If you like brawlers and action games, then Lost Judgment is for you.


The Yakuza Franchise

While the Yakuza franchise always switched to first person perspective in its action games, Lost Judgment maintains the classic brawler style seen in old games. The first game was also released in 2021 and was one of the bestselling games of the year. However, it wasn't long before the developers decided to create a sequel all they could. In the second game, we find that the series gets even more intense. This time, the fighting continues and the stakes get higher.

In terms of story, Lost Judgment follows the same pattern seen in the past two games. You begin by exploring the different areas and engaging in mini-games to level up and unlock new moves for your character. There are still mini-games, but they have been revamped to be more enjoyable. In turn, there are new characters and an all new world to explore. The gameplay follows the same fighting formula seen in the past two games, but with an enhanced action, graphics, and voice over work. The first game saw a great deal of success because it introduced a new perspective and helped to bring the yakuza into the mainstream; this time, however, the franchise has another chance to prove itself.


The Action Combat

One of the most exciting features is the action combat. If you liked the fast-paced turn-based style of the first Lost Judgment, then you'll love Lost Judgment: Snake Style. As in its predecessor, you start out by investigating the murder of a local merchant. A mysterious criminal named Ryokke is the culprit and he wants to take control of the city by any means possible. Your only lead is a dead woman who tells you a lot about the city, which you need to piece together.

Aside from the exciting action, Lost Judgment: Snake Style has some original features that make this sequel stand apart from the pack. For example, instead of just having you investigate one murder scene, you'll have to go to three or four. If you fail to solve the case, you lose your progress and have to start the whole thing from the beginning. On the other hand, if you solve the case, you get a certificate which you can use as proof of your position as a district attorney. This adds a thrill to the game because there's no question about your abilities after getting a certificate.

While the first game was more story-driven, Lost Judgment: Snake Style switches things up with a non-traditional detective adventure. This sequel lets you play as a private detective instead, following the clues left behind in the first game instead of going after the killer. You'll have to solve murders, thefts, and mysteries using different methods such as reverse psychology, tracking, and questioning.


Snake Style

Since there are more activities to try, the game will also have more levels than the first Lost Judgment. The first game was quite short and each level had only a few screens. However, the second installment will have several different levels to play on, each with a few screens to read. Because of this, Lost Judgment: Snake Style is believed to be the prequel fans have been waiting for.

Many people are wondering if we'll get another Lost Judgment game for the Xbox One. The official release of the game has only been released for the PC. However, there are many rumors that Lost Judgment is still in development for the Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting game. Although there is still no solid evidence if this game is coming to the Xbox One, it is safe to assume that it won't be a part of the current lineup of games for the console.