When dealing with the world of influencer marketing, you can only be successful by carefully planning your strategy.

This particular branch of digital marketing is experiencing a rapid success in recent years, amplified by the use of social media, such as YouTube, Instagram and lately TikTok.

When you decide to contact an influencer for the promotion of your brand and your services, it is good to consider some important factors, which should not be determined only on the basis of the amount of the budget you have.

Choosing between mega and nano influencers, in fact, may seem like a simple operation, but it is not: the belief that a greater number of followers is also a guarantee for the success of one's strategy is not entirely true.

Mega or nano influencer: rank based on followers

Influencers can also be classified and are distinguished from each other based on the number of followers but also on the level of influence that they manage to exercise.

  • mega influencer

When we talk about mega influencers we mean those with more followers because before the others they were able to ride the wave of the digital and social revolution. They are followed by millions of people and only top brands manage to have the budget to hire them. According to the Association of National Advertisers these influencers are real celebrities, with more of 500 thousand followers.

  • macro influencer

We are in the hundreds of thousands of followers, between 100 and 500.000. These are influencers who, thanks to the high quality of the contents and the passion that they transmit, manage through their YouTube channel, their blog or social media pages to involve a very large network of people.

  • micro influencer

They are personalities followed by a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 100,000 followers. Having a not too extensive following, they are also in contact with very specific market niches.

  • nano influencer

They are those who have a minimum of 1000 followers, up to a maximum of 10.000, and represent the last frontier of marketing for many companies. Despite having very small communities, they are able to generate very high engagement and therefore to obtain very interesting responses in the case of sponsored content.

Mega or nano influencer based on the type of influence on the audience

There are 3 categories in which Creators can be divided on the basis of their type of influence exerted on their following:

  • social broadcaster

They are characters who became famous outside the web. Their fanbase makes them able to convey to a very wide audience, despite the fact that they do not have the specific skills related to that message.

  • mass influencer

They are experts in their field, but also very active on social networks and have created a solid community linked not only to their field of study, but also to their figure.

  • potential influencer

They are those who, thanks to their wealth of knowledge and great communicative power, are able to speak to their community, and influence it on a decision or a purchase. They generally have to do with fairly small communities and for this reason they are also called microinfluencers.

The difference between influencers and testimonials

Knowing the differences between the different figures will allow you to build your marketing strategy in the best possible way.

Another distinction to make is the one between the figure of the influencer and that of the testimonial, which are not really the same thing.

The testimonial is a figure who lived a period of great interest and fame before the advent of the Internet. Once, in fact, given the prestige of these figures, often stars of entertainment or sports, for the public it was enough that they were the ones to suggest a certain product or service. It was their popularity that guaranteed the company. 

Now the world of advertising has evolved, and there are people who are outside the star system who manage to influence their communities in purchasing goods and services.

This is not a difference purely linked to fame, that between influencer and testimonial. It is also a credibility factor, a recognition that comes from the public itself.

The characteristics to consider when choosing an influencer

Since these figures are not to be considered in the same way as testimonials, as seen above, some considerations are necessary in the choice.

Indeed, for a figure of this type it is absolutely necessary that he knows how to speak with spontaneity and conviction of the products and services it sponsors.

Influencer marketing, in fact, is based on this. It leverages the trust that followers have in the influencer. Therefore, such a person must show conviction and convey their point of view in a completely spontaneous way. Only in this way the community will feel push to buy.

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How to make the right choice between mega and nano influencers

It is not only a question of budget.

To understand which figure is best to choose for your business, perhaps it is better start by analyzing the smaller figures. Nano influencers, as we saw at the beginning of the article, in fact, bring extreme added value to small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is their plus? Their community. This unfolds into two important advantages:

  • by having a small following, their community will be also very close-knit and tied to her character.

When this character makes a call to action will be also very likely that there is a high response rate.

  • the target public is well profiled

This type of influencer manages to keep very close contact with their community. He knows their values, interests, needs and necessities. Furthermore, being very small, these communities usually refer to a specific market niche.