You are leaving no stone unturned, you are going at the speed of a horse and are literally sitting on top of every trend that comes on its way! But are you still struggling to get quality leads for your business? Well, creating content, doing SEO and following a content calendar isn’t the only thing your business needs right now. 

Get this, people have started to realize the value of content and are hopping on it sooner or later. You see where are we going with this? That’s right! In order to change the way people think, you need to do something that is not common. In regards to this, you might need to change the way you do things as well as your strategies. You need to approach digital marketing in a sensational manner and simultaneously think outside the box. Or even create a new box if required which doesn’t exist yet.

Your content marketing strategy is one of the most important pieces of your business strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about other parts of your marketing. Content is exciting, and people are going to search for it – but hopefully they’ll also be happy to find more info on your business, products, and services. Content helps you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers, but that’s just the beginning. Integrate your content strategy with all your other marketing efforts to give them a boost.

What Matters The Most When It Comes To Leads- Quality Or Quantity?

Let's imagine a common scenario here. You don’t know if you’ll get 2,000, or 200 leads this month. So you end up wasting time marketing to prospects that aren’t interested or that take too much time to convert. Some people prefer to collect as many business leads as they can, hoping to find a few good ones amidst the piles of useless information. But is that the best way to find the partners you want to work with? Absolutely not.

Getting business leads is a funny thing. You might have a lot of them, but they're useless. Or you might have a few, but they're great. Which do you prefer? When you rely on quantity, you sometimes end up with the wrong kind. That's bad for everyone. It lets unqualified people waste your time and it lowers their expectations of you. Instead, why not try something different? A robust digital marketing strategy that determines success for you.

Quality leads are the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. To get them, you need to build a strong foundation for your strategy. That should involve making sure the product has a great user experience, an interactive interface, and high-quality marketing copy etc. 

To build successful relationships with your customers online is a must in this competitive digital landscape. However, you can do more than just sell products or services online. You can also communicate with your prospects and create goodwill that will eventually attract more customers.

Different Types Of Leads In Marketing You Should Aim For

From a phone call to a whatsapp message, if anybody wants to speak to you regarding availing a service or an offer provided your business, it’s considered a lead!

Now based on every such communication, both raw and formal, it can be broadly categorized into 4 types which can be an inbound or an outbound lead for that matter. 

Let’s deep dive and evaluate each one of them from a closer lense:-

i) Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s)

The Marketing Qualified Lead is often warm and receptive to your marketing efforts, although they’re not yet ready to speak with you directly. They’ve already engaged with your content in some way, such as signing up for an eBook or reading a blog that really made them curious to check out your offer or product in general. Many times, it takes several touch points for potential customers to become Marketing Qualified Leads.

ii) Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s)

This is an extension to the MQL’s. This is a step further wherein the prospect has shown a genuine interest in checking out your product so much so that they even signed up for a demo for that matter!

A sales qualified lead is when a potential customer is instructed to a sales representative. This is a qualified lead because the contact has expressed a willingness to work and discuss your product or service in greater detail with your sales team.  

You can send cold sales emails to cold leads. But you’ll get better results with warm, sales qualified leads.

iii) Service Qualified Leads

Qualified leads are a type of potential customer who have shown a desire to purchase from you in the past. In your CRM, you will have a field for Service Qualified Leads who have been reached out to through one of your customer support channels and then become a paying customer. Lead qualification is a standard practice within any Software as a Service (SaaS) industry and it’s a key factor in determining if a lead is ready to be nurtured through your sales funnel.

iv) Product Qualified Leads (PQL’s)

People who have used a product and then they became a paying customer are called Product Qualified Leads. You’ve seen it before. A friend uses a product; they like it; they pay for it. That’s Product Qualified Leads (PQLs). It’s the lifeblood of every company in the B2B space, and its importance can’t be overstated. 

PQLs are extremely high-value leads that come about because of specific web page visits. 

This is a new category of leads, which has been created because the traditional lead generation has failed to effectively qualify potential customers.

