Le Fonti Global Awards celebrate the excellence

Le Fonti Global Awards’ Ceremony has awarded those realities which have stood out for their quality, growth, innovation and attention to detail


The edition of Le Fonti Global Awards® was held this morning, June 21st, at Le Fonti's TV studios, located in the heart of Milan. The ceremony was conducted by anchors Aleksandra Georgieva and Giacomo Iacomino. Le Fonti Global Awards’ Ceremony has awarded those realities which have stood out for their quality, growth, innovation and attention to detail.

Below, the list of winners divided by category:


Michael Dang (Anpha Holdings) was awarded as CEO of The Year for Innovation Real Estate Vietnam "For being one of the most recognized leaders in the development of the property sector through various and innovative concept like SIMCity, a fully and completed smart city in Vietnam where its state-of-the-arteco-design generates greater value with the purpose of providing better living spaces  both for society and residents".


Herrles has won as the Excellence of the Year Industrial Assemblies "For being Europe’s largest supplier of used industrial robots. For the attractive prices, the high quality, its reliable way of working and the attention to details".


La Trobe Financial Services has won as Non-Bank Financial Institution of the Year Asia Pacific "For helping clients to obtain financial independence through the strong conviction that home ownership is the foundation of financial security. For striving for excellence in all areas of its business".


Chris Andrews (La Trobe Financial Services) is CEO of the Year Wealth Management Asia Pacific "For being CEO of the Australia’s oldest non-bank lender with seven decades of proven credit management. For constantly improving the assets and for its big focus on clients", while Manish Kumar (Stratacache Asia Pacific) is CEO of the Year Leadership Digital Signage Solutions Asia Pacific "For being a leader with notable experience in the Asia-Pacific market, and overseesing sales, services and support activities across the Stratacache brands, aligning operations with region- specific needs in the digital media/marketing technology market. For identifying key growth markets to elevate brand awareness. He also holds the position of Vice President, Investments Asia-Pacific at Stratacache Capital. His unique talent allowed Stratacache to be the most influential Company in the sector".


Orchard Global Asset Management has won as Excellence of the Year Asset Management Asia "For being a leading Alternatives Asset Manager focused on structured credit, specialty lending and opportunistic fixed income investments  and for being able to source attractive investment opportunities around the world".


Doto has won as Best Innovative Broker "For being a newly established yet up-and-coming international online trading platform that helps traders get easy access to financial markets. For its characteristics: innovation, transparency, and safety and for offering a wide range of financial instruments and user-friendly trading software".