Like any popular platform on social media, Instagram users are constantly exposed to troll accounts, bots or scammers. This can become a problem because, especially for a company, they can damage the user's image.

Who are the trolls among your Instagram followers? 

First, let's start by defining a troll on Instagram. In most cases, these are people who want to provoke you. They tend to post abusive and negative comments on your Instagram page hoping you will respond and get dragged into an online altercation.

In some cases, however, they are bots, or accounts that are not real and generated by artificial intelligence that comment generic reactions under your photos; some may advertise their product, which you don't want under your corporate account profile.

Trolls on Instagram, and in general all online trolls, tend to insult, complain and sentence for any reason. They hide behind anonymous accounts and create discomfort and anger.

Watch out: you shouldn't confuse a troll with a simple customer dissatisfied with your product or service. Targeted criticism, however annoying, is useful to improve, and therefore you will have to avoid attacking or blocking those who make them.

How spamming works among your followers on Instagram

A troll on Instagram will have the habit of posting incredibly offensive or provocative comments on various public profiles, often without a specific reason other than to disturb, spam and cause a reaction from you or your followers on Instagram. 

It is very likely that they don't care about your brand or product. They may also comment on something that has nothing to do with your industry. However, haters will post these comments as a form of cyberbullying.

How to recognize a troll? First of all, most of the time, it won't have a profile picture, or, if yes, it would be surely a fake one. This is because a troll uses account for its activities.

The only goal of the comments is to make you angry and ignite a discussion that will be bad for you and your brand.

5 tips to manage trolls among your followers on Instagram

It happens to everyone: the more your community grows, the greater is the probability that you will find yourself having to deal with trolls. Let's see how to get rid of them:

1. Do not interact with a troll

Do not interact with them and do not start a discussion, regardless of what they tell you. They know they hurt when they comment on a post, so they expect a response that will entertain them. So you might be tempted to reply, but think very hard. Would you like your brand to be associated with a negative attitude?

2. Think about your real followers on Instagram

Your main goal is to create a community that results in a safe and constructive space. You don't want a troll to come and destroy the idyll by attacking your brand and followers under the content you post. Start by constantly monitoring all your posts. If you notice a provocative attitude towards your followers, it is time to act. 

3. Mute, block or limit if necessary

Lots of trolls give up when they don't see a reaction. Some, however, will raise the bar to get your attention. So, there comes a time to take a decisive action. For example, if an Instagram troll is constantly posting abusive and hateful comments, it might be time to block or silence it to protect your brand community. You can also decide whether to delete a specific comment.

4. Optimize your privacy settings

If you're experiencing a spike in trolls on your Instagram account, it might be time to take a look at your privacy settings:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on the three dashes at the top right
  • Select Settings and go to Privacy
  • Click on Comments

From here, you can control who can comment but also who you would like to block. Remember that not all customers follow you on Instagram, so not allowing them to comment under your posts could be a problem. You will have to find the right balance and your own approach to comments to be able to manage followers and trolls. 

5. Filter comments

And here we come to the ultimate way to deal with trolls on your Instagram profile. In fact, there is a function that allows you to block offensive comments, and you can choose whether to use the default Instagram one or customize your own To use the default one, you will then go back to the comments section and enable the spam filter. This will block comments that contain spam, swear words and terms defined as offensive by Instagram. 

If you want to use the manual filter option instead, select the option and add phrases and words you want to block before they are commented. Any comment containing a limited phrase or word will be hidden and subject to approval.

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Protect your community of Instagram followers for the long term

Unfortunately, it's not enough to stem the damage of sporadic episodes. It is very likely to happen again, so you will need to develop a strategy to keep your brand safe for longer periods. Here are some ideas:

  • prepare predefined responses in case you need to intervene; 
  • regulate your management of followers on Instagram;
  • assign the moderator role to someone you trust.

If you want to do everything on your own, make sure you dedicate a little time each day to manage comments and monitor any trolls. It may seem like a useless job, but your brand reputation is at stake!