of participation, and make a memorable, positive impression on those who see your communications on these sites.

In that case, your fans and followers will boost traffic to your blogs by sharing content that will be incredible. The social media platform is the single most significant traffic source for several bloggers, specifically in the initial months after launch, when SEO is a less consistent driver.

Increase traffic to your Blog through Web Profiles

Many bloggers set up their distinct profiles on services, such as Yahoo, Slideshare, YouTube, and many others. Your ID should take the audience back to your blog when you upload your content to forums such as Picasa or Flickr. Try your best to encourage them to subscribe to your blog by promising the audience to provide similar content to what initially brought them there.

Is your blog optimized for mobile? 

Those days are gone when online visitors had to wait for the conventional desktop or a laptop to check your blog. Now with only a flick of a finger, they can reach your blog and see what has been posted.

Your blogs need to be optimized for mobile. In this way, you will not lag behind your competitors. Besides this, the speed required for loading your blog also plays a vital role in yielding traffic to your blog.

Studies show that modern users spend around 3 hours on their tablets or mobile phones. You can select from a collection of WordPress plugins to help you create a version of your blog that is specially optimized for handheld devices.

Install Google Analytics and Study the Data.

Google Analytics is a helpful tool that you can use to know what others are saying about you and boost website traffic. Anyone can use it, and it is entirely free.

Suppose you've not logged in to see where things are moving with your blog and haven't paid attention. It is high time you do so. There is essential data to help you understand where and how to improve your blog traffic, value, quality, engagements, SEO, and user experience.

You may not be a tech geek; however, you don't need to be a scientist or guru to understand the data in Google Analytics. It is concise, simple, and straight.

Don't let ignorance or fear taint the excellent value or power you stand to benefit from analyzing and studying the data in your Google Analytics.

Get in the Habit of Referencing

Blogs that only provide a lot of information but do not provide any authentic proof of all the claims stated throughout the content are viewed to be less reliable. Thus, the possibility that a user comes back to your blog to find solutions to their problems will reduce significantly.

Today, readers appreciate search engines as well as links. Always compliment the suggestions stated in your blog through the punctuation of famous blogs of your particular niche.

You can even link back to any of your old blogs to boost your traffic and let the audience know how much you know about the topic. Ensure to use intelligent ways of creating these references, and also don't pile up useless information as this is likely to repel your visitors.

Give your Feedback on other Blogs

Commenting and blogging go hand in hand. When I talk about commenting, it does not mean in any way to encourage you to spam. In fact, it is only through honest and genuine feedback/comments on other blogs that you can add real value as well as establish a bond of trust and respect with the audience of other blogs.

When you comment in the feedback section of the blog, this helps in creating and maintaining the visibility of your own blog in the eyes of other visitors.

Make careful considerations about the name or the brand you use while commenting. Moreover, be consistent, provide constructive views and hold back from keyword-spamming; otherwise, your commenting efforts will go to waste.

Final Thoughts

You may already know at least a few of the techniques and tips mentioned in this article to increase and maintain blog traffic. However, the actual point that makes the true difference is how much you successfully implement your knowledge.

Therefore, get familiar with the latest trends and suggestions aired by professionals who belong to your specific niche and share, customize, and optimize your blogs according to the most current SEO methods.