WordPress with Elementor: the page builder that works wonders

Elementor and WordPress together make a website unique. In this guide, we will deepen every main aspect. Elementor with WordPress: let's explore what the page builder is. What is it used for, what are the functions, how to use it and what can be done with it.


Among the plugin and the page builders that replace the Gutenberg editor we notice an amazing one called Elementor. Many talk about it, many use it. Personally, I think it is unbeatable compared to everything else. WordPress with Elementor together, they can create professional web sites, designing a high-level corporate future. 

The platform WordPress is one of the best and also among the most simple. Elementor is very easy and surprisingly affordable for everyone. Exploring this page builder, we notice miracles.

In the sense that it allows you to do whatever you imagine. Furthermore, it is the most popular plugin. It presents itself as a fast and performing alternative editor that allows beginners and professionals to create websites in no time with phenomenal results.

WordPress with Elementor frames a site with great advantages. In real time while working with these two tools, they allow you to view the project live.

Static pages, articles, products, e-commerce, landing page and all that you imagine and think. These two neighboring tools can bring the best sites to life without a single line of code.

There is no more need to download various plugins for each feature since WordPress with Elementor offers all existing functions in one and only page builder.

Elementor and WordPress together make a website unique. For this, in the guide, we deepen every main aspect. 

Elementor with WordPress: the page builder

The Elementor page builder with WordPress is an editor that allows you to build and customize a website in a completely intuitive and affordable way. The Elementor visual builder does not require coding skills.

It offers tons of widgets. In addition to full freedom and customization, it is designed through a pixel design, custom positions, spacing, margins, colors and typography, all editable. This is a completely unlimited website for building platform. 

What is the Elementor plugin for?

The Elementor editor with WordPress serves a multitude of purposes, not just one. Indeed, it is one of those plugins with which you can add pretty much everything. Now a reference point for every web designer, compared to other similar plugins such as Bakery or Divi, and much more, it is intuitive and truly within everyone's reach.

It is super fast, and it also makes the WordPress site quick and practical for the user. An editor that allows you to make the site responsive.

Elementor was born as a page builder, which is a tool designed to create single pages. As with other page builders, with Elementor you can start from a blank page and drag, via drag and drop, the various elements you need to build the page, being able to manage both the contents and the graphic customization with a single tool.

WordPress functions and features with Elementor

The Elementor live editor for WordPress allows you to build your site from top to bottom by dragging elements on the page. Visually drag and drop to customize everything without code: the only thing to do to insert block by block and create a complete website. 

Among other things, it owns more than 300 editable and customizable templates already created by successful designers. 

Not to mention the 2000 icons, backgrounds, shapes, colors, typography, animations and various modes of effects, crazy motion effects like scrolling, hover animations, awesome parallax effect, 3d, logo, image transitions.

With Elementor on WordPress, one click is enough to add a countdown or a WordPress article on a specific section or page.

How to use Elementor with WordPress?

The all in one platform is very advantageous because it combines hundreds of features and plugins in one live editor. Professional, open source, fast and pretty much complete with everything. In a single platform you create websites of all kinds from static to dynamic. 

Widgets for any purpose. You need to insert a map? Already there on Elementor. Drag and drop it from the menu to the page in one move. Imagine the left bar of Elementor as a list of icons. For example, do you want to insert the icon referring to the logo or a photo on the site?

What can I do with Elementor?

The question everyone asks before starting is: what can I do with Elementor and WordPress together? It doesn't make the idea but with this plugin you can really do everything. Share articles on a social network? Done! Enter countdown? Also done!

Anything you can imagine. Map? Articles in a specific area? Animations? Images? Text? Page templates like? Once in WordPress and once you have downloaded and activated Elementor you will realize how many things you can add.

Go to a page and try this plugin now. Here are some of the many features offered:

  • header
  • footer
  • menu
  • logo
  • images
  • texts
  • animations
  • video
  • buttons and call to action

Remember, the best thing is, it is perfectly customizable for colors, sizes, alignments, text and everything else that you believe can be modified according to your brand guidelines. Other elements that you can surely add with elementor are:

  • dividers
  • spacers
  • maps
  • articles
  • icons
  • ratings and stars
  • reviews and testimonials
  • carousels
  • gallery
  • counters
  • progress bar

In short, boxes of various types. On each page you can enter whatever you want. Other functions, for example, are:

  • social icons
  • cards
  • alerts and notifications
  • latest posts
  • contact form
  • price list
  • share buttons
  • sidebar
  • timer
  • and much more

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