Social media has grown extensively. And 2022 will see some more evolution considering how widely the content is consumed after the pandemic. 

Social media trends for 2022 will no more be status updates but unlocking the power of social media in the true sense. That will rotate around selling digital products , strengthening community building, and influencing. The new social media trends may seem eternal, but they will offer a quick chance to connect with the community you have built-in in various ways. It also pushes more engagement with new content formats for businesses.

The significant shift from social media trends in 2021 to anticipated 2022 trends only signals that social media will also surprise this year. No one would have thought a few years ago that the rise of Tiktok would go meteoric, the arrival of QR codes and Instagram Reels  becoming so popular?

Apptopia reported that TikTok was the highly downloadable app on both iOS and Android in 2021. Also, it is predicted to leave Instagram and Facebook behind with colossal potential. 

Now, if that has interested you in what 2022 has to hold? Here are the social media trends of 2022 that are going to go bigger:

1. Social media TikTok Will Continue To Grow

The internet space will go bigger and brighter, wherein social media will take the lead. Tiktok, to be specific, will continue to witness immense growth in 2022. Tiktok, with its slow growth in 2020, is ready to see a meteoric rise in 2022, and the company is prepared to establish its ad platform to compensate the creators well . The brand presence for businesses will also strengthen in 2022 with ads.

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In Sept 2021, Tiktok reached 1 billion active users monthly, accounting for its monumental rise. 

The eye-opening stats are:

  • 69% of teens in the US are active on Tiktok.
  • Almost 90% of Tiktok users log in every day. 
  • Average Tiktok users spend 89 minutes a day on the app.

Therefore, looking at the rising numbers, it becomes beneficial for brands to unlock this opportunity and make Tiktok the next big thing. With a vast diaspora of a younger audience and active engagement, Tiktok brings the freshest trends to create a presence.

2. The Rise Of Creator Economy On Social Media

The Creator economy will see a sky-rising success in the year 2022. Today, the creator economy is worth over $ 100 billion, and it is predicted it is only the start before it converts into a trillion-dollar industry.

Creators across the globe on Instagram, Tiktok, twitch are witnessing the rise in the business. Even brands and companies are predicted to invest heavily in this booming creator marketplace. 

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The gentle blending of e-commerce marketplaces into social media platforms signals the massive rise of creators who have high engagement, fostering communities and even promoting products and services.

And those who think that social media has got saturated, think again? The massive growth of creators in the past year or two and the overflowing opportunities depict how social media is the place for everyone. The pandemic has also contributed to the growth of the creator economy, where almost every marketing failed, but influencer marketing stayed strong.

3. Social Commerce Boon on social media platform

2022 social media trends cannot go without talking about social commerceSocial commerce is buying and selling products from a social media platform.  The big shot social media platforms have already invested dramatically in social commerce as they realize it is the future of the internet. 

The recent research by the Harris Poll depicted that 

  • Amost 73% of businesses are hugely active in social commerce.
  • 79% will be participating in the coming three years. 

Social commerce is nothing but a part of e-commerce and revolutionary in how today's generation shops. It has become a virtual mall for all things where people have access right at their palms. 

As a result, social media platforms have introduced new tools to make shopping on social media a seamless experience.

  • Pinterest tool - a Shop tab that simplifies shopping by browsing and shopping through Pinterest product Pins. 
  • Instagram shop leverages businesses to set up their online stores.
  • Instagram checkout offers a hurdle-free experience for buyers for direct purchase.

2022 is all about a double-sized social commerce market is in the making.

4. Social Media Audio Strategy Strengthens 

Audio is nothing new in the market, but its fresh appearance on social media is a potent tool to uncover growth. Building a robust audio strategy from podcasts, brand audio to music playlists enhances brand awareness and gives the audience something out of the box. 

Clubhouse is another social media platform that is audio-based only and it has already witnessed significant success. Its popularity in 2021 touched the skies. Audio creators are also gaining mass opportunity lately, and social media platforms are offering a slew of tools to let them make their strong presence.

2022 will be more of audio content and strategy with a difference.

