An Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Here is an introduction to social media marketing for beginners along with a concrete understanding of what social media marketing is, importance of social media marketing and its several types that you can opt for your business's marketing.


I know, I know. Social media is nowhere new to us and we all know a good deal about them- how they reshape consumer behavior, how businesses can use them to grab clients, how they are a platform for marking one's online presence, etc. We all are aware of them.

Yet, despite such massive information we have on the web, why do we see businesses struggling when it comes to Social media marketing and understanding its functionality? 

It is so because the tiny and minute details in this sector can work wonders if taken care of and, can also take you away from your objectives when ignored as well!

So, this is why I'm here for you with all you need to know about the basics of social media marketing that will help you in the development of successful social media marketing strategies.

With years passing by, Social media sites are rapidly becoming an integral part of not just our lives but of business development strategies as well. 

There are about 3.5 billion users of Social Media who share, seek, and create information on various Social Media platforms. Now, as a marketer or a business owner, won't you like to utilize this prolific network for grabbing clients and turning results in your favor? Of course, you would. 

So let's understand the basics of Social Media Marketing in the form of an Introduction Social Media Marketing with me-

What is Social Media Marketing?

In the easiest of words-

“Social media marketing or SMM is a term used when businesses turn to digital marketing for advertising their products and services and marking their online presence with the help of social media sites and social networks."

Yet, this definition is somewhat incomplete and is missing the core of our main term. Let’s make it more clear-

“Social media marketing refers to the process of creating relevant and engaging content for each of the social media platforms in order to drive more traffic towards the business along with promoting their products and services."

Building a connection with either your audience or your customers by giving them a helping hand for understanding your brand better is what Social Media Marketing is all about. 

Let's imagine a scenario. You're meeting someone for the very first time and are looking forward to building a good lasting relationship. Now, what shall you do to make that person interested in you instantly knowing that there exists no second chance? Are you going to bore that person out by giving him irrelevant information or do something to get success in the meeting by achieving what you wished?

The latter one. Right? So, it is extremely important that people would like you. And, it's nothing new if I say that people will like you more when you make them happy- irrespective of how or what you do to attain that.

In just the same way we do in the real world, you can make people like you in the virtual world as well whose key is nothing else but Social Media. Not just hundreds like you do in the real world but thousands, millions, and billions of people are there virtually with whom you can connect with just a single click.

Though it depends largely on how strongly you are capable of finding and making your target audience happy thereby making them interested in what product or service you have to offer them. Who knows they might share your brand and stories with another hundred people!

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important Today?

Today, when a consumer wants to know about a business or wants to have an overview of what products and services it offers, his first instinct is to go search the brand on social media sites and browse whatever he finds thoroughly ranging from the posts uploaded by the business page to the comments and reviews leftover there by their customers. They also see the reach of that page and the engagement it has through the number of likes and followers they have.

And hence, if you want to mark the online presence of your business and you still haven't planned about approaching a social media platform for the same then my friend, you are missing a great opportunity of making an impression on your audience who might turn into your potential customers.

There are a number of reasons why social media marketing is important today. Let me explain them to you with an example. Suppose you own a bakery shop. You open a page by the name of your business on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and post beautiful pictures of the bakery items you make regularly. 

Now, first of all, those people who come across your posts and like them would also share them with their friends on the site. This will increase the reach of your page and will bring your shop to the notice of a large number of people in significantly less time. Second, as per a survey, 90.4% of the Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of the Baby Boomers are avid users of social networking sites.

In fact, Facebook alone comprises over 2.7 billion active users on monthly basis all over the world. This shows that your customers and prospects are browsing social media sites each day, more than once. Just think about it from seeing these figures, what level of reach you can get by spending some time and working efficiently on Social Media!  

Social Networking sites are the go-to place for brands who are looking forward to gaining insights into what all things interest their audience. What are their needs and what do they expect from the brand. According to the marketing experts, smart companies will keep on investing in Social Media Marketing in order to attain sustainable business growth. 

Types of Social Media Marketing

Well, Social Media Marketing is not only restricted to likes on the sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It can take various different forms like-

Content Marketing or Content Creation where a lot of attention is given to the content that is shared with strategies like Search Engine Optimization and various others. 

Advertising or Sponsorship in which you can share sponsored advertisements on social networking sites that would get displayed on the feed of those people who are engaged in watching similar content.

Influencer marketing, as I mentioned before is one of those that are trending the most. Brands approach various influencers on such sites having a large number of followers and ask them to advertise it in their posts.

Paid Media, in which you pay some amount to the social media site for promoting your page or your posts with a large audience. 

Building your following is one of the best organic ways to increase your reach. An account with more followers that are 'genuine' is generally trusted more by the customers.

Reviews are the king at the end. You might have huge followers and lots of comments on your posts but if someone left a negative review in there then all your hard work will go in vain.


So this was an Introduction to Social Media Marketing from my side. But as the topic says- this was just an introduction. Social Media Marketing is a very wide topic that has lots of information and opportunities for you to know.  In case you are really serious about taking your brand to the next level then I'm sure till now you might have understood that Social Media Marketing is going to play a huge role in the same. 

Here I take a leave and wish you all the best in your journey of Social Media Marketing.

Have a nice day!