As such, Facebook decided to suspend Trump's account.


News from Facebook Spokesman

According to a Facebook spokesman, this latest development does not affect the millions of people who have already voted for the Republican candidate. "The general newsworthiness exemption since the election does not apply to this particular account, as we've previously stated. We take the situation regarding the recent postings very seriously and are in touch with the candidate through his campaign staff. We will continue to monitor and manage any additional updates as they come available." A Facebook spokesperson did not respond to questions about whether other candidates' pages had been affected.

The news comes as a surprise to many users of Facebook. Facebook's statement Friday says, "A former member complained about some specific items posted on Donald Trump's page. Specifically, she claimed that she was angry that one of Trump's pictures appeared in an inflammatory picture promoting a white supremacist rally. We asked for a comment and were given a copy of the picture by the police. It has been changed and the account is closed."


The Statement to the Associated Press

However, a spokesperson for Facebook tells me that the blog post-Friday doesn't change the fact that Facebook is now planning to permanently ban anyone who promotes hate or violence. Facebook has long said that it doesn't allow political hate speech on its site, and it does now. It's important to note that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's head of media relations, released a statement to the Associated Press saying that the blog post was a mistake and that Facebook is reviewing the situation. He also emphasized that the rules would continue to be changing.

In part because of that newsworthiness exemption, a lot of people worry that if they say or write something that the social network doesn't like, they'll find themselves kicked off the service. That could be a real problem for anyone who's worried about getting banned from Facebook. If you've been using Facebook for a while and suddenly notice that your status has been changed without warning, don't panic. The fact that Mark Zuckerberg has issued a statement saying the rule about newsworthiness exemption hasn't changed doesn't mean that ban is imminent.


A Temporary Ban

What this means is that even if you've written news or other content that the network deems to be newsworthy, you might find yourself not being able to log back in for a few days. This news will likely come out before the end of the week, so it's best to act now. To make the most of this temporary "ban," it's a good idea to start searching for Facebook applications that will let you see your old posts. Many developers are working on software that will let you undo any changes that Facebook has made. This will give you time to figure out how you can get back into the system.

In the six months since then, however, there have been no new announcements. So how is this affecting you? Well, if you have a business account on Facebook and use it to advertise products or services, you'll probably find that you can't log back in. If you have a political account (which many businesses use), then you may find that your posts and content are suddenly being deleted and you won't know why.

So now, the question is: How long can you wait? The answer is: Not very long. We expect Facebook to announce more changes to its popular social networking site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.