What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

It’s a process used in marketing to get people’s attention so they want to buy from you, simple as that. Lead generation in digital marketing is a simple approach to engaging customers, which involves attracting potential customers to your site with relevant content and converting those who visit into leads.

The best lead generation strategy is to identify potential customers and convert them into leads. A lead is a person who has demonstrated interest in your brand by giving you their contact details or otherwise implied that they may want to do business with you.

Generating leads lets you quickly and easily speak to thousands of potential customers without having to call them yourself. When you have a lead generation campaign, you have the opportunity to convert your prospects into customers.

Savvy marketers know lead generation is the secret to success. But great leads start with great strategy. A great way to get discovered by potential customers is to create a marketing experience that makes it easy for them to connect with your business. If you’re wondering about how you can best utilize demand generation techniques to obtain a steady stream of new business, keep reading!

1. Bots That Do Not Act, Sound or Speak Like Bots

Chatbots offer a more personal way to do business, and more effective communication with your online audience. Personalize your customer experience with customized responses to communicate 24/7. Whether it’s a question, feedback, or special offers, artificial intelligence can help you stay on top of everything. Delivering a positive experience should be any businesses' top priority. A smart algorithm that scours through your database, and adds new potential customers to a channel that you specify helps immensely. Chatbots offer a convenient way to reach out and initiate a conversation with prospects.

People who are interested in your products or services probably aren’t looking to be sold right away. They need to see that you’re human, and they need to feel like you understand their point of view before you ask them to give up their information. Turning your website visitors into leads is easier than it seems. Chatbots are excellent tools for promoting your products or services. They're available 24/7, so they can provide instant answers to questions.

For example- The Bot Lab chatbots wants you to create a chatbot as easily as you make a website. To help, we created a chatbot that explains chatbots. We want anyone who wants to create a chatbot be able to ask it questions about how to create a chatbot. The Bot Lab then asks if you’re interested in creating a chatbot to learn more, and a link is provided to sign up for their newsletter as well.

2. Cage It All In With Gated Content

Evoke curiosity about your products and services!  Gated content is online material that can only be accessed after users fill out a lead capture form. (This form of content is often called “lead generation” or “gated content.”) 

By “locking” content behind a lead capture form, you are able to direct interested audiences to pre-selected material that will help you achieve your goals. It can be called as a foot in the door technique wherein you do not give away everything at one go but unlock the goodies one at a time!  

Lead-gated content is typically a brand new blog post or a whitepaper, but it can also be a piece of downloadable content. If you create a lead-gated asset, remember to include an incentive for the user to fill out the form.

It’s no secret that if you’re willing to give of yourself, you can easily attract people of similar interests. For example, if you write articles that address your audience’s most pressing questions, you will almost immediately be rewarded with quality leads that are ready to buy. That’s the whole point of gated content. Lead generation strategies built around value-based offers will attract the highest quality leads, because those free offerings will pique the audience's interest in whatever you have to sell.

3. Circulate It Free Initially, To Charge What You Deserve Later

Ever heard of fremiums or free-trials? Of course you must have. Most of the black friday sales only talk about it. This indeed is a great way to turn your potential leads into loyal customers up till the time you decide to run your offers.

It solves two purposes when you do this. First, it increases the credibility of your product and second, customers get what they want for a limited period of time only to get used to it and avail the subscription.

Well, it's definitely an ideal situation as a lot of B2B as well as B2C companies make use of this promotional marketing tool. But if you are not getting quality leads for a while now, you should go for it to stand a chance even in the crowd!

You can attract new customers by offering a trial or freemium option. This strategy will attract potential customers who aren’t ready to buy. When free trial users sign up, continue building anticipation for paid features and communicate the benefits of upgraded accounts

4. Your Website Is Your Goldmine, Pay Attention To It

Creating landing pages and funnels is a great way to get more leads and grow your business.

