The advantages of a WordPress interactive map are a lot for a website of any type. When we browse the pages we notice that it is really interesting when we see a interactive geographic map.

Especially if we see that we can interact with it dynamically. We can see the offices, the branches, the activities, the routes. Moreover, if the interactive WordPress map, the experience is even more enjoyable. The interactive WordPress map on your website is fundamental. 

For this reason, today, in this guide, we deepen the 4 main reasons why you must necessarily have a interactive WordPress map on the website. Travel, tourism, restaurant and affiliation blogs need a clickable map to see the specialties and the best places. 

There are many reasons to put a WordPress interactive map on the site and they vary according to different user needs. It is important for those who have to implement it to understand the tool more.

Some plugins, such as interactive word maps, allow you to create interactive WordPress maps to be connected to any part of the site. The user can interact, click and navigate the map, in order to be functional for its purpose and objective. 

What is an interactive map on WordPress?

The WordPress interactive map allows visitors to move around the map, zoom in, zoom out, navigate places, click, interact, view images, etc. WordPress interactive maps are a digital geographic map topology with images, text and movements of any kind.

Routes can be integrated with this type of geographic maps.

Not to mention the addition of icons, text, video, etc. inserted in a few clicks on WordPress after downloading a plugin. There are really many which allow you to have a clickable and customizable map. You can add it on the homepage or on the page Where we are.

WordPress interactive map: how it works

The functionality of the interactive map WordPress also deals with ease of use and insertion without programming code. To have it you need a plugin and you can customize it starting from itineraries, colors, fonts and much more.

All in a few taps since the plugin does it all. You can link the map anywhere on the site, the important is that it has a purpose. It is often used on travel sites to highlight cities and regions. 

To have an interactive map on the WordPress site, you don't need skills or effort.

Just a little time to activate the plugin and customize the interaction geographically.

If you need to render more easy for customers to find your event venue or just want to showcase your business venues, it makes sense to add a map to your website.

From the functionalities, using a WordPress map plugin offers a number of benefits over manual integration.

What is the interactive map in WordPress for?

The utility of the interactive map WordPress we see it in several fronts. First of all, for users and therefore for those who surf. In the background we notice it through reputation, credibility and the loyalty that the blog acquires.

This interactive WordPress map serves not only to locate the company, the professional, the travel blog and so on. Above all it serves for users who interact and preview everything in real time.

Luckily WordPress offers several extensions to get it and therefore you can decide between the various proposals offered for free. A plugin as a solution is ideal for having a professional interactive map on WordPress.

WordPress interactive map: first reason why it is fundamental

The first fundamental reason for having an interactive map in WordPress is certainly the ease of use of the plugins proposed, together with the features of the plugins for interactive WordPress maps. Bloggers or beginners can rely on a plugin that interacts with Google Maps. 

This type of extension provides quality results quickly and are easy to use. The interface of these extensions is intuitive and the tools help to make the map lively and of good interaction. These tools also provide the map in full screen and the dimensions are customizable. 

They also offer useful tools and various geographic map themes and styles. Customizable with the settings of the various plugins. Without having any programming skills. Furthermore, these maps provide pop ups for visitors and give them useful information of any kind by displaying the content inside the map with a pop up window.

Second essential reason for having an interactive WordPress map

The second indispensable reason for having an interactive WordPress map on your website is the wide range of elements of the plugins. 

They are responsive, offer thousands of unlimited maps and indicators, can be modified, have different map styles, offer shapes, polygons and lines and, if necessary, even the heat map.

In a few minutes you can add indicators, links, images, descriptions, videos, pop-up windows that can be opened at the click of the mouse and so on. It is a definitive solution to show the contacts, the paths and the various areas of interest to the users.

WordPress interactive map: third important reason

The third very important reason for integrating and linking a WordPress interactive map on your site is the multiple functions. First, the number of indicators is unlimited. The map can have more of a position. 

Descriptions, images, e-mails, numbers, videos, documents, text: you can add everything directly on the map. The map also has social sharing buttons. In addition to the alternative routes and route passages also to be customized.

You can also add a vertical and horizontal carousel table near the map with marketers. In addition to this, WordPress interactive maps have dynamic horizontal and vertical cursors.

Layers of traffic, transit, cycling, groups of indicators and even it allowes to add drawings and figures on the paths of the map. 

WordPress interactive map: fourth advantage

The fourth but not least advantage of having an absolutely interactive WordPress map is the way it beautifies the site and increases interactions and visits. WordPress plugins allow you to help customers discover locations and itineraries.

Restaurant owners can take an incredible advantage of displaying quality food images and videos preview on the geographic map. Makes the visitor's atmosphere more pleasant and more inclined to return and browse the site. The colored icons give greater insight to be able to navigate the map between marketers and paths.

Have I convinced you? Try integrating an interactive WordPress map on your website. 

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