Oda Nobunaga ranks lower than them on the all-time list of best-selling fiction manga authors. He also ranks higher than American comic creator Bill Finger and his famous fingerprints are found in the One Piece manga.


Best-seller in Comichology

One Piece has reached a new level in popularity after being out for only a year and a half. At the start of February, it was ranked number three in its category of best sellers in Comichology magazine. The manga was released in Japanese in the spring of 2021 and went on to become one of the best-sellers in the country. The manga's success has been attributed to its interesting story and art. It has many twists and turns that fans have found both thrilling and disheartening. Some of the changes that One Piece undergone during the course of the year include the following.

One Piece became very popular as a romantic comedy manga series after the year's two-part "Hokage" arc. After the series climaxed with the shocking execution of the plot devices that involved a Black Marine, the whole story turned more serious. For the remainder of the manga series, there was a significant change made to One Piece, including more dramatic settings and dramatic fighting scenes. The change helped to propel the manga to a whole new level.


The One Piece - The Movie

The release of One Piece in late September of 2021 marked the beginning of a massive popularity surge for the series. The reason for this sudden popularity surge is credited to the release of the movie, The One Piece. The movie brought a much-needed change to One Piece, which had been considered a dark and mysterious story. The One Piece manga became one of the most popular and best-selling manga of the year, peaking at number seven in the ranking of the best-selling manga category. It sold over a million copies in just over three months, making it one of the biggest sellers in history.

The One Piece movie itself went on to become the second best-selling manga series of the year. One Piece's popularity increased when it was adapted into an animated television series. A movie was released in January of 2021 that added another four episodes. The success of the television series encouraged publisher Viz Media to release the manga in the tank bon format. The tank on is basically a compiled version of the One Piece chapters from the manga.


Eiichiro Oda: The Legendary Manga Artist

Another factor that contributed to the success of the One Piece was the involvement of the legendary manga artist, Eiichiro Oda. For a very long time, Oda drew One Piece in a professional manner, but he never produced any profit. One Piece fans were not willing to buy the manga due to the high expenses involved, so Oda finally decided to turn the project into a short project. After all, One Piece has been licensed by several studios and has earned a million copies in the process.


One Piece Prizes

One Piece has since grown into one of the most popular manga series ever. It has won several awards including the Osamu Bathos Prize, the Shogakki Prize, the Grand Hugo Award, and the Kodansha Prize. If you add up the total sales of the manga's different formats, you will find that it easily reaches the one million copies sold mark.

The One Piece movie was a huge success, but it did not do as well in terms of popularizing the series. One Piece enjoyed a year of great success in the United States and many American fans made trips to Japan to see their beloved Straw Hat crew. One Piece was also featured on several television channels, some of which are available in the United States. You can buy the One Piece manga from most bookstores or online on a number of reputable sites.