Backbone: The New Action-Adventure Game From Wayforward

BioWare is gearing up to release their new MMORPG title, Dragon Age Chronicles II. Set in the world of Avelia, the second chapter of the popular Dragon Age series, players will return to the world of conflict again as they seek to put an end to the evil threat posed by the Lich King. The first part of the game was released in 2021 and has since become one of the most critically acclaimed RPGs of all time.


Now fans will be getting another chance to experience the addictive gameplay and memorable storyline in a whole new way thanks to the release date of Dragon Age II.


Bioware Launch Support

Since the first release, Bioware has offered plenty of post launch support for the game. They've continued to add new content, polish and add new features to the game. This time around they are making a turn towards offering more engaging content through quests that take players outside of the main story line. This not only makes the story more interesting, but it also changes up the gameplay a bit as well. This means that players will be spending more time questing and not grinding to get levels. Here's an example of some of the new content that will be coming in June:

This is simply one example of some of the new game additions coming with the release of Dragon Age II. The Backbone system is not only changing the way that the game plays, but it's also changing the way that the publisher will be releasing the game. The publisher will be selling the game as a physical product, meaning that they will be releasing the game discs as well as all of the required updates in a standard format.


A New Combat System

One of the biggest features in the new game is the new combat system. No doubt fans of the original will be very happy to know that the combat has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It uses a new skill system, where every character has unique skills that can help them fight off waves of enemy characters. The combat feels intuitive and is extremely detailed. According to the publishers, the combat will have some real life fighting skills behind it that will make it feel as if you are really fighting enemies that you can sense.

Another huge feature is the crafting system. The crafting system will allow players to craft and sell new items for gold, acquire new weapons and armor, and gain experience to level up their characters. This is according to the official Backbone site. The crafting system in the game will be similar to that of the original, but mmo gamers looking for something new will probably enjoy it. The update also promises plenty more, including "story content and additional quests". The story content will probably deal with the return of the Mages during the third era.


Overhauled Gameplay

The final major update is the overhauled gameplay and user interface. According to the publishers, the gameplay will be getting some tweaks here and there to improve things. They say that the interface will be getting some refinements to better suit the needs of the game. This is according to the official site. The changes are said to be pretty significant and will certainly be an exciting part of the game.

Based on the new trailers and the earlier information, MMORPG player's will certainly look forward to playing this action-adventure game. It will be introducing some unique elements that will no doubt attract lots of people to play. From the looks of it, the game will be very engaging and will not be too short on content either. There is no telling how much fun it will be for gamers.

The team behind the development has not yet revealed much about the story, but we do know much more about the new game mechanics. A lot of exciting stuff is in the works, so this could be a very fun game. So if you want to play an open-world RPG with a twist, then definitely check out the new game project from the folks at Wayforward. We know you will enjoy this new adventure in the making. As long as the game is fun, it should be successful.