However, despite some very positive reception, we have some potential problems with Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection.


The Tale of Ryu

For one, the story isn't very engaging or unique. While it does follow the tale of Ryu, a young man who's training to become a ninja, the gameplay often feels flat and boring. In fact, the game's storyline barely flows throughout the game, as you get pulled back to retain your progress through the various missions and endings. It's a frustrating experience, because all the scenes that you are involved in feeling incredibly similar. There aren't any standout moments here, which is always a good sign if you're looking for a new game to play.

On top of that, the fighting in Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is quite standard. There aren't any ground breaking mechanics to be had, so the game doesn't stand out from the rest. Yes, it's more than likely that future releases of this series will bring with them different techniques and fighting styles, but we haven't really seen much of that just yet. There are some new moves that you can learn and execute, but they don't do anything to make battles any more exciting than they already are.


An Optional Mini Game

Fortunately, Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection does have some nice extras. For example, there is an optional mini game that comes with the game that allows you to get a feel for the fighting mechanics of Ninja Gaiden. I always enjoy these little bits of game extras, because they never take away anything from the game itself. The mini-game is actually a little bit easier than the actual game, which makes it all the better. I didn't have any problems completing the collection, but you can start doing so at anytime by simply downloading the content for Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection.

As far as value goes, this collection is on average about the same price as the older Ninja Gaiden games. It's also cheaper than the newer Ninja Gaiden Definitive edition, which is also worth checking out if you've been wanting more of the Ninja Gaiden story. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection includes all the endings from all three Ninja Gaiden games, as well as the hidden "ognition" endings from the original games. On top of that, you also have two possible unlockable character classes, which is nice and can give you a reason to return to the game.

Speaking of unlockables, I think this new gameplay component in Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is going to be interesting. You are given a new weapon for each level that will make the game play differently. The weapons do not look as powerful as they used to, but they do make combat much more chaotic and fun.


A Remade Version of Ninja Gaiden

The other thing that really jumped out at me was the completely remade version of Ninja Gaiden. The new gameplay is quite nice and it takes you back to the days of classic Ninja Gaiden when it first appeared. I especially like how the block button works now. There is also a nice feature that allows you to charge up an attack, which helps you execute better attacks that get the job done faster. All in all, I enjoyed this remake arcade version of Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection. If you had the opportunity to play the older version, then you should definitely download the demo and give it a try.

It has been a while since we have heard about a remake of an old arcade game such as Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection. The release of this video games is very exciting for the fans who wanted to have their nostalgic taste returned. The old storyline and fighting style are quite enjoyable with the new gameplay additions. The only thing that could be a little disappointing is that the release is only for the PC, which does limit the amount of people who will be able to experience it. However, it is still recommended to purchase if you happen to own the PC.