LEGO Designer offers various game modes including Endless City, Team Challenge, Endless Adventure and Time Trial. It can also be played on the web and downloaded for free. Here we take a quick look at the new top game and what sets it apart from its competitors


Over 2 Million People Playing

LEGO Designer is currently the number one paid game on Facebook, with over 2 million people having played it and enjoying it too! LEGO Designer is a completely new experience in the puzzle game genre, and although it has been around for quite some time, the new features in this version are really worth giving a go. As you build your city, you'll face tough challenges, as your competitors will be doing the same. The puzzles tend to be more mind-boggling than they were in the previous versions. This means that you won't be wasting any time in trying to solve them.

In June of next year, LEGO Designer will be getting an all new update, which promises to add a new theme to the game and a slew of new challenges. It's not clear how much content will be added, or what the update will contain, but it sounds exciting. If you're one of the few people who have yet to try LEGO Designer, you'd be crazy not to, because the new updates just might make it the best jigsaw puzzle game out there!


The Second Installment

It's not just the updates that made LEGO Designer so great in its second installment; it's the engine that powers the game as well. Although the controls on the original console may look similar, everything has been overhauled in terms of precision and playability. The new Nintendo switch pad is really great, with a responsive and smooth surface. If you've never played a LEGO game before, the transition from the keyboard and mouse-based gameplay to using the new controller is very smooth and enjoyable.

The original LEGO Designer jumbled blocks have always had a neat visual element, but they were always somewhat limited in terms of functionality. That's changed with the new release, which includes brand new blocks and themes for players to mix and match with their favorite sets. The jumbled design comes in a variety of colors and is now accompanied by tracks for your vehicle. The tracks allow you to take the characters through many different environments, including outer space and outer earth. The tracks let you build things such as space ships, cities and race cars, and the cars themselves can run, jump, and fly through the track.


New Vehicles and Items

The game also includes many new vehicles and items, such as space shuttles, zeppelins, trucks, robots, and tanks, that you can build and power up. You'll also find that you can connect with other players online for an interactive experience that's completely free. The game's online community is so big that there are actually four separate servers for player interaction, allowing you to chat, discuss moves, suggestions, and news. The online community makes the LEGO Builder's journey even more of an entertaining and memorable experience.

If you prefer to play games on your Nintendo Wii console, then you're in luck. Although this game is compatible with the older console, it's a completely new playing experience on the new Nintendo Wii. The porting of the game over produced many positive reactions from Nintendo Wii owners, who are now able to enjoy this version as much as they did the original. If you're not familiar with LEGO, the new version on Wii is easy to understand and really showcases the depth and detail of the original design. It brings all of the best parts of the previous versions, expands on them, and makes playing them feel new and improved.

If you're looking for a new puzzle game that will provide hours of fun, you can't go wrong with LEGO Builder's Journey. The game is fun for children and adults alike, and offers something new and improved. Whether you're a traditional fan of the LEGO brand or you simply enjoy a good puzzle game, this one has something for everyone.