Digital Marketing is one of the most evolving strategies for marketing today. As we all know, the world is going digital day by day, so to cope with the growing and developing world, businessmen also have to step into the digital world to fly their business up in the sky. Because a large proportion of the population is shifting to online platforms for shopping while sitting at home, your business needs to have an online appearance with an easy and user-friendly interface.

Digital marketing is basically an online approach of selling and purchasing products with some, particularly amazing tactics to make avail your product or service across a wide range of the population. 

Digital marketing has many benefits as it helps in creating ease in engaging with customers and creating awareness about your product and service. It also gives a hand in short and fast sale closing, which means that your products and services are not only available to neighboring customers but also across a wide population, as wide as you want it to be. Procided that Digital marketing works in the way you want only if the marketer works with perfect tips, tricks, and strategies.

To help you with that, here is a 9 Step Guide to becoming the best Digital Marketer-

STEP 1: Acquire a Marketing Degree or undergo a Digital Marketing Certification 

If you want to work in a big marketing firm on a designated post or even if you want to work as a freelance Digital Marketer, you must have a certificate of learning from a designated institute. Your learning can be a bachelor’s degree or even if you are not from a marketing background but you have immense interest and passion for marketing, then you can learn from online sources of learning like Udemy or Coursera, etc and have practical experience by working in a Digital Marketing internship. Practical knowledge/ experience is a necessary point for clients to reach you.

STEP 2: Acquire Skills 

Yes, a degree is a must, a certificate is a must but knowledge and skills are major. Today, crores of students have the same field degree but top companies are limited, hiring is limited and all the selections wrap up around the skills and knowledge of the job applicant. The main skills one needs to excel to become the best digital marketer are-

Apart from these knowledge-based skills, one must have personality-based skills too like communication skills, creativity and marketing mind to influence the person standing in front of you.

STEP 3: Team Management

Even if you are a well reputed Digital Marketer, the successful marketing of a brand can only be accomplished by a proper marketing team. The team must be well managed with the proper flow of work and this is the duty of the marketing head. You have to manage the flow of work with the proper marketing tools, train your team and give them their targets and final goal.

There must be clear, effective communication among the team members, decision-making and problem-solving abilities, proper organization and ability to delegate, team orientation, navigation of difficult conversations, confidence, fairness, and respect, etc. These were some key factors of a marketing team for influencing management.

STEP 4: A Social Appearance - Personal Brand is a plus point 

This tip is basically for those who want to be a successful digital marketer on their own, means individual basis, can be categorized as a freelancer too. As you know you are not in a big firm or maybe you don’t have a marketing background, you learned marketing on your own with internships, then you must have a social appearance, a Personal Brand of your own.

You can use social media for it like Instagram is most popular these days. Make a business account there, apply a formal bio, and then use the highlights features of an Instagram account to display who you are, what your product and services are. And then, post in that account with proper social media strategy using all the available features of Instagram like reels, IGTV videos, get a life, etc to go viral on the internet and attract more and more clients. Proper personal brand strategies must be followed and a to be digital marketer must learn a social media mastery course.

STEP 5: Smoothing the Buyer's Journey

Even if your brand reputed and your product/service is genuine but, your sales will not rise if you haven’t built up a perfect marketing funnel. A social media user has so many options available on the internet to purchase from, but what makes that person go on your website and finalize the purchase is how proper and convenient your marketing funnel is compared to others. The person surfing internet would not want to see unnecessary things, giving him what he is searching for is the main key in Digital Marketing afterall.  

STEP 6: Approach an Influencer

You might wish to tell everyone on social media that your service is the best. But have you ever thought about why would people listen to you? Do you have enough audience? Are you influential enough for your audience to follow your directions? So the solution for these questions is - Approach an influencer who is liked by the public. Make influencers advertise your brand, your product, and then see how fast your number of sales closing goes. Influencer marketing is a very keen point about successful digital marketing. You can work with a thousand followers or with those having millions of followers, all depending on your brand size and your budget to pay them.

STEP 7: Focus on Retention marketing 

This step is basically for maintaining the reputation of your brand and your product, as Retention marketing refers to the strategy of marketing in which a brand keeps customers happy and willing to buy from you again. These strategies include learning about your customers i.e. their likes and dislike, offering a discount, providing the customer support which they can reach easily, working with loyalty in time of exchange of product or even the customer returns it, offering them membership program with some future benefits, work on reactivation strategy which is a Digital marketer’s job, etc. This will make your customers come back to your portal or showroom and it doesn't require any extra information and also serves as a prospect for your brand loyalty.

STEP 8: Participate in networking conferences, Stand and Speak 

Community building is very necessary for a marketing career. You must participate in networking events and share your experience on the stage. If you are new, you might feel hesitant at the initial stage but after some time you will get a different level of confidence of speaking on stage in front of hundreds of marketers and this confidence is what you need for your marketing career, especially while delivering a speech when you are dealing with either a client or a customer.

Building connections with the people of the same community i.e. of digital marketing here is very important as it ensures your presence in the market. As for a growing entrepreneur, one must focus on his social image.

STEP 9: Have Patience 

First thing, you will not be doing great every single day. One day, you will be in top trending marketers and maybe the next day your name will not be even near the list. One day your brand will be ranking 1 and other days, it might go down. Digital marketing is a fluctuating domain, so chill.

What you need to have to deal with such ups and dows is Patience. Digital marketing is a field where things don’t work out on the very first day. No doubt you will be doing your level best with all Digitlal Marketing strategies and still might not get the result and that's okay. These things take time here, you just have to keep focusing at which point you can do more better and better in your strategies and boom! In no time you will start getting the result but only and only when you will be maintaining those efforts constantly.


A Digital Marketer carries the future of the brand it is working for in his hands, that’s why he must pay his maximum attention with utmost efforts to designing a perfect marketing strategy for its success. Today, almost every business has to go online day by day, and without digital marketing, it is not easy for them to succeed. But doing so is not easy as competition is also increasing gradually with them.

Hence a digital marketer must not be just good but BEST in what he does. I hope that the above-mentioned steps will be of genuine help to you because I can say so with utmost confidence that if one heartily follows and sticks to them then he or she will definitely be one of the best digital marketers and will rule the world of Digital Marketing jobs.