The jagged edges and graffiti style graphics are a reminder of the classic PC games that gave birth to the Genesis system, and clearly showcase some of the best elements of what makes the modern Sonic the game so beloved.


Alex Kidd

It's great to see a classic like Alex Kidd being brought back into a new generation of gaming. While fans of the original may be put off by a new release date, rest assured that this new version is still a worthy sequel. So even if you're not a fan of Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, you'll probably still enjoy this exciting Nintendo Wii game.

With a new release date of April, it's expected that we'll finally get to see Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Unlike any other release date we've seen for a Sonic game in the past, it seems likely that this one will be a faithful recreation of the classic title. The jagged edges and graffiti-style nature of the visuals are a great fit for the HD remaster. While it's still not known if we'll be getting a high definition remake of the original, it's exciting to hear that this version will have a lot of the same elements as the older versions did. If we do get the high definition version, it'll be fantastic to play in both widescreen and stereo.


The New Trailer

This new trailer shows us the game in action, and it looks like the game is going to be about the same as its predecessor. Alex Kidd must use his own trademark quick thinking and maneuverability to help him solve puzzles and master his surroundings. You'll be able to blend skills with a variety of platforms and obstacle courses to complete each level. Although many people think that the new gameplay is too simplistic, the fact is that the game is more forgiving than its predecessors, so even those people who weren't fans of the first may find this a breath of fresh air.

Alex is joined by his childhood friends Cosmo and Wanda in this remake. These two characters are included in the game's art, giving collectors a whole new look at Alex and his adventures. The developers have also included many classic features from the original release such as the Power Ball and bonus worlds. The Power Ball is basically a big red button that you press to activate and move Alex and Cosmo through different obstacles. It also can be used to break walls and other objects in your adventure.

While the new visuals aren't much different than the classic, the old is made more attractive with the use of 3D graphics. The entire game is filled with great action that will keep gamers interested. The main theme of Alex and Cosmo is to solve puzzles and collect the jewels they need to gain entrance into the magical world of Miracle World. However, because this is a remake version, it's possible to combine classic elements with the new ones for a fun experience. This is one of the few games in the franchise that makes good use of the technology available to us today


The Release Date

Although there are many factors that could play into whether or not you're going to love the game, the release date is something that will always be a big factor. Most remakes are released after a year or two after the original, so it's easy to see why people are eager to play this on the new systems. Even if it's not a top seller on the Wii, you'll still have a blast with it. There are some online communities dedicated to this game, which means that you can discuss it with fellow gamers from around the world. If you want to get an extra challenge, you can even try the bonus chapter that was included with the original release date.

Since the game is remade, you also get all the classic songs that you know and love. Some of these are featured on the original release, but some have been adapted to fit this format. Overall, the game is a high definition version of its classic predecessor and will provide you with hours of entertainment. Whether you've played Alex Kidd in Miracle World before or not, this version will make you want to play it again just to see everything that has been improved.