5. Livestream Shopping Going Massive 

Livestream shopping has gotten a lot of rage in the year 2021 and 2022 is ready to witness a significant more of it. Livestream shopping adds the touch of personalization as it appeals to the audience because of the human touch. Plus, the ease of shopping from home is exciting. 

ECommerce pushed this social media trend, and the pandemic has only propagated it to the next level. In the US only, live streaming shopping is so popular. It will go triple in numbers by 2024 and reach around 35 billion dollars as expected.

As of now, the fashion and apparel industry is amassing a lot of potential through live streaming. The industry's major players are already incorporating plans to set up live streaming as an effective trend to boost their brand presence and sales. 

7. Growth Of Short-Form Videos  

If you have noticed, 2021 was all about short-form videos. Well, 2022 is about it too. Short-form videos have even scaled the growth of some brands to heights . It has evolved as an effective marketing strategy on social media, with some going viral. It comes undoubtedly that this trend will only soar in 2022. 

Short-form videos are highly influential with the ease of being quickly consumed, delivering the message aptly and rewatched again. A video under a minute long has more chances to get watched as per a study. 

One study conducted a survey that resulted that 93% of brands got a new customer base because of the short-form videos pushed on social media.

These have an edge of being more easily accessible by brands and audiences than long-form videos and can be created with utmost ease. Tiktok and Instagram Reels have opened a new path for the world in what we proudly call these mini videos. 

8. Mental Health On Social Media Gets More Support

Creator Burnout is real. According to reports, creator burnout has been reported in 90% of creators, and 71% opted to quit content creation. 

With the onset of the pandemic and severe episodes of multiple lockdowns, the mental health of creators has gone for a toss. The industry is also such where there is a burgeoning pressure on how well you perform.

There are also times when the influencing doesn't ignite interest, and the entire creator thing falls flat. This year will see more evolution in terms of mental health. The year 2021 also raised issues where there was an uptick in giving mental health its due place. 

2022 will see more conversations in terms of mental health and how brands and businesses leverage it . Instagram's all-new feature " Take a Break" is also a step towards supporting creators mental health that has always gone for a toss. This feature gives break reminders that you can choose as per choice.

9. Sustainable Choices Will Get More Value 

With Gen Z and millennials on the top social media platforms, sustainable choices are more pushed. Gen Z is well aware of how the earth needs healing, and they are not leaving any opportunity to leverage the content around sustainable choices. 

Climate change is brutally happening, and around 28% of Gen Z adults are pushing it in with the way they choose brands to collaborate with. Even influencers are more concerned with leveraging brands that bring sustainable alternatives to the table.

A study explained that 89% of internet users want the brands to reduce their carbon footprints, and 88% of users believe that sustainability should be the goal of every business.

10. More Focus On Diversity and Accountability 

The rise of social media has been awakening in the past two years. Not only in terms of brand influence and influencer marketing but how the complete social media landscape is knitted.

Like 2022; there will be a significant shift in diversity and focus on accountability. That means the brands who have focused on diversity, the influencer who has been weighing their values ​​on sustainability, there will be more conversations holding responsibility.

In 2020, we saw many brands making promises against racism - to learn, listen and do better. Back Lives Matter is a cause that has been widely pushed, and social media only spiked its reach to bring in general awareness.

Today, the audience demands more responsibility from brands when they commit to a cause.

Today, diversity and inclusion are not a social media trend, but the year will focus more and more on conversations surrounding these topics. 

Social Media To Promote Your Business 

If social media has not been the prime tool for your business growth, bring it into the picture today. Even if you're an influencer or a brand owner, the tremendous rise of social media and its trends in 2022 will make a remarkable impact of your presence. Today, the most notable social media trend has been staying updated with the online community, team with fellow influencers and craft a kickass marketing strategy for social media that gives absolute results. 

In 2022, let your business and brands reach zenith by channeling your brand voice with influencers, using the latest social media trends like Livestream shopping, short-form videos , etc. to see immense growth. Take a moment to unlock your presence in the vast world of social media, and what better than staying updated with the social media trends of 2022?