The entire game takes place within a city, Las Vegas. Las Vegas has always been one of the most exciting places in the world, but in this game, the action takes place on a casino floor. The game has many of the same elements as the earlier games in the series such as a large variety of locations, plenty of items to use and weapons to fight with. The story is divided into many different scenes, each interspersed with mini-games that help you get immersed in the character.


Max: The Casino Dealer

The story follows a young casino dealer named Max. Max is thrown into a world of mystery and fantasy when he meets the beautiful, mysterious Natalia. Together they become the unlikely love of each other. However, Max soon finds out that Natalia is a fraud who wants to make Max her lover. The two must work together to uncover the secret of their relationship and to save the city of Las Vegas from destruction.

Each scene in this game is drawn in-depth with outstanding photography. The story is told using a mixture of text and images to keep players entertained and engrossed. The characters are well designed and the overall look and feel of the game are very reminiscent of the old arcade games where your goal was to hit a certain number of balloons in a certain amount of time. This aspect is taken even further in "Cris Travaganza."


The Sounding

The audio part of the game is quite fun to listen to as well. The voiceover is quite entertaining and captures the true tone of the game perfectly. The music fits the overall mood of the story and adds a professional level of quality to the experience. In the end, the graphics and design of the game are simply top-notch. They really do set the game apart from all the others on the market.


Seven Different levels

There are seven different levels in this game and the story continues from level to level. Every level adds something new and exciting to the experience. Each scene is full of adventure, mystery, and excitement. The overall storyline is written in a way that keeps the player's attention as long as possible without the player becoming bored.

The game is available for free online right now. Players can jump into the action right away and start collecting coins while they try to figure out the true plot of the game is. Plus, there are a ton of different upgrades and weapons that players can buy to spice things up once the action gets heated. All players can see the fruits of their labors by collecting all the bonus rewards that the game has to offer.


A Colorful Story

This is an exciting game to play and one that promises to keep players hooked for a long time. Plus, the story is colorful and interesting enough to keep players interested throughout the entire game. If you love adventure games with a little bit of romance thrown in, then you will love playing the game. If you want your computer to have a dose of attitude as well, then this game might be just the ticket. All in all, this game is well worth checking out.

In Travaganza, players can find themselves in the center of an intricate and intriguing plot. The game deals with two very different but yet connected girls, Ayane and Mako, who find themselves caught between opposing sides in an underground battle. While on the surface their situation seems hopeless, the girls learn that they have the power to break through all obstacles. In the process, they uncover the truth about themselves and about their hometown.


More Than Just Playing

As one would expect, playing as these two characters are more than just following a story. Players are also tasked with making relationships with the locals of the game's various towns. These girls each have their own backstories that you can learn about by interacting with the locals. Plus, if you get stuck, there are tons of hints scattered across the game's many landscapes that will point you in the right direction. Some of these hints will prove to be crucial in the end, and some will help you to skip some critical areas of the game.

It's always exciting to return to a classic setting, especially one as beloved as Travaganza. The girls in this game look and sound like their real-life counterparts, and there is just something wonderfully sentimental about playing in this world. The game's engaging story, colorful graphics, and lively characters make it a joy to play and are certain to bring fans back for more. If you're looking for a new adventure with plenty of romance and a healthy dose of laughs, then playing Travaganza: The Girls Of Rockland on Nintendo DS is definitely recommended. It's one of the best DS games available.