Remember that one of the two dominant OSs has a huge market share of 90% and the devices based on it get launched every other day. So what's stopping a small business from choosing the most suitable app for its target audience? There are many advantages of using the chosen platform.

Pros and Cons

However, there are some disadvantages too. While iOS is more secure due to the Apple way of protecting the user base, it comes at a higher price with fewer features. Android apps can perform all the basic functions but are slower and have a limited user base. On the contrary, Windows mobile apps are cheaper and have a huge user base. In short, you could say that iOS has fewer advantages while Android has plenty.

So the issue here is not which one is better but what do you prefer - iOS or Android mobile app development approach. Well, it's simple. If you want to develop iOS apps, then the ideal candidate would be an expert who has extensive experience of the iOS development community. But this is very difficult to find. Only experienced and professional mobile app developers work on the iOS platform.

Developing Android apps

If you want to develop Android apps, then the first thing you need to look out for is a group of talented individuals who are passionate about mobile apps and have good technical experience to build both classic and modern apps. Remember, Android apps developers have access to more tools and features compared to iOS developers. Hence, they have the chance to make their apps more useful and feature-rich.

However, the biggest problem with Android apps development is the lack of digital marketing campaigns due to its reliance on the native language. A majority of users are still using English as their preferred programming language and unless a campaign is developed in the target country language, the chances of their discovery are very low. Thus, for successful mobile app development, you must focus on developing apps in the target country languages which will help you gain greater brand visibility.

You might think that, iOS apps are the clear winner because of the extreme ease and convenience of use. But what about their massive user base and the huge market potential? The truth is that both iOS apps and Android apps have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, iPhone has become the most preferred smartphone device around the world due to its amazing features and great user experience. But the disadvantages of the iOS app are evident - it lacks great marketing advantages over Android mobile apps.

Let's take a closer look at these disadvantages:

* Cost-Effective: iPhone app development is extremely cost-effective. Its development time is much less than other mobile apps and you can start making your product within a few weeks. Thus, you don't have to wait for months to launch your new product on the market. Another important advantage of the iPhone web apps development is that you can reach a large audience in a very short period of time. Due to the high cost-effective development strategy, many entrepreneurs are willing to invest in iPhone web apps despite their steep development costs.

* Native Mobile App: Although Android apps offer a lot of features and functionalities, they're not as customized and flexible as iPhone apps. To make your app truly stand out and appealing to the users, it's best to opt for a native mobile app. The native app gives you a unique opportunity to incorporate your business concept and brand identity in a most unique manner. Moreover, you can deliver your app to the global market without any hassle.