How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is a fun, online pinboard with over 400 million people and 70 billion ideas. It is a powerful platform to get customers to discover your brand and grow your business. This article explains how to use Pinterest for your business.


Pinterest is a fun, online pinboard where people plan vacations, road trips, and getaways, right? But, there is a whole lot more you can accomplish on this app. Plan your homes, look up recipes, fashion ideas, and many more.

With more than 70 billion ideas, the possibilities are limitless.

Pause for a while and imagine. What if you can leverage the platform's extensive user base to show your product and services to millions of potential customers, telling them how you can help them achieve those lofty ideas?

Pinterest for business helps you to accomplish that!

When users search for solutions and inspirations, your business should show them how it can help them do much more.

However, it is beyond jumping on the app and saving Pins as they come. You need to be strategic with your profile, posting, and more.

In this article, we discuss how to use Pinterest for your business. And how to increase your business visibility, awareness, and conversions on the platform.

Why should you use Pinterest for Your Business?

The following reasons are why your business should be on Pinterest

Brand awareness

Pinterest will give your business presence a boost from exposure to millions of potential customers. Many Pinners report discovering new products and brands on the app every week.

Commercial activity

People often use saved Pins to make buying decisions. According to a 2019 Pinterest Seasonal Insights report, more than 80% of pinners said they made a purchasing decision based on products they've seen on Pinterest.

Visual social app

Pinterest is an excellent platform to increase your brand awareness. Presently, it is the only social media platform with a visual search feature. The time to hop on this trend is NOW!

Large user base

Pinterest is rated the fourth most popular social media app in the United States. It has well over 400 million active monthly users. This platform will give your business a boost by showing it to millions of potential customers.

How to create a Business Pinterest account

As a new user, you need a Business account to begin. Don't worry; the process is outlined below:

  • Visit
  • Fill in your email, password, and age, then create an account
  • Fill in your business name, website URL, and profile information
  • Claim your accounts.

Below is a detailed explanation of each step:

  • Visit

Enter an email address and a password. Select "Create Account." If you own a personal account, log out before creating a business account.

  • Fill in your business details and website address

After selecting the “Create Account” menu, you will be directed to a page that asks for business type, business name, and your website information. If you do not find a category that aptly describes your business, choose "I'm not sure."

  • Fill in your profile information.

The next step, enter your profile details. This is where you will add a display name, profile picture, username, and other necessary info to help users understand what your board is about.

  • Claim your accounts.

Finally, claim your website and other important accounts to get analytics and attrition for all your posts on Pinterest. 

What is a Pin? And other important Terms To Know before you get started.

Before we delve into using Pinterest for your business, let's define a Pin.

Pins are posts on Pinterest. They are like tweets that you share on Twitter.

Pins are unique because 100% of the time, they are accompanied by pictures. Although optional, Pins do come with a description, title, and a web link. As such, Pins provides an avenue to drive warm traffic to a landing page, product page, website, blog, contact us page, and many more.

Pins are saved on a Pinterest board. A Pinterest board is a collection of closely related pins created on a Pinterest profile that allows users to follow. For instance, a florist may create specific boards for indoor flowers, outdoor flowers, landscape flowers, and many more.

When you post a pin on Pinterest, it will appear on your board and your followers’ news feed. This is similar to how a post from your connections on LinkedIn will appear on your news feed. When properly optimized, your pins will come up on the home feed of other users who have interacted with similar posts or content in the search results.

When your Pin appears on a user's news feed, he can “share/repin” it. This is a feature that allows users to share your post with their followers. Thus, giving it more reach and awareness.

Pins are indexed by search engines. As such, your pins represent an excellent opportunity to widen your brand reach.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Determine what content to post

Like in all social media, it is essential to identify your target and the content they interact with on Pinterest.

Even more important is to identify the content they are more likely to engage with. For example, will they love to see a blog post, tips, tricks, or infographics? To find out, conduct research, identify the Pins currently in their board and pages.

In addition, do not sell your products and services on all your pins. Instead, share helpful, relevant, and engaging pins on your page. Creating engaging pins when you understand what your target audience loves to see becomes easy.

Use keywords you want to rank for

Still on Pins. Before posting your pins, identity the keywords to rank for. This is to ensure the pins show up on the right people's feed. In addition, pins are indexed by search engines and searchable on Pinterest; therefore, optimizing for keywords is important. 

In all your posts, include two or three relevant keywords to rank for. Confused about the keywords to use? Get on Neil Patel's Ubersuggest. It is a free tool that will give you some keywords idea.

