The Storyline

One of the things that makes a game memorable is the storyline, which in this case, will be the story of the contaminated land and how the radiation has started to destroy it. The story behind the game is based around the real life incident that happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine. There were four nuclear power stations that were destroyed in the disaster. Now the land is recovering from the destruction, but there are dangers around, as scientists are still on the look out to see what really happened in the events of the disaster. In order for players to get a feel of the environment and how each area looks like they will need early access to the game. With early access to the game you will get a better idea of the plot and how everything fits together.

Early access will allow you to get a first look at the game and see if you would enjoy playing it. By having the ability to play before other people it's possible to find out if the story and the overall concept of the game is right for you. When you do play the game and you decide that you would enjoy chernobylite, then you can go ahead and register so that you can join the early access group, which will give you access to the game.

In order to start playing the game you will also need to purchase some things. One of these things is a special steaming device, which will be used to help you get started in the game. The device works in the same way as a steam radiator, where water and gas flow through a circuit, which ends up heating up a metal part. This metal part is then connected to the air, which makes the air cool the metal part, while also cooling the water. This whole process causes the metal part of the object to change state from hot to cold, which is how the radiation from the outside world is trapped inside the object.


Use The Steaming Device

There are a number of reasons why you should use the steaming device. The most obvious reason is because it helps to create the atmosphere of a real-life nuclear war scene. Many images of mushroom clouds are what come to mind when people think about the conditions that nuclear war could cause. As such, if you're going to play this game, you should definitely make use of the steam early access, which can help you visualize the destruction that would have occurred during that time. A number of these games have very realistic settings, and so you can get a feel for what the real world would have been like during the moments of the disaster. For example, if you were in a hospital in Prague at the time of the explosion, you'll probably find that things look quite a lot different to how they really were in real life.

However, not everything in the game is based on realism. In fact, much of the game is based on adventure, with players taking on the task of exploring the various facilities that are present in and around the real-life Czech Republic. While this does help to immerse you in the mood for the game, there's a certain level of reality built into the experience, meaning that you might find that you lose interest after a while - but it's always possible to try again.


The Exclusion Zone

The one thing that the early access version of Chernobylite has that the full version doesn't have is the option to build your own home in the exclusion zone. This is a shame, as it means that you will be working alongside a real life photographer, rather than an imaginary one. While this element may detract from the gameplay, it also means that players can spend more time trying to photograph interesting things in the environment, rather than having to worry about staying safe. There is a list of things to photograph in the area, which you can review before heading out, ensuring that you don't waste any time or get stuck while trying to do something different.

So although the early access version of Chernobylite doesn't feature all the elements that are present in the full release, it does offer a solid game, where you get to explore the challenges and drama of a post-apocalyptic world, rather than just the physics and simulation of it. Although it's not the best game that was ever made, it's still a lot of fun and there's definitely enough content to keep players happy. It's a shame that we'll only be able to play this on the full release, but even if it's not the greatest game that was ever made, it still has plenty to offer. That's why we recommend playing it.