Sir Lancelot

Chivalry 2: Gold Edition follows the story of Sir Lancelot, a knight who has sworn to protect the people of Ferelden from the evil Queen Diane. When an ominous messenger appears threatening to take over the throne of the King and Queen refuse to offer Lancelot his sword, he sets out to find the culprit and return him to his rightful place. However, instead of finding the culprit, he falls in love with the local girl, Gaheris. Meanwhile, Sir Gaheris' own father is taken away from him, forcing him to leave home to pursue his dreams and serve in the ranks of the Knights of the Round Table.

Now, armed with this amazing information, you can start downloading Chivalry 2: Gold Edition right now and beginning your journey in creating epic campaigns and taking part in spectacular duels using all the available weapons and armor. The game has a rich single player campaign that allows players to either create their own faction or wage virtual war against all the other players of the online game. As you progress through the game, you'll uncover more secrets about the story line, like the fact that the King is actually undead, and other tit bits of information that will really help you advance through the levels faster. And, since it's an online game, you'll be able to enjoy the spectacular graphics that have been added as well. There are so many new details, and all of them add to the overall excitement of the game. It really seems as though the developers have spent countless hours working on this one, and they are making every effort to provide top quality games that provide an experience that is not only fun, but also engrossing for any type of player.


Adding New Things

The developers have certainly put in a lot of time and effort into the new game, adding new things like new castles to fight in, and new weapons like the jousting knight armor. One of the most impressive features however is the new castle placement system. Instead of being stuck in a small corner of the map, you will now be able to fight in a wide open arena where you can target enemy soldiers and structures. You will also be able to move quickly around the map, eliminating enemy soldiers and decimating their numbers. It's an exciting feature that will allow you to move quickly around the map without worrying about getting stuck in a battle you're not interested in. It will make the entire experience more exciting for any player.

The other great thing about the Chivalry 2 pre-order bonus is the option to get your name into the beta. This will grant you guaranteed access to the closed beta of the game which is going to be included in every copy of the game when it is released. This means that you will be one of the first to own this amazing game when it goes live, giving you first pick at all of the new features and levels. If you want to get into the beta right away, then this is the way to go.


New games modes

The Chivalry 2 open beta will start off with a castle defense game that will allow you to hone your skills, as well as see whether or not the new game modes and features are right for you. There will be two separate but interconnected games because the two stories are so different from one another. The closed beta will focus on the story while the open beta will focus on the new gameplay mechanics and other things you can use to your advantage during the course of your time in the Chivalry 2 open beta. Here are some of the areas you can expect to find during the open beta:

The open beta will be available exclusively on the Xbox Live Arcade, which is good news for any Xbox gamer out there. It will be easier to find and join than the closed beta, which makes it all the more exciting. Plus, you'll have access to the newest maps and characters right away, meaning there will be more to explore and more to master when it comes to playing and winning games in the future. You'll also be able to get a sneak peek at the new costumes for your favorite characters, as well as the ability to use the new weapons and tactics. Remember, once the Chivalry 2 beta is over, the official release will follow.

Whether you love classic video games or are looking for a new game to play, then you'll want to check out the new Chivalry 2 open beta. The game promises to provide hours of pure fun and excitement. With a whole new storyline, stunning graphics, and plenty of great items and weapons, it's easy to see why this game has a huge fan base already. If you like medieval movies and games, then you'll definitely want to check out Chivalry 2. There are a lot of cool things to do and see in this exciting release.