No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 is an upcoming action game, hack and slash game developed and released by Grasshopper Manufacture for Nintendo Switch, it's the fourth installment of the top-selling series. The game will feature a brand new hero, the protagonist of the story, playable throughout the whole game as you try to save everyone around you from evil. The hero can be a boy or a girl (there's a few alternate costumes available). The hero can jump, fight, run, climb, manipulate objects using the stylus, throw grenades and much more.


The game will also include some classic arcade action, puzzle and fighting gameplay. The game will feature "over 90" types of different weapons including pistols, knives, guns, machine guns, energy weapons, bows and arrows, ninja sticks, stilts, chaise lounges, and much more. There will be a number of stunt scenes, boss battles and heists. Grasshopper Manufacture has not yet announced an exact release date, but it'll be coming to the Nintendo Switch at some point during the 2021 release date.


Up To The Minute

The game will be coming with "up to the minute" visuals, according to Grasshopper, which includes all of the special effects you would expect from a top-selling game. It'll feature the "best in class" visuals and audio track, according to the team. The developers are "super excited" about the game and believe No More Heroes 3 is "a really big evolution for the genre." We'll cover some of the key features of the game below.

One of the major features of No More Heroes 3 is its action gameplay. Grasshopper claims the gameplay is "dazzling," as players find themselves constantly gunning down enemies and progressing through the game's many missions and levels. The action is fluid and follows a consistent rhythm, which is something many other action games don't have. The storyline, while not especially ground-breaking or original, is still entertaining and engaging. The story includes a number of unlikely heroes who band together in order to prevent a terrorist attack on an airport.



In terms of the game's action gameplay, Grasshopper says they "really spent a lot of time on improving the fighting system." For one thing, the enemies now deal a lot more damage than before. They also fly, so you'll need to learn some aerial skills if you want to take down your opponents easily. You can also "tag" your opponents, which will cause them to fight harder. Finally, you can throw objects at your opponents, although you'll need to get them in a vulnerable spot first in order to successfully toss them at your rivals.

No More Heroes 3 features a new character, the Blue Beam Katana, who uses a new move in contrast to the original characters in the game - jumping. The Blue Beam is also a katana, but it doesn't look anything like the ones seen in previous versions of the game. Instead, it has a blade attached that glows green when it is being used, making it a little bit more unique. Grasshopper hopes this adds an element of surprise to the gameplay.


No More Heroes 3

In addition to the new playable character, No More Heroes 3 has a few other additions that are both exciting and new to the gameplay. For example, instead of collecting items in Grasshopper's earlier levels, you will collect them when you enter the elevator that takes you to the next level. This makes collecting items less frustrating, as you can always return to the level later to collect what you missed. Two new weapons have also been added to the gameplay: the mini tank, which can be aimed and fired at enemies; and the battle cannon, which cause a great amount of damage to larger enemies.

All of these additions and changes make No More Heroes 3 the most complete game it could possibly be. While the action may not be anywhere near the groundbreaking level of Grasshopper, it is a near perfect game that would satisfy any fan that wants an improvement on Grasshopper. Two new heroes, plenty of content and a wealth of weapons and vehicles make No More Heroes 3 the best game on Xbox Live Arcade. Even if you never picked up the original, you should definitely check out No More Heroes 3 for its fun gameplay and interesting story. If you enjoyed Grasshopper, you'll love No More Heroes 3.