Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tools You Should Know About!

With an estimate of about 2.9 billion users, Facebook is rapidly turning into a marketplace. Here are the top 10 Facebook marketing tools which you should use to skyrocket your business.


Did you know that Facebook has a vast marketing reach of around 2.93 billion? It is the top social media site, followed by YouTube and WhatsApp. You can get maximum exposure if you know how to use this social media platform to grow your business. Several tools are involved in the Facebook marketing strategy, making it more impactful. These tools offer the users with powerful features and unique options. 

The involvement of Facebook marketing tools is not a new concept. Ben Simkin, Curt Maly, and Ryan Stewman are huge names counted among the most prominent Facebook marketers. These famous marketers and experts use these tools and suggest their followers do so. 

We will know some mind-blowing Facebook marketing tools picked by experts in the following few words. These tools make the marketing process feasible and make them the most effective. Let's get into the details!

What Is Facebook Marketing? 

As the name suggests, Facebook marketing refers to the digital marketing practice in which a brand uses various campaigns and strategies on Facebook to increase its awareness and presence.

With over 2.9 billion users daily, Facebook has a global coverage where nearly 7 million active companies post their advertisements. Moreover, Facebook offers more precise targeting by targeting your audience according to a particular income group, relationship status, job details, area of living, educational information, hobbies, and interests.

You can get started by creating a page on Facebook for your business. Secondly, add your photos and a short description presenting a clear image and crisp brief about your business. Make sure that your page tabs are organized. Moreover, get your page verified and have CTA prompting pages, photos, and other details.

Why Should You Use Facebook Marketing? 

Did you know that Facebook ads skyrocketed to 56% in 2021? Moreover, Facebook is also the king of social media. Thus, while planning your digital marketing strategy, Facebook should stand out to be more focused than all other social media. Let's discuss the top 10 reasons surrounding this theory!

Facebook has innumerable users from all corners of the world, ranking next to Google's search users. Moreover, Facebook has been the favorite of all age groups. Besides exposing your business to a large audience, it helps you reach out to many demographics. You can also go beyond demographics and target your audience according to their interests, lifestyle characteristics, behaviors, and hobbies. This alignment between your online services and the user's behaviors helps them get tempted towards your product.

Facebook offers multiple ways of engagement, starting from video advertisements to sponsored ads and carousel advertisements. You can experiment with various types of content and understand which kind of content works for you. The multiple different ways of engagement provide various funnels helping you reach the same target. 

With Facebook marketing, you can also have a detailed analysis of your ads and content in correlation with your audience's demands. Besides useful analytics, Facebook also offers custom buttons. Moreover, Facebook ads tend to be more affordable, thus driving tremendous results. Irespective of whether a small-scale or large-scale business, Facebook marketing is your path to driving more leads and fueling your digital marketing strategy.

Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tools 


AgoraPulse is a Facebook marketing tool that helps you manage your social media account better and effectively, thus allowing you to increase your user engagement. The pricing of AgaroPulse starts with $79 if billed annually and $99/month if billed monthly. Moreover, AgoraPulse also offers a free trial.

Thenkey features of AgoraPulse are:

  • AgoraPulse lets you interact with your customers, schedule posts, and provide instant reports to skyrocket your presence on Facebook.
  • It lets you collaborate with your teammates in real-time and offers other features such as flexible publishing options, user roles assignment, team activity reports, team notes sharing, brand monitoring, competitors report, Facebook ROI report, and deep audience analysis.
  • AgoraPulse has advanced analytics tools that create detailed reports and analyses. 


OptinMonster is another Facebook marketing tool that lets you create campaigns for easy conversion of visitors to leads and lead generators. The pricing of OptinMonster starts from $9/month, which turns out to be $108/year.

The key features of OptinMonster are:

  • Instead of merely popping up on the screen with a follow link, OptinMonster shows your profile to the visitors in lightbox popups using luring campaign techniques such as coupon wheels to generate a lead for you successfully.
  • The drag and dropbox make it super easy to create campaigns.
  • OptinMonster also has its Facebook Like Box, which is displayed to all of your visitors, thus dragging them to follow you and interact with your posts.


ShortStack is a comprehensive Facebook marketing and campaign tool, thus helping you curate your mail list and other contests such as refer-a-friend contests, photo contests, and personality quizzes, which helps build and boost visitor engagement and retention on your page. It also offers accurate time analytics. Moreover, ShortSlack also has pre-built templates which you can customize and use. With ShortStack, your campaign will be live in a few minutes. The pricing of ShortSlack starts at $29 per month for created, $99 per month for Businesses, $199 for agencies, and $499 per month for brands


SeedProd helps you showcase your beautiful Facebook content directly on your website's Landing pages, thus convincing your visitors to turn into leads and continue. By showcasing the best content, you catch the ever-lasting first impression of your visitor, which will ultimately force them to engage on your page. The pricing of SeedProd starts from $3.29/month, which sums up to $39.50/year.

The key features of SeedProd are:

  • You can now create engaging and audience-driven pages without basic coding knowledge.
  • Using SeedProd's Facebook Block, you can showcase your best creations and content, including comments, posts, and boxes.
  • With over 150+ unique templates, it's as simple and user-friendly as choosing your template, playing your game with the drop and down editor, and here you go.
  • SeedProd also has a feature wherein you can glance at the preview of your landing page, reviewing the crucial points that need a change. 


