She did not have the same "corrupt" history that Alice and Ender were battling for when they first teamed up.


The Dark Fantasy Elements

Regardless, the game does feature some cool new elements. Some of them are not totally clear, but I will go over them so you can make your own interpretations. One thing I really like is that the darker fantasy element makes the game feel more desperate and real. It reminds me of when I was just a teenager and really getting into fantasy and monsters.

Another new feature that I love about Ender's Game: it gives us another chance to play as the character, Ender, and play as a female Ender. This was an element that could not be added in the first game, as the story focused on a strong male protagonist. I am not the biggest fan of Ender, but playing as his daughter, Linda, gave me a new perspective on him and the world. As I fought the creepy spider who attacked my village, I realized how much I loved him and how much he cared for me. This perspective makes the game more emotional and engaging. That is why I love all new elements being added to the series, including Ender's Lilies and the first of the musical group.


A New Musical Group

One new feature that I absolutely loved was the addition of a new and intriguing musical group, composed of the souls of those who fell to the undead. The group included the healer, the rogue, the warrior, and the wizard. These characters each had their own individual story to tell. It was great to play as them and learn their back stories. It was even better to voice their unique abilities. I especially enjoyed learning about Ender's father, who played the traditional role of a priestess, before being transformed into an undead.

I especially loved how the musical group came to terms with death. While there were plenty of eerie creatures in the first part of the book, the darkness surrounding the last surviving priestess was a powerful enough temptation to stray from the path. Instead of fighting against her, she embraced it. The sacrifice she made helped to bring hope to the group. Their journey toward forgiveness was an empowering one, as it took a lot of courage to turn from your enemies to seek safety among friends.


Undead Creatures

Another excellent aspect of the plot was that the undead creatures were not purely evil. As a matter of fact, they were integral to helping Ender reach his ultimate goal. We saw how they served as scouts, agents, and even spies. It was great to see just how important these characters were as Ender worked to destroy the final dragons.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights of the Scots is not only a fun read but it was an easy way to pass some time. As I mentioned above, this game was developed for Nintendo consoles, but the portability issue wasn't a big deal for me. I got a chance to see what a regular console would be like when I hooked up my Wii, so it doesn't have much of a difference. Instead of looking at my favorite books, or listening to my favorite music, I could play games instead! What's more, Nintendo is always producing new Mario games as well, so I have a steady source of new games to play!

While I enjoyed Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights of the Scots, the best part of the game for me was when the book ends. I didn't know what to do after reading that, so I ended up reading the book again. The story wasn't as fast paced as I would have liked, but the ending left me with a sense of anticipation for the next installment. The first game in the series didn't do anything for me other than provide a little entertainment. However, the second game takes the series to a new level, one that I am sure will keep me interested for a long time.