Knowing that you have a quick and easy guide, it is important to have it at hand during the steps for setting up WordPress with Woocommerce. 

The first tool mentioned is the most used and widespread in the world, which, together with the second, that is a plugin, allow you to create and transform a website into a real e-commerce. Many physical stores have adapted to this new reality.

With a e-commerce you can earn and in recent years the results in terms of sales are increasing more and more. Many more merchants are coming to the web to take the target slice of their interest from the online audience. 

Woocommerce with WordPress is free and it is simply a matter of downloading it and personalizing it based on the products sold on the site. The management of an online store allows you to highlight products to a much larger audience.

The platform makes a unique e-commerce. Not only that, thanks to these two tools together, you can keep track of every order. Easy and comfortable, even adaptable, with Woocommerce even a beginner becomes an expert. 

Finding a quick and easy way is quite normal. Why? In recent years WordPress has evolved more and more along with all the related plugins it offers. 

It is the case to say that Woocomemrce is the turning point for those who are novice but wants to create a website and an e-commerce store with a few clicks and without having skills and knowledge in code programming. These tools together don't even need a programming line. 

In case you follow this guide to the letter, you'll find it super fine because you will have the steps to take under your eyes. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1, let's start this tutorial from A to Z. To better understand all the aspects to be addressed, first a quote from of Aruba, which will help to learn more:

WooCommerce is a plugin designed for WordPress that offers one of the best solutions to create an online e-commerce. Thanks to its flexibility and the wide presence of functionalities and add-on, it allows you to manage all the needs that may arise during the management of an online store.

In the guide we will talk about what is Woocommerce with WordPress. We will explain each utility of it, how it works, all the elements that make up the e-commerce plugin. Next, how to install it in the most effective way. Finally, how to use WordPress with Woocommerce via a practical guide.

What is it? 

The e-commerce plugin allows the creation of an online store placed on a website and consequently allows you to sell products on the web. Together with the cms, reliable and safe, it helps to manage payments and shipments, but also rates and any taxes. 

WordPress with woocommerce is the ideal choice for those who want to create an e-commerce website for free and with simple methods, within everyone's reach.

These two tools together are suitable for making every e-commerce topology work, from the hairdressing site, to the large company, to the professional selling courses and so on.

In a nutshell, a downloadable and settable WordPress plugin for a virtual web shop. It is very important to understand what is it to be able to move forward. The numbers referring to Woocommerce are simply impressive. Let's mention a few, such as:

  • used by 3 million sites
  • powers 30% of e-commerce
  • 94% of the sites in the world use the plugin
  • downloaded from 80 million people

How it works

Woocommerce features with WordPress are phenomenal. To download it, just go to the WordPress plugins page, search for it and activate it. Once this easy operation is done, it will not be enough; other than browsing through the sections and setting everything according to your store. 

Street, header, payments, shipments, products, rates and more. Simplicity and usability; are important advantages to point out right away for this advanced yet easy to use plugin.

It is also ideal for professionals since with the addition of other plugins, you can add various extensions to products and other woocommerce elements. After seeing how it works, let's move on to see the features for each component.

All the elements that make up the e-commerce plugin

The elements that make up the WordPress ecommerce plugin are few but essential. For each element there are sub-elements to set. Each sub-element is to be completed in its entirety. The Woocommerce areas are:

  • General section
  • Products
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Account and privacy
  • Email
  • Advanced

The characteristics of the plugin are known immediately from the first opening. Immediately you notice the intuitive use, and the simple and clear interface makes everything much more manageable. Each component has its own functionality.

You already know how to install the plugin? Read on to find out!

How to install it right away?

The procedures for installing the Woocommerce plugin on WordPress in the most effective way are:

  • install plugin (plugin> add new> install now> activate)
  • start the configuration wizard and enter basic info) address, currency, type of products, e.g. digital or physical)
  • choice of payments (stripe, paypal, cash, bank transfer)
  • configure shipments (location, rate by zone, shipping cost)
  • wizard conclusion (products)

The steps to install woocommerce are few and extremely intuitive. The procedure is guided by the plugin, therefore, just follow this previously described list of operations to proceed.

Customizing your e-commerce with the Woocommerce plugin on WordPress

To customize orders, coupons and reports, just go to the general Woocommerce interface to find the areas and selections to be modified. 

In this window, you can customize promotional codes, products, usage restrictions, general tab, discounts, free shipping, inventory, sales reports and statistics, Woocommerce settings and much more. 

For example, it is possible to vary the shipping areas and the relative cost for each one. Set up tax rates and calculations. Enter the VAT in the section dedicated to it. Also put prices on products in a fast way.

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