The ongoing work employed by the WhatsApp Business developer team has introduced some features and incredible benefits for all small and medium-sized businesses.

Are you sure you know everything about WhatsApp Business? Here are the top main news!

The free business app is was designed to generate visibility to products or services, with the aim of interacting directly with customers and answering their questions. The result is to provide a better shopping experience.

Among the other news of WhatsApp business we cannot fail to mention that of the screenshot.

Any further news? Free access to WhatsApp Cloud Application Programming Interface. What is it for? To create a customized dashboard for each customer, based on their needs. Among other things, it is free for companies! A service that facilitates and eliminates high costs for servers but not only. 

Another novelty do not miss: WhatsApp business may require companies to charge based on conversations. The platform intends to earn with its customers, that is companies. What do you think? Read on to find out about some bombshell news.

Another novelty: the cover photo

The first novelty of WhatsApp business is about the profile cover photo. An incredible feature because it allows business users to set a cover photo that relates to the company's product or service. 

You introduce the button for the camera directly in the settings, where you can select the photo or take a new one in order to use it as a cover image. 

Therefore, all users or customers who visit the company WhatsApp business profile will be able to start seeing the images placed as a showcase. This new update of WhatsApp business is valid for both iOS and Android operating systems. 

WhatsApp business: here's some news to know!

Great news for corporate accounts, there are new features which WhatsApp business announced with great enthusiasm. After the cover photos, the application works on extensions aimed at simplifying the feed and viewing of purchase orders.

The popular messaging platform is working on business tools that have the purpose of customer order management. They have thought of a new available area placed within the settings that allows you to see the precise and ordered list of purchases ordered by customers

It looks like a section where you can keep track of all the data and information of the orders placed. Furthermore, you can add new subsections dedicated to orders, just to have the possibility to put further data and necessary information. In this regard, it will be possible to insert the name, price and quantity.

WhatsApp business: what is the purpose?

The purpose of WhatsApp business is to facilitate interaction and communication between company and customer during the purchase phases. A totally free tool that allows you to automate, reply and organize messages exchanged between user and company in a totally immediate way. 

A seller can use WhatsApp business to send photos, exchange messages and now also order in a section specially designed for this. 

It is designed to offer a better user experience and purchase for the end customer of any company located in the world. The purpose of the tool is that of optimizing the order phase and communicating in faster way.

WhatsApp business: what is it for

A large percentage of the buyers, about 60%, prefer to send a message to the company rather than call to ask for any information. It has been analyzed that the other party prefers to chat rather than send an email.

After this research, it emerges that channels like WhatsApp business are unique and indispensable for selling. Customers love to chat and prefer to do so especially on trustworthy and familiar platforms they already have. 

Easy and super fast, it is a tool for everyone. It is used to sell but not only: it has many other features. The showcase catalog is a benefit to easily browse products without sending messages.

Why WhatsApp Business?

There are many reasons why an SME should choose WhatsApp business instead of another express communication channel. First of all, a tool that greatly facilitates interactions with customers.

It is evident that the chat allows simple and innovative reality and that marketing strategies can be integrated with it. To communicate directly with the customer is one reason. To develop strategies and share promotions via chat is another reason.

To constantly support the customer in different stages of purchase is another reason. Choosing WhatsApp business means knowing customer opinions and also means being able to monitor activities accordingly.

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The pros and cons of WhatsApp Business

Incorporate WhatsApp business into your social and digital marketing strategy is essential especially for a small and medium-sized business. Remember that despite the debut of other competing platforms it always remains at the forefront: here's a pro.

Another advantage is that of being able to be part of Facebook , therefore, the link to these other channels is advantageous. A benefit of WhatsApp business is that it allows you to have a modern and above all rapid one-to-one communication mean.

It is also important for an entrepreneur to know the disadvantages of the WhatsApp business application. The use of the platform involves having a team dedicated to the channel, which responds quickly to the customers.