A landing page with a clear call to action meets two goals at once. The first is simple: it narrows down your target audience, which you can accomplish by offering them a single, concise product or service. The second goal is to get them to do the thing you want them to do. So pick your content -- or at least, pick where you're going to direct traffic -- and start creating!

With this, content is the major element who either steals or kills the show. The right words can make a big difference in communicating what you’re trying to get across, and that’s why having an editor with a knack for the written word can be a lifesaver to folks trying to get a point across.

Friendly tone makes people feel comfortable when they are doing business with you. A friendly tone also creates an atmosphere of trust. For example, if you are repairing cars your tone should be that of a lover of cars. Using a friendly tone will help you get that customer’s trust and potentially give the customer more money due to the feeling of safety you have given them.

5. Social Advertising For The Win

Generating leads online is a great way to increase brand awareness and encourage prospects to engage with your content. You can get high-quality leads for your business with our integrated tool. It collects data automatically, so you don’t have to do the manual work yourself.

It’s no secret that social media can be an incredible lead generation tool. There are tons of ways you can leverage Facebook and Instagram to find new people who match your target audience profile, so you can get in front of them with your offer.

You should use online advertising as part of your lead generation marketing strategy. With tools like Facebook and Instagram, you can quickly develop buying habit buying behavior.

6. Retarget Shamelessly And Like A Boss!

One of the most effective methods for advertising online is through retargeting. It can be a very powerful tool for increasing your sales, leads, and traffic. 

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your brand, but getting that message to all your target customers isn’t always easy. One way to get the word out is with retargeting campaigns. These allow you to reach people who have already expressed interest in your product or service, but did not make a purchase. With retargeting, you can show them relevant ads, which will hopefully get them to convert.

Retargeting provides an immediate marketing solution to reaching out to potential customers who have already visited your site. Your marketing message will appear on the pages that they visit. This way, your brand can stay top of mind even if you don’t have a specific offer to market to them right away.

7. Email Marketing Is A True Value Bomb, Don’t Shadow Ban It

Email marketing is the perfect way to keep in touch with people who stay in touch with you. With email, you can build relationships and turn leads into life-long customers.

You can use email campaigns to contact your known contacts and offer them something of interest. Calls-to-action are effective when they appeal directly to the reader's self-interest—don't be afraid to design catchy, eye-catching buttons.

Campaigns are necessary tools to rally your fans, build loyalty, and bring them back for more. With the right combination of design, compelling copy, and flawless openers, you’ll be able to market your work in no time.

8. Last But Not The Least, Social Media! (Organic Lead Generation)

Treat social media as your playground to do hit and trial methods. It can be used in various ways given the forms of content is varied and caters to every kind of viewer who can probably exist on the internet. 

There are posts and blogs for the readers. Youtube and IG live for the people who love to absorb content through video formats. Podcasts for people who wish to stay in touch with the latest insights and advancements through listening to people talk for hours and lastly Reels, which serve basically everyone. 

Point is, promote your Lead Magnet on social media. Get people to follow you on social media, watch videos of it, or read stories about it. Their curiosity will be piqued and they will click the CTA to learn more about it.

Show the world what you’re giving away and drive traffic to your profile by adding a small testimonial that’s easy for users to share on social media. 

People will judge you for who you are and not what you say in an email. This is why it’s important to come across as friendly and helpful when in a message.

Final Thoughts On This

If you're thinking of writing a piece of content, or if you're already in the midst of doing so, then it's good to clearly know what your end goal is.

Let's try to understand the perspective of your target audience. What is this product or service that you are selling, really about? Think about the people who will be most likely to buy it. What are their biggest industry problems? Have they tried any solutions? And what are they feeling when trying to solve these problems?

With the right amount of research and promotion, your content can be viewed and shared by thousands and potentially millions of additional readers.

Having a strong voice will grab the attention of your reader. The key elements of a strong voice are creating a tone that matches your target market and having an active voice.

But the content needs to be in such a way that it speaks to every one coming to read it individually, hands down!