RafflePress comes with a significant drag and drops page builder, which lets you create effective contests and giveaways, undoubtedly your audience's favorite. According to a case study, RafflePress helped a brand bloom with 3,500 new subscribers, 400+ comments, and tons of followers in a single take. The pricing plan of RafflesPress starts with $3.26/month, which sums up to $39.20/year.

The key features of RafflePress are:

  • It comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder, allowing marketers to create Facebook campaigns within a few clicks.
  • It has some default templates which users can use for effective results.
  • RafflePress also has an option wherein the user is mandatory to engage with your page to be eligible for the giveaway, thus encouraging more and more of your users to interact with your page and posts.
  • You can also offer bonuses to users who refer their friends, thus helping you let your content go viral. 


WASK offers its users a multi-functional management system. Along with Facebook ads optimization, users can now design, publish and manage from one place. It is a potent tool with essential controls to execute an effective Facebook campaign. The firm offers a free trial of the software for 15 days; once the customer is satisfied with the product, they can purchase the basic, premium, or professional version, which will cost $9, $19, and $99, respectively

The key features of WASK are: 

  • The simple interface enhances usability, and the single dashboard can be used for editing and creating the ads. The user can track the metrics of the data from the dashboard itself.
  • It helps gather data from various sources and helps understand your target audience.
  • The user has access to a wide range of layers, images, and free templates. This makes it easier for them to create and edit campaigns.
  • This software has powerful optimizing tools, which enhance your campaign and save time. The software is packed with features like A/B testing and Autopilot that positively affect your efficiency. 


Heyo will keep the audience interactive and seamlessly execute the marketing process. The Facebook marketing experts mostly prefer Heyo as it effectively generates leads. It keeps the audience engaging and enhances the conversation rate. 

Heyo will help you complete your customer email list to perform email marketing, as it gathers valuable emails from an engaging audience. If we take a look at the pricing option of the tool, then we will find the basic-monthly plan starts from $45. Further, the user can also subscribe to the standard and premium plans, which will cost them around $99 to $249, respectively.

The key features of using Heyo are:

  • It has engaging features such as quizzes, voting, and polls. It has digital coupons and redemption codes to draw the audience's interest.
  • The user can run a desirable video and photo contest. It can gather helpful information about the content to know the target audience better.
  • One can gather user information by performing sweepstakes using Heyo. Creating and managing social sweepstakes becomes very easy in Heyo.
  • It offers easy integration with powerful third-party software like MadMini and MailChimp.


Pagemodo has a simple interface with a wide range of customizing options. It provides the user with the flexibility to create personalized and targeted ad campaigns. Pagemodo offers a reasonable pricing range; the basic plan comes at $9 every month. For $19, you can have their Pro Plan; they also have a plan for the agencies, "The Agency Plan," which is $59 per month. The plus point with Pagemodo is that it is a mobile-friendly tool, which helps it to stand out among other Facebook marketing tools.

The key features of Pagemodo are:

  • The user can schedule their post to launch the campaign at the correct timing. You don't need to do it manually. This feature can be used effectively if you know when your conversation rate is high.
  • It offers the feature of creating contact forms to build a connection with your audience.
  • It has an option to save your designs, which can be used further for ad campaigns or to compare with new methods to bring more improvement.


SocialPilot is a simple and highly accessible social media marketing tool. It has content templates that will inspire you to develop some unique and creative content. The curated content present in SocialPilot provides you with the most valuable content ideas. It is an ideal choice as it comes with sophisticated features which resonate with the marketing needs.

You can test the features and usability in the 14 days' free trial SocialPilot. If you like to have their professional plan, they have an annual subscription of $29.75 per month. Their most popular plan is the "Studio plan," but they also offer an Agency Plan. They have both monthly and annual subscription facilities.

The key features of SocialPilot are:

  • The user can perform a team collaboration. It makes the marketing process seamless as you can assign your team different roles and post in the user panel.
  • A bulk scheduling option in SocialPilot can set about 500 posts for the upcoming uploads. You can plan and work in advance, and it will help you keep a uniformity in the posts.
  • Customization is flexible. You can adjust the color, outlook, and image of icons, tools, and the interface.

Customer Facebook Feed Pro

Customer Facebook Feed Pro is an efficient tool to draw targeted audiences to your Facebook post. The mechanism ensures that every user must get an authentic result, so they are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This marketing tool is affordable and comes in a highly reasonable price range. The basic plans of Customer Facebook Feed Pro start from $4.08 per month, which will be billed annually. 

The key features of Customer Facebook Feed Pro are:

  • The tool's interface is user-friendly, and the user can manage all the options in the panel with a few clicks.
  • You can allow the visitors to like and share your content, which will spike up your content reach. The visibility of your content will also improve.
  • It has a wide extension library which can add extra valuable features. You can use the multifaceted support and Facebook carousel slider extensions.

Conclusion on Facebook Marketing

Facebook is also a considerable marketing hub for many small and large businesses. Although many new social media sites emerged with the potential marketplace, Facebook is still unmatchable. 

Although you can get a huge audience base in a single place, it is still tough to understand your target audience. You will need Facebook marketing tools to draw their attention to your products. 

RafflePress, SocialPilot, Heyo, OptinMonster, etc., are some fantastic tools that offer remarkable user support. Features like scheduled posts, sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways are powerful in keeping your audience engaged. The data gathered by these tools is an excellent source for analyzing and understanding your target audience, so choosing one of the best tools becomes essential.