L'olandese Exor N.V., rating BBB+ con outlook stabile di S&P's, ha annunciato un'offerta agli obbligazionisti titoli dei bond "€750,000,000 2.125 per cent. Notes due 2022" (ISIN XS1329671132)" (note al 2022) e dei bond "€650,000,000 2.50 per cent. Notes due 2024" (ISIN XS1119021357) (note al 2024). Si tratta di titoli quotati alla Borsa del Lussemburgo e l'offerta in contanti prevede quanto sintetizzato nella tabella sottostante tratta dal comunicato stampa originale di Exor.

|Notes |ISIN |Outstanding Nominal Amount |PreMaturity Call Option* |Purchase Yield |Purchase Price* |Maximum Acceptance Amount |
|€ 750,000,000 2.125 per cent. Notes due 2 December 2022 |XS1329671132 |€ 750,000,000 |Exercisable from and including 2 September 2022 |-0.40% |104.089 per cent. |€ 400,000,000
** |
|€ 650,000,000 2.50 per cent. Notes due 8 October 2024 |XS1119021357 |€ 650,000,000 |Not Applicable |-0.15% |109.866 per cent. |

  • The terms and conditions of the 2022 Notes provide for a Pre-Maturity Call Option, exercisable at the option of the Company, at€1,000 per €1,000 in nominal amount of the Notes from (and including) 2 September 2022.

** For information purposes only, the Purchase Price set out above will be, in respect of (i) the 2022 Notes 104.089 per cent.(€1,040.89 for each €1,000 in nominal amount) and (ii) the 2024 Notes 109.866 per cent. (€1,098.66 for each €1,000 in nominalamount) if, in each case, the Settlement Date is 22 January 2021, as determined in the manner described in "The Offers -Purchase Prices" in the Tender Offer Memorandum. Should the Settlement Date be postponed, the Purchase Price in respect ofeach Series will be recalculated and will be announced, for information purposes only, as provided in "Further Information andTerms and Conditions – Announcements" in the Tender Offer Memorandum.

* The Company reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion and for any reason, to significantly increase or decrease theMaximum Acceptance Amount and/or to accept significantly less than or more than the Maximum Acceptance Amount (or not toaccept any Notes of either or any Series) for purchase pursuant to the Offers.

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