Armed with these keywords, go to the search bar on Pinterest. Enter the keywords and observe other search terms that come up. These are some of the trending keywords that rank high on the platform.

Optimize your pin for search with these search terms. Note, do not overstuff your posts with keywords. It may lead to a negative ranking by the Pinterest search algorithm. 

To get an idea of ​​trending pins, check Pinterest 100. It is a comprehensive list of the year trending searches.

Add a Pinterest Save widget to your website

Whatever the business objectives for joining Pinterest for business, encourage users to pin your posts to their boards. This simple act will expand your brand reach and encourage visits to your website and perhaps purchase.  

In addition, make it easy for your website visitors to take the desired action. For example, use a CTA to encourage pinning your post to their boards. Add a “Pin It” menu on your site content, so visitors can pin an image or infographic with one click.

You can use a Widget Builder to make a conspicuous Pinterest “Save it” button on your site. 

Create beautiful pins

Pinterest is a platform for eye-catching pictures. However, creating visually compelling pins that adhere to the platform requirements for business-oriented profiles may be difficult.

To stand out with your pins, follow these Pinterest image best practices :

  • Add text overlay with a concise copy to tell your story
  • Maintain an aspect ratio of 2: 3 for all images
  • Include your brand logo
  • Upload contextual images. This can be an image of a service or product in a lifestyle setting or a scenario that depicts a particular product or service in action.

Use Rich Pins

These are unique pins that make navigating Pinterest seamless and straightforward. Beyond the crisp image, a rich pin usually contains the pinner's description and a clickable link. There are four Rich Pins on Pinterest at the moment. They are:

  • App pins: This is the latest addition to the Pinterest Rich Pins family. It allows pinners to download and share apps directly.
  • Recipe pins: Unlike the other rich pins that show a picture and description entered manually by the original poster. A recipe pin shows specific information such as serving sizes, cooking times, ingredients, etc.
  • Product pins: This rich pin is designed to simplify shopping on Pinterest. Product-rich pins show a product’s current price, where to purchase, and the product page URL. This pin updates product information in real-time.
  • Article pins: An article pin makes it easy for users to view an article title, author, and blog meta description. These features make them more searchable and easily distinguishable from other pins on Pinterest.

If you need more information about rich pins and how to enable and apply them, please visit Pinterest’s developers’ page.

Pin Consistently

When starting out, pin about 6-11 times in a day. Ensure that the first 6 Pins you post are brand-focused. These pins often drive warm traffic to an Etsy store, appointment page, product page, landing page, and other conversion pages.

Your Pinterest will need a high volume of content than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. As such, set apart about three hours weekly to schedule pins. Scheduling can be done quickly on your dashboard or any other approved Pinterest partner.

Monitor your analytics monthly (more on this shortly). Identify the best-performing pins. Create more pins like this to drive future engagements. 

Use Pinterest Hashtags to brand awareness

Pinterest Hashtags can help your business gain increased visibility.  Pin allows up to 20 hashtags. It is more effective to use 3-5 targeted hashtags. A poorly crafted hashtag like #ihadanicenight will not perform well. But a nicely crafted hashtag like #weightlossmeal is perfect for a recipe Pin. Note, use only hashtags that are relevant to your keywords and the content you post.

Pinterest ads

Promoted pins or Pinterest ads are like regular pins. The difference is you are paying for this pin to be shown to thousands, maybe millions of Pinterest users.

Adverts on Pinterest can be targeted at a geographic area. This advert will only come up on the feeds of users living in that specified area. Depending on the keyword and topic of discussion, Pinterest ads can be inexpensive. Users may repin your ad, sharing it with their followers. This gives additional reach without paying extra bucks for it.

Promoted pins can quickly give your business more visibility than you pay for. Ensure it contains helpful information and is designed like a regular pin.

Track Analytics

A successful social marketing strategy is data-driven; the same holds for Pinterest ads. When you track and measure audience behavior and important Pinterest metrics, it becomes easy to see what pins work best and what type of content performs poorly.

A Pinterest business account allows you to see these metrics on your dashboard. From here, you can make data-driven decisions to help your profile gain more visibility and conversions.


Now you have the necessary tools to drive quality traffic and make sales from your Pinterest business account.

With more than 390 million active monthly users, your business should have a brand presence on Pinterest. This is an incredible marketing opportunity that should not be missed. 

Pinterest is a platform that will showcase your business, products, and services to highly engaged users who are looking for your offerings. With the hacks in this article, you are on your way to creating a Pinterest business account that will engage your target audience.

The next best time to start Pinning is now!