The most popular app of the moment, Tik Tok, has announced important news for users, creator and companies.

Very recently TikTok gave communication of new interesting functions for different purposes:

  • the first news Tik Tok is linked to bidirectional content between brand and creator, with the purpose to increase the popularity of the company and the earnings of the creators;
  • secondly, Tik Tok gave very important news on avoiding disinformative content and new ways to protect users from it;
  • we will also see a news that all users have been waiting for: the stories about Tik Tok are coming;
  • to finish with a new tool inspired by innovative creators, that is, the library, where you can share trends and memes of the moment.

TikTok Branded Mission between creators and companies

Here's another novelty: this time it is a solution to facilitate collaboration between companies and creators. The new tool is called Branded Mission.

This is a way to reach a wider network of users, with the aim of making storytelling even more exciting and engaging. This is what has always brought people together on Tik Tok.

A two-way engagement? That's right! The co creation is really powerful and now has been ascertained. The tool aimed at enhancing performing content, involving the community in campaigns, letting creators tell the story of the brand in a unique way and discovering a reality full of trends. 

More context for content to fight disinformation

The Tik Tok video portal is always confronted with complex and rapidly changing environments, and at the same time it is an application that continues to be a real stage, a door and a bridge for users from all over the world. 

Among some difficult situations we note that of the war in Ukraine. For this, Tik Tok, wants to give more context to the contents also of this type but paying attention to the safety of the community. Specifically, Tik Tok is working on texts on state-controlled media policy. 

They are entities where the government directly and indirectly controls editorial content and works on decision-making processes.

The fight against wrong information is primary for Tik Tok, which continues to measure the protection and security of posted content of this type. In fact, the guidelines prohibit misleading content

In this regard a section has been added that allows users to decide which content to watch and meanwhile the team working for Tik Tok is constantly deleting untrue content or fake accounts. In addition, we want to support the digital literacy of the Tik Tok community. 

Tik Tok Stories are coming

Just recently, Tik Tok expanded the stories to other new countries around the world. These are videos or photos in vertical format lasting 24 hours, very similar to Instagram stories. 

All the other platforms are trying to imitate Tik Tok but the latter adapts to successful social media like Instagram. Already tested by ByteDance, it is confirmed that the number of countries that can take advantage of the stories on Tik Tok are more and more.

The vertical temporary content format works like Instagram Stories. They are presented as short content lasting one day, different from the traditional and standard formats of Tik Tok, with the same and unique vertical format of the platform.

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Tik Tok library

The bookshop has arrived on Tik Tok with a new way of giving opportunities to creativity. A completely innovative and creative function that uses GIPHY content to create new entertainment content, starting with trends, memes, up to your favorite shows. 

In this area dedicated to the library you can use GIFs with sound. You can also share iconic moments or famous quotes with the same GIPHYs used by other users.

In the Tik Tok library section you will find GIPHY of type reactions, quotes, people and emblematic moments. We will add new sources, audio, sounds, text examples and more. Everything inspired to creators, the most innovative figure of these times.